Friday, September 30, 2005

Madame Butterfly's Birthday

The picture says it all.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dragonfly Days

Today was a dragonfly day for me. I was very busy flying around, wondering what is my purpose in life, enjoying life and my friends, having self pity, wondering what is next, trying to dispel my own illusions, wondering if my dreams will come true, and getting ready for change.

If you believe in the animal spirit guides than you will understand the Dragonfly's Wisdom Includes:

*Mastery of life on the wing
*Power of flight
*Power to escape a blow
*Understanding dreams
*Power of light
*Breaking down illusions
*Seeing the truth in situations
*Connection to Dragon

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Logo Crazy

This past week I have been working on creating logo designs for my friend Kevin's business called Knowledge Expanding Ventures. Here is a collage piece of digital art that I use some of the logo designs that I have come up with so far.

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This was the piece of art I created for tonight's meeting of the Art Group. The theme was "singing words".

It allowed me to use my graphic skills to create a quilt and a play on words from the song - Do Re Mi.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Inner Voice

Another day, and still on my path, listening to my inner voice.

Today I spent much of the day trying to understand what my inner voice is telling me. I had a long morning walk by myself, but yet I really was never alone.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Positively Look Within Yourself

This is my entry into the charity fundraising event called POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE.

I hope that I have captured the positive spirit that lies within each of us.

Today was a day of creating, worked on Kevin's business logo, worked on ideas for my DIFFA wreath, and my DIFFA jacket, and my own portfolio and art group theme. This week's theme is "singing" words.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Square One

This is an image I created today, it was manipulated, cropped, drawn on, colored and recolored. I just let myself go and had fun.

This is also what I did today, just let myself go and had fun.

Sometimes you need to go back to Square One to be able to move forward.

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Good Times

Today --- what a day --- walking in the morning, see what was a homeless person's home in the bamboo that we pass each day (makes you think - what else am I missing or not paying attention too) , the white spots of Mark's legs! Going to the Lone Star Ride party, signing the Quilt, and signing it for Jim and Karen who are on their way to Missouri (we miss you)...partying with the boys at JRs and TMC --- we even had an evacuee (Frenando from Houston) ---- GOOD TIMES!

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Eye on the prize

Today reminded me that no matter what the adversity you may face you need to keep your eye on your goal. Today with Hurricane Rita looming, changing paths, Gas Lines, mass exodus of the Texas coast, cancelled plans --- "I was asked how was my art going?" When you are in the middle of things you sometimes forget what your goal is...well mine is my art. I am planning to use this time to create some art...I have many projects that I need to work on - a wreath for DIFFA, a painting for the PEACE art show, a company logo for a friend, and getting my portfolio ready to send to galleries.

This piece was created quite by accident, I had been to my friend, Jim's home for dinner with Karen and Armando. I saw my camera sitting there and realized that I hadn't taken any pictures today, so I grabbed it and took a picture of Armando who was sitting in front of a painting that Jim had created. At first he made a funny face, but then I noticed the eye in the painting, I told Armando to look at me and not make a funny face --- I used that picture to create this image. Unlike the real photo the picture in the back is that of a woman (not a bearded woman), but I liked how it created the look of a beard to match Armando's goatee. I tried to used outlines much the way Jim uses Tulip brand puff paint to outline his images. I focused on the eyes.

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Lone Star Ride

This just came in via email, as well as I recieved a couple phone calls:

To all Lone Star Riders and Crew:

The Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS for September 24 and 25 has been canceled. Due to Hurricane Rita, the City of Dallas has canceled all special event permits. State parks are having to take in evacuees, so Dinosaur Valley State Park is canceled.

We are still accepting ride funds/pledges.

We will be talking over the next few days as to whether or not to schedule a fun ride based on schedules and weather. We are all very disappointed that this has happened. However, your safety is our primary concern, and we would not want to put you on the road in hazardous conditions. We so appreciate all of the hard work and training that has gone into this year's event. We wanted to have the best ride yet and were looking forward to a new route.

The Names Project Quilt display is also canceled. We will be looking to reschedule this as well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Janie Bush
Paul Scott
Dara Austin
Don Maison

I am sorry that the ride "The Rita Ride" as I was calling it was cancelled. But it is good to know that the money raised is going to help those in need. It is even more apparent now when you think of the evacuees that are HIV+ or living with AIDS and have to find new homes, places to get their medicine or treatment, food and other items needed for survival --- that money is needed. I know that they are still accepting pledges and donations --so please contact me if you wish to make a donation - no amount is too small or too large. --- Rider Billy Miller #100

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita is Coming

Hurricane Rita is on target to hit Dallas, although the Lone Star Ride is still planning on happening, I think by Friday they will most likely cancel the ride for the weekend.

I have busy plans working on a marketing piece for my friend Jim for his upcoming art shows, and my friend Kevin and a logo for his business.

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Wine Abuse

This is a piece that I created using a photo of a wine spill stain that occurred tonight at the Art Group Meeting that I was hosting. With the encouragement of one of the new members whom said "take a picture", I did, and then created this digital piece to show that good can come from an accident.

I am enjoying the new excitement and energy the new members are bringing to art group. It is amazing that with as many members as we now have that each of us is an individual in our own right.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Five Days And Counting

Me at last years Lone Star Ride In

Of course I had to play with the image just a little --kind of Digital Tron Rider!

Wow time is flying and before I know I will be on the weekend ride through Texas from Fort Worth to Dinosaur Park and then to Dallas and Lee Park for closing ceremonies and the showing of the AIDS quilt. Thank you to all of you whom have supported me and this cause, with so many HIV positive people displaced by Hurricane Katrina the money raised is truly going to help those on the front lines of this battle. If you want they are still taking donations, no amount is too small or too large --- you can enter it under my rider name - Billy Miller Rider #100 - at I will posting pictures from the ride on my blog after I return.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

cleaning and organizing

This is a painting that I did in 2003. I found it while I was trying to clean and organize my computer pictures and publisher files. It is amazing how many images that I have now, and a little bit frightening to think that this is all digital.

The painting is entitled "Spurless". It also has a missing piece which is a postcard sized piece that is entitled "Lone Spur". It was my first entry in the exhibition fundraiser called "Postcards from the Edge." I am looking forward to submitting again this year - this will be the third year I have participated in such a fun and unique art event.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cosmic Pride

Just a little image for Gay Pride Day in Dallas --- entitled "Cosmic Pride".

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I can't see you !

This is a picture I took of my friend, and photographer, Michal Boothe. We were on our way to have lunch on Friday.

If you are wondering why I posted a picture from Friday for a Saturday post it is becuase I had Absolut - ly way too much fun on Friday after winning the Absolut Art Contest.

Was able to get in a bike ride on the Katy Trail with my friend, Stephen Soliz. Enjoyed wonderful homemade pizza with Jim Frederick and Karen Charleston after the bike ride.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Absolut Winners

Tonight Jim Frederick and I won the awards for best of show at the Absolut Art Contest at the respective hosting bars of Jrs and Sueellens. Our work will now be sent to be represented in a National competition, and will be displayed at next year's Gay Games in Chicago. Hopefully we can win the National competition and be one of the Absolut artist ambassadors at the Gay Games. It was great to have the support of my friends whom showed up. I can not imagine a world with out you all. The piece that won for me tonight was entitled "Absolut Celebration" a painted version of the digital version posted earlier. The picture does not do the artwork justice, because of the glare and yellow flourescent lighting, but you get the idea.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cafe Abstract

Today was a great day, walked with friends to start the day, had stayed up late till 3am to complete my Absolut Art entries, met friends at Cafe Brazil, rested before an interview for a job I did not get (but had an amazing interview), dinner with a angel (they will understand), more reality TV an d reality Internet.... and finally a blog entry before doing it again tomorrow.

This is a picture I took at Cafe Brazil, they have newly painted walls and a bright yellow canopy! While I waited for my friends with my iced coffee -- this composition captured my eyes and camera lens.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This is the painting that I have done for the bar called Sue Ellen's in Dallas, for the Absolut Art Contest. Not only did I need to do a painting for the bar, but also one's for the Absolut GLBT Ads.

You may have seen my digital ideas in previous posts.

Today was a day to be creative, sometimes it is hard to be creative on demand, but today things flowed easily after a 4 mile morning walk, painting abstracts at Jim's with Mark Mullino, another artist friend, and then home to work the rest of the day and evening on my Absolut Art. The event is Friday at JR's and Sue Ellen's on Cedar Springs in Dallas at 5pm and 6pm respectively.

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Today was a day to relax, chilled out with myself, walked in the am, did some creating during the day, rested in the afternoon, shared creative sparks in the evening, and enjoyed music and friends at night.

I found this old picture of a friend of mine, Laura Michaels. This was a picture taken shortly after she and I went into New York City and she got hair extensions. We went to the CAT CLUB that evening, and on the way home we got in a car crash in which I totalled the white mustang we were in. We spent most of the evening at the hospital trying to get her checked out, then we took an hour long cab ride back to Flanders, NJ where we both lived. This was 1987.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Having Fun with Fruit!

I created this stilllife of peaches floating. I used adobe photoshop, microsoft publisher and canvas painter IX in the creation. It was just playful fun, seeing how and what I could do with a photo of some peaches. This is the final result.

Below is the image that I began with.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Letting It Flow

I created this image today on my new laptop. I am hopeful now that I can travel with my camera and laptop and create images where ever I travel.

Looking forward to a busy week, exercising, creating art, cleaning up this apartment/studio which looks more like a warehouse, applying for jobs, selling items on ebay.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

America's Choice

If it were up to America - Janelle would be the winner of Big Brother 6. If it were up to me - Janelle would take home the grand prize.

I hope that the other bitches left in the house realize that America does not like self-righteous, jealous, little back stabbing, prissy girls.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Absolut Celebration

Created this piece today continuing on the ABSOLUT theme. I used a painting that I had done in acrylic called celebration, digitally manipulated it and added the bottle and dancing figures.


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Absolut Passion

Here is one idea that I have worked on for a Absolut event that I has asked to participate in.

This first one I entitled "Absolute Rights", and I focus on Harvey Milk's quote and the gay rainbow colors, and a butterfly to signify freedom.


This was the first image that I created, and although it is tempting, I do not feel that it is as strong as an image that is gender specific becuase it leaves out the some of the members of GLBT community.


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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Petal Portal

I created this picture today and entitled it "Petal Portal". Take from it what you want - email me if you have any strong opinions or feelings about it.

It was a day of reflection today. I worked on my art. I had lunch with an old friend whom I worked with at AT&T. I worked on getting pieces ready that I am donating to various auctions.

Tonight I will watch my secret passion - Big Brother 6 - with the hopes that Ivette goes with Janelle's plan and votes April out. Next month - Survivor 11 !

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I will try again tomorrow

Today I got an email from a friend, Joe Ede, whom sends these daily thoughts out each day in email. Then I got the same quote in an email from another friend, Karen Charleston. Then I read my friend, Jim Frederick's Blog and it was mentioned there. I figured this must be a sign from the Universe, trying to tell me something.

Courage does not always roar.
Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow".

-- Anonymous
Today I finally got on the bike. It was scary given that in less than three weeks I will be attempting a 175 mile bike ride over two days to raise money and awareness for HIV and AIDS. Today Jim and I rode 9.3 miles from his home, down the Katy Trail, around the new W hotel and AA Arena....and fears hit me square in the face --- if I was huffing and puffing on this how am I going to do the ride?
Then I came home to find that I was called for an interview, or at least to call to set up an interview for a marketing job. The person whom is to set up the interview never called me back, this was after one call leaving my contact info, and one call in which we spoke and she said that had the information and would call me when then could get a time. Again, Fear hits me in the head... why are they not calling, am I not good enough, why is it so hard to get a job?
Then I begin working on my list of art things to do -- and luckily I have many of them. I am donating works for the Dallas Jesuit Museum fundraiser, an AIDS fundraiser, Postcards From the Edge in NYC, I am rehanging work at the Nodding Dog Coffee Company, I am hanging work at a friends home for a fundraiser party they are having, and I am getting new shows lined up for the end of the year and next. Again Fear hits me... is my art any good?
As I get ready for bed tonight, I hope to find the COURAGE, to awaken my dreams and find the solutions I need to squelch my fears.
I will try again tomorrow.
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mom gave me a clipping

My mother when I was in high school gave me a newspaper clipping which I have held onto. I often look at this piece of paper and the words written on it for direction. Today was one of those days. It was written by Anonymous. The words on the paper read:

Small powerful words for anytime you begin to question yourself, or begin to not hold true to yourself, or you need a little belief in yourself.
Thanks Mom
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Monday, September 05, 2005

Being Grateful

Today I got an email from my friend, Bobby Baber, who lives in Rome Italy and recently has returned from Holiday traveling through Kenya. This picture is one of his from his trip. A daily message posted at the hotel they stayed at on the lamu island. Given what has been happening here on the Gulf Coast and all the news that is being reported, it is an interesting perspective to see that life carries on in the world. That the problems that we face here may not be as grave as we believe they to be. For me somewhat of an outsider to the effects of the Hurricane Katrina, other than skyrocking gas prices, life is to be grateful for. Today I saw a very moving movie: " The Constant Gardner ". It reminded me of "Hotel Rowanda". So many things to be grateful for.....too many to list here, so I will say them in my prayers, before I sleep.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Created this image today and entitled it "Gemini". It represents the duality that we sometimes feel in ourselves.

Not much else to say today other than I am regaining my healthy self.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Here's looking at you!

Today was a day of lying around feeling sick. This is a picture of "Val", short for Valentino, one of the three dogs that I am watching for the next ten days. He was always sleeping near my side, looking over at me across from his pillow.

It is nice to know that I have a wonderful support network of friends, who brought me food, came over to visit or called to check on me. I had started to take a new medicine for my border-line diabietes and it must have made my bold sugar drop, becuase I had the sweats, the chills, cramps in all of my body, dry was awlful. It took me most of the day to recover.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Window of Humanity

I created this piece from a picture that I took of a part of a sculpture that I took while visiting my friend, Jim hang his newest show. The show is at the Cathedral of Hope. I thought with the questions being posed around the response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, that we look into ourselves and ask what have we done? Thus I entitled the piece "Window of Humanity".

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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Not much to say today. It is September 1st, and in Western New York where I am from the weather would be getting cooler and showing signs of fall coming. But in Dallas it is still HOT - 100 degrees hot. This is painting that I did last summer.

Alot of talk about helpig those who are helpless from the Hurricane. Alot of refrugees are coming to Dallas, in search of a place to live, to start over. I am going to go with my friend, Jim, to te SPCA tomorrow and see about their Foster pet program. This is where you take in someone's pet for 30-60 days until the family can get settled and they take their pet back.

This will be a true test is I can handle a pet long term. What a way to start the month!

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