Saturday, March 31, 2007


Today was the I.C. ART STUDIO TOUR. It was a great day...even with the terrible rain storms that came through.

Mom took this picture of me in my "art" painting shirt. It as usual was a big hit at the studio, with people joking about how I got some paint on my shirt...some even wanted to buy... truth be told I would have given it to them if they had cash!

Mom played "gallery director" today and met the many people that came through the digital gallery. The day started with my landlord and his partner. They have been so supportive of the house and helping me achieve making this studio & gallery come alive. They have other places for rent if others want to move into the neighborhood.
The balloons welcomed guests to the first opening at The Pink House Studio & Gallery. It was unfortunate that we could not put the painted umbrella out front with lights because of the wind & rain. Maybe next time.

Well you may think this is a new piece of art from me, it is really the welcome mat that greeted the visitors. Something artful to wipe the wet mess from their feet.

The new art I created in the painting studio today was this piece. Some one told me that it reminded them of dancers. I thought that was really cool to see something so literal, yet moving in such an abstract piece.

Others saw faces, and human forms in this piece. It is so great to see others imaginations take over when viewing art pieces.

The day was filled with many visitors. Visitors from my corporate life - Laura, Norm & his family, Jennifer, Jackie; calls from Armando, Jim, Jack, and Ann; email well wished from my college roommate - Peter K.; and text messages from people at DIFFA watching my jacket go down the catwalk. But the last surprize was my good friends, Patrick & Sonya from Austin popping with their Houston Friends to visit - what a great surprise and ending to my day. Mom called at around 8:55pm and told me do not leave or close up she was sending 4 important buyers over to see my work... she did not let on it was Apadaca & entourage. We had a great visit, and now I have a few more Houston friends. New artist friends stopped by and visited as well.

Mom & I went to eat at Katz's Deli afterwards had some waffles & french toast. Batman & Robin were are waiter and waitress. I told them the Fried Pickle story. Now I have blogged, and will rest.

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How can you be in more places then once? Well tomorrow, the jacket that I designed will be in Dallas, raising funds for DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS) - many of my friends (Armando Rivera, Laura Kerr, and David C Schulze) You can check out all the jackets at this link - even ones from Rosie O'Donnell, Delta Burke, and Leslie Jordan to name a few celebrities, and of course you have fashion designers like Kenneth Cole, local celebs - Tyler Sweatman and artists I admire like Cathey Miller.

For those of you who may not know, I designed this jacket using travel patches that my brother had collected over the years. When he passed away last year I found this stash and decided to create something positive from it.

Mom arrived and we toured around Dallas getting things ready for tomorrow's Studio Tour. Every thing is labeled and ready. Now we just hope the rain comes and goes quickly.

More pictures to come on that --- btw the we stopped and briefly took a peek at the art exhibit called TOAST... a celebration of life.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well here I am in Arizona at a conference -- and what happens, I enjoy the sunset on the cactus, have a glass of wine, and before you know --- I can not walk... turns out I have Gout. It is very painful and reminds me of what we though was a bone spur a few years ago when Jim & I went to Tulsa....

I can not tell you how painful it is, but it is.
But even in pain you can find beauty. Like the wrinkled bed sheets.

Going to the airport tomorrow should be interesting - I hope this medicine that I got here helps me deal with the pain or it is going to be a long day.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Winter Street Studio #17B

Worked in the studio today. It felt good. Just messing around with the paint, spray paint - listening to music and just letting my self go.

Look at all the boxes stored... some are for shipping art, others are from the move, but at least I have a good place to keep them.
a little group of brushes and spray bottle paints.

Another view of the studio kind of as you walk in.

See the cell phone in the picture?

Did not think so, I lost it and now if they do not have it at Office Max, my last stop before this --- I might have to start over.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Austin Visitors in the Pink

Spring is in bloom at the pink house. Today was a day of spring cleaning getting ready for my first artist studio tour next weekend.

I had a few guests this weekend, Chalda and her husband. Chalda who is a digital artist from Austin stopped by to meet and discuss all things digital. We had a great visit.

Here are some pictures of the Pink House gallery.

Here is looking in the front door window (notice me in the mirror).
Tomorrow is Jan Kuhfahl's 75th Birthday! I heard that she had a great surprise party in Mrytle Beach today. Happy Birthdays! Jan!

The Freds are in Dallas now. I wonder if they will go to Carvalla?

Doing some painting tomorrow in the painting studio (look for some pictures of that in the blog).

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Creating new business cards

This is the graphics being used for my new business card. It will be a fold over card. The top with Name, Photo, URL and desciption will be on the front, and the information and pictures will be on the inside when you open the card.
Sent them off to be printed electronically. Hope they will arrive in time for the upcoming studio tour.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

I had a great weekend.

It was like being a kid again.

We laughed hard.

Some say Kafalla,
I say Cyndi's!

Jesus Chairez came to see me at the artist's reception - and he took many pictures. Here are some of them.

I read this headline in the Dallas Morning News and thought of my friend and his imaginary boyfriend. Some much with our imagination. It is great to be a big kid with a great imaginary life.

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Monday, March 05, 2007


This is an image that I created. Not sure why I called it Reach other than that is the name that came to mind when I thought what should I call this piece.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

s A tu R day T houghts

Today is the unvailing of Jim Frederick's commissioned painting is hung on the wall of Burt Barber. I have not seen it yet, but am excited that it now has a new home. The painting has a story and I think when artists are friends, it is those stories that have as much life as the art itself.

I was thinking about the story and I was looking for a photo and I happened to find one of Jim thinking (it was from the Humanity Show last year) and it reminded me of a Warhol Self Portrait. I thought about how both Jim and Andy have influenced me, my thoughts and my art. So I created this double portrait of two artists that I admire and inspire me.

I also came across a picture of a note I wrote on my hand - "You can live a lifetime without being aware". After a little digital doodling, I posted it here. Today I spent many hours clearly out the room that is destined to become the Pink House Gallery, and putting more items into the Studio.

I also took an afternoon nap. It was wonderful and I even had a surprise called from "my boyfriend" Karen (inside joke).

Can not wait to see the finished painting -- I hope Jim posts it soon on his blog.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007