Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My David Is Robb

As artist's we all have muses. Mine is Robb. I am very taken by everything that I imagine him to be. In someways I hope that my imagination is never proved wrong. I created this piece after spending an night visiting him with my friend, Patrick. He has such a great smile, and a great personality that I have been eager to let him photograph him and be able to have him be my inspiration for some digital work.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006


What is the power of the digital image?

I thought about that today. What do we pick up when we watch television? What do we absorb when we view the computer and the internet? How much of what we view becomes part of us? I think about my own views...about being a child and the influence watching man walk on the moon, watching President Kennedy's funeral. And now when the media is all consuming - we can watch anywhere in the world...but is watching the same as experiencing? or the same as imagining?

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Baby Steps

Today was a momentous day. I printed the first print on my large Epson 9800. The final image was 36" x 48", it was printed on canvas and you can see a quarter of the image in the picture here.

Spent the day with friends: Ron, Jim, Armando, and Burt. Spent the day working on my commission piece...trying to push myself. Looking forward towards tomorrow and more art and more spending time with friends. I will be having lunch with my friend Steve -- seems like forever since we have had some time to just relax and talk.

Well as my Jim ended my day --- just wanted to say HEY!

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Friday, January 27, 2006


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What The Bleep Do I Know?

Today I saw the sequel to What the Bleep... in someway you may have thought it was the prequel given the many duplicated scenes. I am constantly reminded and amazed at the power of coincidence.

I met a reporter today for the Dallas Morning News who was there to review the movie. I remember as we picked seats his was saved by a notepad, envelope and DVD. I remember consciously thinking I need to meet him and get his information, so I can keep him informed about my art. Well low and below, my friends Nick & Cheryl who sat behind us at the theatre were talking to their neighbors about how I changed the direction of my life to seize the potential of becoming an artist because of seeing "What the Bleep...". The reporter of heard this conversation and started asking him questions and introduced himself....Nick then pointed me out, I then met the reporter and gave him my card and he asked me what I did before...he was intrigued and said that he will email or speak to me later about the film. WOW WOW WOW - was that ever the power of intention hitting you smack in the face. Did I create that reality from the possibilities?

This is what the movie is all about (at least to me) - how we ourselves have the power to create anything we visualize. This is very powerful and something most people forget or lose focus on. I have been taking pictures everyday for over a year and a half now. Yes, Everyday!

This is in some way the way I create my day and the way I keep focused on being an artist, a digital artist, a digital documentarian - a digitalist.

To create the piece for my blog I used a picture of the sunset (which I turned upside down to represent looking at the world differently) and pictures I had taken the week in September 2004 when I first saw the movie "What The Bleep..." --- It was a great reminder to go back to how I was feeling then, the excitement, the fear, the pictures helped me remember what I was connected to then...and helps me realize that I am on the right track to my own self realization of "Why am I here?", "What is my purpose?" --- I have never been so sure of the direction I am going as I am now --- being an artist has changed me, it has changed the way my friends and family now view me, and I hope that in some way I (positively speaking) am changing the world.

The movie itself was a restatement of the same things from the first movie, but with more science and longer interviews throw in. I took from it what I could, I relearned some things I had forgotten, and I was excited by the things that were new to me. I enjoyed that they talked about ATTITUDE playing an important part in creating your day. As you may know from my other postings - Positive Attitudes Change Everything was been a guiding thought in my life since seeing the movie and making the commitment to focus on being an artist.

One thing that stuck with me was the quote about "You Have To Become, To Know" --- I am becoming an artist, now I can share the things that I know.

Which poses the question I did once before in my blog -
What is the one thing you know for sure?
And a follow-up to that --- if you know it.
How did you become it?

"Ponder that for awhile!"

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Created this piece today. Enjoying this whole Quad thinking.

This started out a companion to my Window Souls piece. The title I was thinking was "Window Man".

I am excited to watch Project Runway, one because it takes place at my alma mater Parsons School of Design, my friend Jim is watching it as we speak (I am Tivoing it!) and calling me to discuss becuase they are using digital images for inspiration in their work. Sounds like fun to me!

Today was a day to work on websites and marketing... I am working on some friends websites - www.tomrcollier.com and www.whimdesigns.com and soon to be up sites www.artpatrol.net and www.digitalartistalternative.com . Another friend also is working on his website - www.stevefrederickphoto.com (this is Jim's Dad who takes great photos!). Then I have the marketing pieces for the upcoming M Streets/Lakewood Artist Studio Tour that Jim and Silvia are pulling together, marketing for the P.A.C.E.'s Art Patrol, and marketing brochure for myself and my art. Phew Busy Busy Busy!

Looking forward to working more on Barbara and David's commission piece. Already have about 50 versions, and hope to get to around one hundred before narrowing it down to just 4 images.

Tomorrow also looking forward to attending the prescreening of "What The Bleep - Down The Rabbit Hole", the sequel to "What the bleep do we know!" movie that I feel in love with. More information can be found at
www.whatthebleep.com .

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A New Quad

Created this Quad today..."Window Souls" ... is what I am thinking of calling it. I created it from a picture that my Dad took when he was in Tennessee. Today was a productive day, loading new Adobe CS2 software, learning tutorials, paying bills, helping out a friend (Karen) who needed a ride, having dinner with that friend (Karen) and then working some more on my computer before going bowling. Had a great time bowling with the boys (Scott, PH, and Pat --- Happy Birthday Ray we missed you!). We won 1/2 the points! Then came home to work on my art and blog. My neighbor, Eddie (he hates that!) is chatting with me on IM while I am trying to work. He can be such a distraction. (But in a good way!). Well that is all for now. Tomorrow is another busy art day. More on that later.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Trees

Today was a fun day to enjoy the rain and friends. I woke up thinking it was 9am, and that I could actually attend COH services at 11am, but NO -- it was 11:20am, missed everything - so when back to bed until 1pm. I think I had too much fun last night! Then I met Burt, Jim and Robert for breakfast at Market Diner - Natalie was our waitress of course. I laughed when my friend Burt found out that I was not Jewish as he had thought I was. Shalom, Burt - Thank you for the holiday card. We laughed at seeing Robert and his date at the movies... funny how did that happen? Transamerica is a great film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then Chinese food with the boys to watch Desperate Housewives. While watching tv, I picked up an anecdote - "Don't Just Want It, Make It Happen." - thought it was a positive statement which could be useful in the future. So another week in 2006 begins, this week continue finishing the comps for my Barbara & David commission, I hang the first installment of the show at Trinity River, I work on a joint marketing idea for Jim & I's Project PACE - Art Patrol, and various other art activities.

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B-I-N-G-O - I am a winner!

Today was a very productive day...and a quiet day, I spent a major of the day working on my commissioned quad piece for Barbara & David. I had a brief interuption during the day from a call from Karen. We chatted about the usual things...how big your storm is...how you spell Menudo? and getting reciepts for attending charity functions. Then I ventured out to a wonderful event that happens once a month -- GAY BINGO -- it is held at the lakewood theatre, to raise money for the Resource Center of Dallas. Kelly Razzberry and Big Al were there (from 106.1 FM) to help the festivities (Where was Craddick!?) -- if you have never been you must go! It is loads of fun even if you do not win (just ask Armando!). But in my case I was a fortunate winner!! I won $250 (minus taxes) in a special BINGO and I also won a bathroom humor book in a raffle and a football tossed to the crowd. Hope my good luck and these opportunities continue throughout the coming year. Afterwards I joined more friends at JRs and TMC to party, dance, drink, oogle and laugh. Good Times! Now I have to get back thinking about work on my commission piece, attending Cathedral of Hope for the 2nd time (it was great seeing Terry Bax there as well as out last night) and the usual Sunday evening with the boys watching Desperate Housewives. I heard we are having Chinese! Is that code?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Starting a movement

Yes, I am starting a movement.
I am calling it the Digital Artist Alternative...of course if you want to read the text left to right it reads Dig Art It Is Alternative. This of course does not work in Asia where they mainly read right to left.
Tra Gid Si Ti Evitanretla.

So this shout out goes to all of you interested in Digital Art. Keeping watching, I have a website in the works, and I will be posting a call for Digital Artist's to unite on Craig's List and My Space in addition to my blog. Please contact me if you want to join me in this endeavor.

Today was a calm day, accept of course I am sure you already heard the news that Muendo broke up.

Pixel P.A.C.E.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am a Digitalist

Yes, I said it - I am a digitalist. Today I wore a black shirt with white letters proclaiming that I am a Digitalist to a meeting of artists for Artvocacy, and then an art opening at Minc for artist: Michael Sowiecki . My friend, Jim told friends, Al & Robb that I was starting a movement! I laughed but in many ways it is true. I have dreams that digital art will become the "new alertnative" artform. I have dreams of getting a group of digital artists together and form a group. As a matter of fact I have already thought of the name. Digital Artists Alertnative or the DAA. So if any of you would be digitals are reading this, contact me so we can band together and shout out to the world the this new digital artform (actually ain't new, just becoming more accessible to artists).

Created this piece today entitled "French Roast Fellow" based on photos that I took and collaged together - you have the bubbles in my coffee (shot at Artvocacy mtg at Standards & Pours coffee house in Southside at Lamar), you have graffiti tag (outside of Minc) , you have blue glass (friends home). I used filters in photoshop, as well as layering to collage this elements into this final piece.

Finally it was great to meet new artist friends - Teresa, Dan Paul, Jeremy, Michael, Meghan.

Taking the world on one pixel at a time!
Billy "the digitalist" Miller

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Monday, January 16, 2006

I have a dream

When you start doing what you really believe in, that is when you do your best work.

Today was a day to dream, it was a day to take a risk.

My risk - I put a stake in my future by investing in a large format printer in which I can control some of my own printing of my digital images.

My dream - It was a day to remember MLK...and his famous speeches. It made me think of my own dreams, and doing what I need to do to help them come true and become better.

I feel a little crazy today, a little excited, and very grateful.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hope, Need, Choice, Focus, Repeat

Today I attended Church.
Yes, I said Church.
But not just any church.
This is the Cathedral of Hope.
It is a church that accepts Gays & Lesbians.
It is a church that I have been greeted warmly and was treated to a wonderful sermon. The things that remain in my mind are "Have you found your calling" - I think I have, it is my art.
I was moved by the peacefulness that I felt. I am blessed to have made new friends because of my involvement with COH. Because of Harry & Betty Thompson's believe in me and my art, I am now showing my art to many people who may not go to my website, the galleries, or the stores that show my art. Harry is even going to arrange for a time for me to demonstrate how I use the computer to create my art. I am very excited about this opportunity. I have met other artists. I have met people who are truly moved and enjoy my art.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about "choice" and about "need" and about "focus". For me I am at the point of being a homeless starving artist - it is scary - so my "need" is to have the security of a home and to be able to feed myself and do my art... this leads me to "choice"... many times I could have let my fear run my decisions that may have been for the negative, but in "choosing" the positive - everything changes for the better. During this positive change, it is then important to "focus" on not only the important things that the Universe is bringing forth to you, but "focus" on what effects you are then having on the universe & people around you.

I created this piece today based on photos I took at the Cathedral of Hope. Some may see a StarTrek Enterprise ship, others may see the images of the church, others may see a spiritual being...whatever you see if great. I am reminded of a saying by Confucius "We see things not as they are, but as we are."

I was blessed again today by hearing from an artist I greatly admire - Jerome Ortiz. I actually have a piece of his art that I purchased at the Art Conspiracy event last year. He goes by "mynus", for me his work is mesmerizing. Click his link and check him out. I was blessed not only from hearing from him, but for him asking me to show my art in the club called Minc. I am very excited about this opportunity.

So now as a new week starts --- it is time for me to focus on my art and my opportunities, so I can make the right choices and create fulfillment of my needs.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Taking Risks

Today I learned the importance of listening to your inner voice and taking risks. Spent the day at a seminar for Epson Printer Academy, to learn techiques about adobe photoshop and printing techiques from some master photographers. The one thing that really struck me was that two photographers/artists said that we are on the brink of something great in the world of digital art. I am happy that I am in the midst of it. It brings alot of meaning based on where I started and where I have been directly to this moment of what I am doing and where it is leading me. I have had many ideas that I want to experiment with in regards to my digital art. In some cases it breaks the rules set up by the experts of what is "great". I think by experimenting with the use of painting techiques with the photography some unique processes will be developed. I want to expose that. This image was created from a digital shot I took at the hotel, and of course many filters, and manipulations later this is the image that I have finished with.

I am so excited about now not only being an artist that uses his camera, and computer as tools, but also now using his printer and materials (ink & paper choices) to create the next GREAT AMERICAN DIGITAL ART. This is somewhat a takeoff on the artist's search in the 2oth Century for the great american painting --- now that challenge I believe is what is the great american digital art in the 21st Century.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Today was a ME day.

I slept in.
I got a great massage, with a little reiki throwin, while listening to a creative theta mind wave cd.
I had some great emails from friends...followed by lunch with my friend, Jack.
I finally saw "Brokeback Mountain" and called my friend, Mike in Buffalo after I saw it to discuss.
I visited two galleries tonight, met new artists and some old friends. Matthew Koons work is great at the Hibernia Dental Arts. Picked up some artwork from Jim Frederick for the group show of Planet Peace USA that will be at the Circle Theatre in Fort Worth. Enjoying Enya and creating digital art... this is my latest piece.

Tomorrow is a busy day of going to an Epson Professional Printing Seminar - so I can learn more techiques about printing better images, using different inks, and papers.

Create because it feels good!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Today started as a day of HOPE. I hung my 2nd show of 2006. 32 pieces of digital art. These pieces are not hanging anywhere and some of the pieces are new and created in 2006! I am excited to see how this show is recieved at the Cathedral of Hope. As I pulled the show together and looked at my art, it was interesting how many of my pieces had a spiritual theme to them.

Today was a day of HOPE. Hope that this dream that I am living is a dream come true. Hope that the people that are touched by my art open opportunities for me to financially continue to do what I love. Hope that my art communicates and connects with people. Hope that my good fortune can inspire others to believe in themselves that they can do the same. Hope that those that I have looked up to, admired, learned from are proud of the my accomplishments. I would not be where I am without you.

Tomorrow is a day of Hope - Hope that my friends who need a spirit uplift find that "energy".

I created this piece today, experimenting with getting think and heavy with the digital paint. In many ways this is also a hommage to Josef Albers.


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hommage to Sarah Jane

Another busy day, had time to talk business with my real estate friend, share marketing ideas. Spent time walking (yes, Walking!) on the Katy Trail with Jim & Gracie, then visited over coffee at StarBucks --- and while I was in the bathroom - I thought of how Sarah Jane always has pictures of herself in different bathrooms of clubs she goes to -- so I took a similar photo of self -- and then added my digital twist to it -- Thank you Sarah Jane for the inspiration.

Then after getting ready for tomorrow's hanging at Cathedral of Hope --- I worked on this new digital piece. It uses my grid forms and lines. I like the colors that show through and think this will look good large scale.

Well this week continues to be nothing but busy ---- and I LOVE IT! Working as an artist is a dream come true.

Keeping the P.A.C.E.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another day of work

Today was another day of work... I say this to you and myself to legitimize that being a full-time artist is work. I guess when you work at a business that you love, you somehow wonder WOW I am earning a living doing this! Today started off with breakfast with my artist friend Jim - what did we do at breakfast, talked about our work! Just the same way others in the same business or field talk about their industry, achievements, needs. The rest of the morning was taken up by errands - post office, home depot, office depot, aaron brothers frames. Then for the next 6 hours, I matted and framed 32 pieces of digital art getting ready for a show which I must hang on Thursday. When 6:30pm hit --- I was tired. I took a break and met my friend Patrick for dinner at Souper Salad. Then got a call from Mom & Dad - Dad needed some technical assistance with his printer. Then I returned some duplicate CDs I got for Christmas to Tower records and got two wonderful CDs - Linda Eder sing Judy Garland, and a new Jane Horrocks CD.... can not wait to enjoy them. Then after checking email, it was time to have some artistic fun --- thus the abstract you see posted here. Then of course the posting of the blog. Where does the time go?

Artist At Work!
Have you supported an artist lately?

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Monday, January 09, 2006

You Don't Know Jack

Jack --- a good friend of mine. I had the pleasure of working on his business cards and flyers for his business. I had fun playing with his portrait. For anyone of you reading Jack does Taxes --- you can email him at jackbrenner@prodigy.net if your are interested in his services. Today was a day of getting on track. Finished Jack's work, delivered cards and art to Flavors From Afar. Continued work on my quad commission piece. The evening was spent with friends over dinner & dessert (Tommy, Rich, Karen then Jim, Armando, Cliff, and Karen). Now it is time to take inventory of the work to be done tomorrow - Prints to frame, Bios to print, should be a productive day again. Who knows maybe I will begin again with my walking and blood sugar monitoring... always time to take care of yourself. Been listening to Jack Canfield's tape about Self Esteem and Peak Performance....amazed I have had this tape for going on 20 years and it still a great tape to listen to and get re-energized.

Positive Attitudes Change Everything

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1:00am Comfort Zone

Winners are those people
who make a habit
of doing those things
that losers find uncomfortable doing.
- Jack Canfield

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Note to a friend...

"Believe, Achieve
Doubt, You're Out"

I thought this bared repeating, it was a quote my mother clipped from the newspaper by anonymous. She gave this to me as I set off to NYC for college. It is very important to listen to yourself, but just as important to believe in yourself. Sometimes we get set backs to learn from. They are something we can handle, because when we need it most somehow the Universe provides the answer. It is important to be in tune with that and not let things that bother us, take us off point, or off track. Easier said then done - but when put into practice when the times are tough - something clicks that is supposed to.

Today was a day of getting back on track. Cleaning, Laundry, Organizing, and keeping in touch with my friends and family. Centering myself - so that this crazy goodness that is coming my way will be appreciated and never taken for granted.

O.K. Jim you can sleep now....Something my mediation tape says every night is the "time is now" let go of all the good things that happened today and let go of all the bad things that happened today - you only have this moment....Deep breaths and concentrate on your dreams and they will start to come true tomorrow...Remember to focus on your goals... And as you say Dream Big...Dare to Fail...And you will succeed in ways you have not planned. I think you need to add that last part to your saying. Positive Attitudes Change Everything.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lend an Ear

The past few days have flown bye... Friday morning started with a great meeting with Harry Thompson and showing him my latest digital work. He then booked me for the Cathedral of Hope to show my work from Jan 12 - Feb 23rd. I am very excited about this opportunity to show my art where so many people will have access to see it.

After that I had lunch with my stylist friend, PH who took me in search of the perfect shirt for my opening later that day. Of course we found it and I added a t-shirt with the word "DIGITALIST" on the front. It turned out to be a great fun thing to wear. At the show, I immediately heard from doctors whom wanted to know why I was wearing a "digitalis" shirt, another person couldn't see the entire word becuase of the cover shirt I was wearing and thought it said "pigtails". The show was great, the weather was great, the people were fun, fantastic, and full of energy. Sold 5 pieces and got a commission piece for another Quad. Also a few other people are thinking of possible commissions....hope they decide in the affirmative. It is so great to have such great friends, and new friends there to support me and my art. It really means the world to me, and it humbles me that I may actually be able to make my dreams come true. If the universe was ever trying to tell me something I think this was it. We had a fun moment at the show where the lights went out and some yelled, "my jewels, my jewels!". Then after reception was over my friends and I went to the Hideaway to celebrate.... I got a call from my Mom & Dad and shared the excitement of the evening with them.... and then had alot of fun until 2am with my posse. Then slept most of Saturday away, trying to recoup, enjoying the moment from yesterday. Now I have a busy week ahead with getting ready for my other shows, creating new art, working on my commissions, and listening to my inner voice. Thank you for all of you whom have played a major part in keeping me on track to make my dream of being a full time artist a reality. I love you. If I were VanGogh, I would have cut of my ear and send it to you. Good thing I am a digital artist --- I can just share this digital image of an ear!


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Friday, January 06, 2006

Get Your Own Quad

Today was a great day. Got the show ready. Visited with friends. Worked on new digital pieces. Starting to put the marketing together for the new Quad pieces. Hoping that this may start some interest in more commissions and help feed the Artist's Rent Fund, the Artist's Food Fund, the Artist's Bills Fund.... and so forth.

So Order Your QUAD today!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Digital Visions

The show at Uptown Vision is hung and ready to be seen. The only finishing touch is the title & price tags. Thanks to Jeff "the Hanger" and Jim the show went up fairly quickly only 3 hours. The champagne artist reception is this Friday from 6-9pm -- please come as it should be alot of fun. Who know you may be inspired to try on some glasses and get your picture taken to get your very own "Quad" picture. Uptown Vision is located at 2504 Cedar Springs in Dallas, TX 75201. Thanks to Dr. Bill & Dr. Ellen for inviting me to be their first artist of 2006.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Art comes from ....

Art comes from many places. For me art comes from daily life and then looking deeper and deeper until you can find something beautiful, or something that you need to share. The last few days have been filled with running to the toilet. The stomach virus I have had has left me not it the greatest of moods. I am tired, I am weak...but yet the need to create continues. Today was a good day as I actually left the house with out incident. Jim helped me drop off art at Uptown Vision which I will be hanging tomorrow. I created this image based on being sick, and as you read on and look on it will become clear that art can come from many places.
This piece is called "Depth"

This piece is called "UFO 2006"

Today I locked down showing my art at the Trinity River Arts Center for the Month of February opposite the Uptown Players' performance of AIDA. I looking forward to this next show, my third in 3 years at TRAC.
With many events like Toast to Life, DIFFA, and my shows the 1st Quarter of 2006 looks to be filled with activity.

During the height of my illness, I somehow had the presence of mind to take a picture of the vomit that went into the tub while I was doing the opposite on the thrown.
I know that most people will look at this and be grossed out. But for me it was an artistic challenge -- how to take such a horrible moment -- and turn it into a piece of art that people will look at it with wonder and even look at it with beauty. What do you think of the pieces above created from this photo?

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Blogging in sick

You never appreciate how well your life is going until you are sick, feel like crap, vomitting and more.... sorry no blog today. I am sick.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year, New Art

Created this piece based on a BBBats wrapper. BBBats is a piece of candy taffy on a stick. Had a moment being a kid again today with the piece of candy given to me by my friend, Jim. Otherwise today was spent in bed not feeling well. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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