Friday, March 31, 2006

Another Opening, Another Show

This photo is similar to the one on Jim's blog. Can you spot the differences?

It was a busy day --- had breakfast with friend, Jack. Did some errands to get gas, bank, mail and then pick up my digital art that had been stretched on frames. Have a total now of 12 digital paintings ready for my upcoming shows, with another 8 ready to be stretched and more yet to be printed.

After I picked up the art, I went over to help Jim organize the flow of his art in his studio for his show. His dad --- Steve took this picture and altered it to be a more slimmer version of me (see Jim's blog for unaltered pic) - Thank you Father of the Universe !

The show tomorrow is going to be great --- lots of good exciting pieces, not to mention great sculpture, inspired poetry, and people energy.

A call to my friend, Denise, who is sick with Bronchitis and then had dinner with Steve tonight -- great to see my old best friend and have some one on one time with him. It was great catching up, talking about each others plans, gossip and more laughs. Then back home to work on plans for the rest of the year - renewing lease, art business & marketing plans, blog writing, goal setting (thanks Alyson ) and a great call with Mom & Dad. They are very proud of me. That makes me happy inside.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Invisible Children

The World Is Calling

You can take a stand

Check out these sites - this is happening in cities all over the country.



In an early post I mentioned that my friend, Erica Felicella, was working on a project photographing people after they did a shot. Here is my shot. I drank tuaca for the first time.

At this address at Flickr you can see the others that Erica shot that day.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I could be a whaler!

Interesting day today... was shown alot of things today and I was listening and I was observant.

A woman got a chuckle after over hearing Jim's and mine discussion of our blogging - she especially liked the part about the "Universe" responding.

Then after a chore had lunch with Patrick and we discussed looking for jobs, and how hard it is being an artist and all the things you have to do that they ordinary public does not see. Patrick said "It could be worse, you could be a whaler!" -- that just made me laugh. We laughed some more thinking about why our mutual friend, Andrew's middle name is Muchmore. We laughed even harder when we said that his twin brother's middle name must be "Alotless".

I posted this picture of Barbara, she was a homeless woman that was outside the dorms on 16th Street & Union Square when I lived in New York in the early 80's. I was reminded it today after seeing the film "The Right Questions" by Benjamin David Smith at the Magnolia. Also great photography regarding the homeless in Dallas by Hal Samples.

So lots of thoughts run through my head. I am not homeless. I am not a whaler. I am neither much more or alot less. I am observant, I am listening and I am alive!

I have alot to be grateful for.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Being Dorothy

Amazing how this movie always makes me feel good. I am just a dreamer at heart.

This image was created from a digital picture I took off the television.

When your think your life is sepia tones, you just need to think of how lucky you are to have family and friends that love and support you to give your life meaning in technicolor.

Here's to flying over the rainbow.

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AM Digital

Woke up at 3am this morning and could not sleep. So I did what I do best, turned on CNN and took pictures of the images on the television. I like this one because of the overlaping images.

Finished the website & brochure for Mstreets/Lakewood Artists' Studio Tour ( and printed several new digital pieces for my upcoming show at Hibernia Dental Arts in May. Had a nice brunch with Jack, he really got me out of my duldrums. Got a long distance call from Orlando (no not Disney!) but Michael Agoston, checking in. He also cheered me up and made me laugh. Ate some great leftovers from Vitos and continued working on my digital work.

I am looking forward to a better sleep tonight.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Erasing Doubt

Being a full time artist is a dream.
It is currently a dream that I am living.
I have been blessed with opportunities that make being a full time artist a reality. I am reminded of an anonymous poem that my mother cut out of the newspaper and gave me when I was in high school.

"Believe, Achieve
Doubt, You're Out."

I try hard to create my day, and create my reality and believe in myself making it not just as an artist, but a fulltime successful artist that can pay my bills and earn a living from my art. It is hard.

That is when the doubt starts creeping in. Will I sell another painting? Will people like my work enough to buy it? Are my prices too high? Will people like my digital work? Is my work good enough? and on and on....

But I am trying hard to erase these doubts.
I am grateful to have art sales and commissions to get me through the first half of the year. I am grateful to have had opportunities to expose my art and market myself to new groups of people.

I think one of the most important things to being an artist is to keep going. I am unsure of what the next 6 months hold for me (DOUBTS: my savings is running out, my insurance will end, where will I live, what will I be doing for money, how will that impact my art) and (BELIEFS: People respond to my art, people buy my art, my art makes people happy, I can use my art to make a successful living, I can use my gifts and teach others how to create, I am fortunate to become involved with other artists and artistic opportunities because of my abilities, my art will help me get past my current difficulties, others believe in me and my abilities, good things will come from my art, and I can not live without creating art.) It is important for those of you that read this and support me to know how important your encouragement is and your assistance in telling your friends to see and to buy my art. This is more than a hobby -- this is now my life and my dream coming true.

My challenge - ERASING DOUBT
So I did that symbolically today with my digital art series that I am working on today. Now I need to go to bed and mediate on the same.

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Saturday Night

Here is a picture of Jim Frederick after his day of painting at the Artisan's Collective in front of the wall which his art is hanging.

We had a productive exciting day at the collective. Afterwards we visited the new studio of artist, photographer and friend - Erica - she invited us to participate in a new project she is doing. She takes a photo of your reaction to drinking a shot of liquor.

I took this shot of the shot glasses used in the shoot. The pictures are great.

After shots we relaxed having dinner at Vitos in Bishop Arts. They give crayons out, so Jim and I continued creating, although we wanted a black crayon. My placemat drawing "Dance" in on top, Jim's "Food of Humanity" sketch is below.

Sunday will be a great day.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

My first mural

Today was a great day to paint. And to paint outdoors. It was 70 degrees, sunday, slight breeze. I had the wonderful opportunity to paint in my cryptographic style on the front of the building belonging to the Artisan's Collective. The Artisan's Collective is run by Ted Matthews and is a diverse group of local artists. The inside is amazing mixtures of art.

These are some of the paintings that I have inside Artisan's Gallery.

Outside I painted for about 4 hours until the sunshine gave way to darkeness. It was interesting to paint on such a large scale.

The process was thought out ahead of time on the computer. I used those sketchs help me with the final painting. I still allowed for spontanity to occur.

It was wonderful to hear the admiration from those who came to see the gallery, as well as the owner, Ted.
You can see somewhat of what I finished today. I will be going back to fill in the top areas, the area near the front door, and becuase they like it so much now the side of the building as well.

Friends stopped by Karen, Shannon & Tim, as well as other artist friends - Erica, Sarah Jane, Daniel, and new friends - Reme and his group of friends.

This was a picture I took of Daniel's dog. He was very well behaved while left alone. I love how this picture came out of him.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006


I created this image from the written word "emerge" requested by fellow blogger friend, Kelly Cox Semple.

Had another day of being open to the possibilities... met with Christian Walker who bought my DIFFA jacket, I will be fixing some of the google eyes that fell off. He mentioned that they look for artists work to display in homes they sell, and he took my cards.

Had lunch with Jim, Armando & Cliff, then headed to Artisan's Collective. Met with Ted and gave him my art which I had varnished. He told me how much he enjoyed the bright colors of my work. I asked about painting at the show and we talked about Saturday, one conversation lead to another and now I will be painting the outside of his building similarly the way I painted my cryptographic painting. It will be exciting to see my creative vision on the front of a building.

More thoughts, bigger dreams, and miracles to come....

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Opportunity Knocks


Positive Attitudes Change Everything. More and more this statement becomes a guiding principle in my life. It started as a usual day getting back into the routine, shower, emails, getting art ready, running to the Stretch & Frame, having Birthday lunch with Jack, running into Julie Chambers and talking about AT&T times, getting ready for my art class that I was teaching... and Opportunity Knocked (actually called)... can not go into specifics because the details are not worked out... but it resonates with what I read usually daily on Jim Frederick's blog - DREAM BIG, DARE TO FAIL. It is strange to know that if you dream it, it can become real if you do it. Everything that you work for are steps in the direction that the next opportunity will take you. It is amazing how when you ask a question about how am I going to do this...and if you are aware and open... the answer presents itself.

I created this image today from two great images that I took today with my friends Jack & Jim. I put them together to explore the thought about space and about how you use it. For me as an artist, I think it can be important to break the rules or at least take the risk. This warning sign Danger Do Not Enter is obviously wanting to keep you out, but someone is already in and looking out... so what do they know that the observer does not? and you see another door/window behind them. So when opportunity knocks do you take the risk and open the door even if it says Danger Do Not Enter?

I am.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Michael left today, and I returned to my routine. Creating art, finding opportunities for shows, and marketing art. I printed several pieces of digital art on my Epson 9800 to get ready for the upcoming Uptown Vision Art Group show, which the artist reception is April 7th. I picked up some of my paintings to put a heavy gloss varnish on them, and return them on Thursday. The Artisan Collective in Oakcliff, will have an show and meet the artists on this coming Saturday. Tomorrow evening is my 2nd art class for the Lenten series "Art of the Discipleship" at Cathedral of Hope.

Visited Jolene Decle, it was great to see her and her new place. It was filled with such positive energy and art. I am happy that she is getting back to her old self. She gave me alot of postcards for the Uptown Vision Art Group show, which then I delivered to Jim Frederick and Scott Frelick.

Created this image which I call "Crisp".
Come to this ! -
Saturday, March 25th 3pm - 8pm
Experience the Creative Energy within the walls of Dallas’ Most Unique Art Showroom!

See Many New Works and New Artists Watch and be enlightened as various Artisans work on their latest creations. Enjoy the live music of local performers.
Featuring Over 20 Local Artists, Craftspeople and Designers Paintings - Prints - Sculpture - Pottery - Glass - Jewelry - Woodwork - Photography - Digital Art - Stone - Gourds - Clothing - Furniture - Lighting and so much more !

520 West Davis
Oak Cliff, TX 75208

DIRECTIONS: From I-35 south, Exit 8th Street turn west. (8th street turns into West Davis) Continue 1 Mile to 520 West Davis. Artisan's Collective is on the left (south) and next door to Gloria's restaurant.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Night

Today was the final day of Michael's visit, or so we thought. After a great morning, with breakfast at Lucky's, then a drive to Oakcliff, we took the picture which was used to create this. The Trinity river crested the banks of the levys, which only a few days ago there was no water, just grass and trees.

We had a nice dinner with Michal Boothe at Good Eats. He invited us to his home and some some of his great photography.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Billy's DIFFA Pictures



Today after a great day... we had rain, lots of rain - flash floods. I have never seen the Turtle Creek or Trinity River so high. It was fun for me to know that Michael and I had just a few days ago crossing the Trinity River where there was lots of land, grass and trees, but no water - no being a raging river.

We started this rainy day with Brunch at Blue Mesa Gill, celebrating Cliff's Birthday. After getting soaked getting our cars, we went wet & damp to see Madea's Family Reunion. The a trip home seeing raging water on the street, mud, debris and abandoned cars. We rested. Then we met Burt at Toulouse, a great restaurant near the Katy Trail. We had a great dinner and conversation. Very excited about Michael agreeing to participate in this years Lone Star Ride. Burt shared his excitement about participating in this year's Gay Games in Chicago come June. He will be completing in several cycling events. I just know that he will do well. Mike & Burt are pictured above.

We made plans for possible trips to and from Buffalo.
Now I am downloading pictures to Shutterfly -- over 325 pictures. And Cliff downloade over 100 pictures. I will post the urls shortly.

Tomorrow is Michael's final day in Dallas. It has been a great visit.

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It was an amazing day. Started the day with Mike doing an interruppted walk on the Katy Trail, becuase it rained. We were able to get in 2 miles though. Then home to change out of our wet clothes and we went to pick up PH and go to lunch. We had a wonderful lunch (sinful too!) at Snuffers. Great Cheeseburgers and best of all Cheddar Fries. After that we did a little shopping, Mike bought an umbrella and a beautiful coat, I got a tux shirt. Gave Dad a little tutorial about attaching files in email. We then came home for a short rest before heading over to Jim's house to meet everyone who was going to be at our table for DIFFA. We arrived shortly around 6pm.

As we walked through the doors of the Hilton Anatole we saw people --- of course I was introduced always as this is Billy - this is his first DIFFA and he designed a jacket! It is great being a DIFFA virgin. After some talking we headed toward the entrance to the event. There must have been 2,000 people. Over 100 jackets, of which Jim, Armando and I were participants. Our jackets were all in the same area, it was great to see your work displayed, and your name right above it. It is hard to describe how proud I was, how nervous I was, and how excited I was all at the same time.

The evening flew bye --- PH, Ron, Gretchen, Ann & Laura, and many others were there to be seen. The biggest high was seeing our jackets march down the runway on actual models, and people cheer, and clap. And then to meet the person who was the final bidder and was taking your jacket home. --- WOW! Such excitement, to know that your work is so pleasing to others. It was great to see them wear it out and see it again at the after party.

It was great to be part of the tradition that Jim and Armando have been apart of and to share it with my best friend from Buffalo, Mike. During the evening my friends said the nicest thing that already meeting him, he seems like family. I am excited when this summer, Jim will be coming to Buffalo with me for the annual big chill and my art show in August. Not only will he get to meet my other friends, he will get to meet Mom, Dad and Mark.

At the end of the party after Erika Badu finished her set...we all got together and walked the runway, and had our pictures taken on the stage. It was great fun. We walked out with our gift bags, when to the after hours and danced, then to a diner called Buzzbrews, then Mike & I met PH and Ron at the Hideaway. I met this great woman named Jo, who was sitting with Terry who I know for the Lone Star Ride. I gave her my card and an Invitation to Jim's show. She loves art. She told me how she bought the first auctioned jacket at DIFFA tonight for her daughter.

All in All it was a great show.

Tomorrow is birthday celebration day --- Happy Birthday Cliff! and Happy Birthday Jack!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

DIFFA Preview

This is a preview of my Jacket, Scarf and artwork that I donated to DIFFA for tomorrow evenings event.

Today was a very busy and fun day. Walked the Katy Trail, Lunch at Market Diner, Disco Nap, Happy Hour at JRs, Dinner with the DIFFA Table and Andrew Bernard from Fort Worth, then Drinks at JRs, and Dancing at TMC, now home to rest up for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be raining, but we may try to walk anyways, we need to get Mike's dry cleaning in the am. Possible picture taking, and lunch, then rest up for getting ready for DIFFA. We will meet up at Jim's and then go to the Hilton Anatole for the event.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Death, Pizza, Cows & Bill O'Reilly

It was a fun day.
We told Mike the story of the Katy Trail - and reenacted her tragic death on the railroad tracks.

Followed by pictures at the Italian Restaurant, Campania. Nice View. Great Pizza. Reminded us of the pizza we had when we were in Rome.
Yes, Rome Italy --- we were there, you were not.

Then we met the Mad Cows on the street.

and a appearance of Bill O'Reilly at the gay piano bar. Not to forget that my muse, Robb said hello.

Lots of rumors flying around.

But the day would not have been complete without laughs with Jim, Armando, Jack, Burt, PH, Ron --- and all the wonderful people we met today at art galleries, places for coffee, dry cleaners, the stores, the restaurants, and topping it off with a call to Evie Barrassa, driver and back up entertainer to the stars! And least I forget that wonderful RT who called to check on how I was recouping from my bronchial infection.

More good times to come.
P.S. Michael wants to say good night and sweet dreams to his phillipino princess.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Sorry that I did not blog yesterday, but it has been a busy few days. Thank you to my friends, Jim, Armando, and also Heather and Margaret - my apartment has been cleaned so well you can eat off the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Spent time working on marketing materials, spent time getting ready for my first class at the Cathedral of Hope. I had six students, and the energy was very good, at first quiet, but they livened up at the end. I created this image using several photos I took of JRs Bar & Grill video wall - I call it "Dancing Wall" and I entered it with another photo into the Oaklawn Library's calendar project.

After class, I had a great dinner with Jim at Luckys. Then off to the airport to pick up Michael. We had a great evening, with stop at home, and then to the RoundUp - Brokeback Mountain still brings tears to his eyes and so I was awash in jokes as we watched the cowboys dance. At one point a very handsome cowboy in a black hat came up to us and asked "Do you follow?" of course I said no, and then Michael wanted to know what he said, so I interpreted it for my Northeastern friend - he wants to know if you want to dance? Of course we laughed about it as we watch him dance with some girl, and Mike mentioned that he could follow better then her! It is so hard to quit you!. Michael also said that I should get a shirt that says "Excalibur" on it. Something about a sword thrust into a hard rock. Now it is late 1:11am actually, time for bed, and we are getting up tomorrow to have breakfast and walk the Katy Trail.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Hospital, Full Moon and Turning 50

To play the day in reverse.... spent the evening with friends celebrating Jim Lenss' Birthday 43 or 50 not sure which?
Had great chocolate cupcakes thanks to Lori and her new easy bake oven. Bonnie was talking about her pussy not being happy with her. Code? Not Sure.
Karen is looking for Oriental Angels. Burt has formed a organization NAAAP for the National Advancement for the Advancement of Asian People (otherwise know as OARMAN (Orientals Are Rugs My People Are Not), not be be confused with ARMANDO (some Puerto Rican self help group).

The day then was doing errands, and getting medicine that was prescriped, after a long needed nap.

Worked on Jim Frederick's marketing materials for his upcoming show: Humanity.

The made it home, and noticed the FULL MOON - made that had something to do with spending the early morning hours in the hospital.

Yes, I said the hospital. I was sent home at 5:30am after xrays, some great respiratory work, and getting myself to the emergency room with a high fever, pain in the back when I breathe at 3am. This last picture was of my feet hanging off the table while in my hospital gown.

It was a crazy day....glad to be feeling better again...good drugs rock!

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Just a nice shot.
Busy with doing art and graphic design work. Friend, Michael, will be visiting in a few days to go to DIFFA with me. The week is going to fly.

Check out

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Saturday, March 11, 2006


You know that you are an artist when you begin to see images in the empty bowl of ice cream.
Seeing things that other people may miss is what my skill is.
Post Comments on what you see.
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Everyone Should Dance on a Box Once!

Good Friends, Art Shows, Working Hard, Seeing Art in Different Places, Good Friends Dancing....but not on a box! Hell Yes! Everyone should know what it feels like to dance on a box above the crowded dance floor. Sometime rules should be broken.

Today was a day that many things became appearant to me. I am so blessed in so many ways. Thank you, Universe.

This picture I found while picking up scrap metal with my friend Jim -- it reminded me of the gogo's and Nyc City Subways, my first walkman and the song Vacation!

This is one of the many shots I took at the scrap metal place. This reminded me of an aeriol picture of the ocean with lot of islands.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Skin Art

This is one design my friend, Derwin liked for a tattoo he asked me to design to represent his name and that of his two sons. This will make the 3rd tattoo that some one has adorned their body with that I have designed. Something strangely wonderful about someone willing to do carry around something you designed so permanently.

Was a busy day with walking, working on paintings, and graphics for the studio tour, writing, getting paintings ready for an interior designer. It will be a wild weekend with next week's DIFFA fast approaching. It is very early in the morning 2:15am -- so time to get so sleep, at least for a few hours before it's time to get up and make more art!

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Butterfly Nights

Still fighting off the sinus kunk. A good friend told me to stop giving it so much of my energy and just work through it and it will go away. I think they are right. So I will try harder at creating my day with less kunk.

The day started off with a great breakfast with my friend, Tom. Then some intraspection as I prepared for what was to be my first class of "The Art of the Discipleship" at the Cathedral of Hope. I am very excited about what this experience will reveal itself to be. In running through my exercises of how I will encourage, enlighten, and teach my students - "The Art of Seeing" as a tool during lent to explore themselves and become closer to their spirit.

I got a call today from an interior designer who is looking to put some of my artwork in two condos that he is designing. I am really excited to see how my work will translate in his designed space. More to come on that...

After services this evening, I met up with Jim and Robert, and we share thoughts about Jim's newest work - HUMANITY - I am so grateful that I get to see this work evolve and be created, very strong with emotion at least for me, very thought provoking, and very cohesive thought process. I am so excited for his show opening at the end of this month --- mark your calendars now - this is not one to miss.

Another Project Runway has ended - what I love most about the show, is hearing the visions and the critiques and translating that thought process to my own work. "What were you thinking?" " Do you think that really fits?" "Is your collection cohesive?" "Why does that look unfinished?" --- all good questions whether you are trying to make a fashion collection or a series of paintings.

So as I end this day, I leave with a piece of digital work "Digital Moth" that I created from some photos I took of a moth an a screendoor to Jim's studio. I like how the two photos blended during the filtering process so you see both the underside and the overcoat of the same moth. The way the screen formed dots, almost accentuating the digitalness of the images. Do you know the difference between a butterfly and a moth? Moths are nocturnal. So in many ways they are like me - I find my colors much more vibrant and pumping at night. So moths are really just butterflys at night. Here is to more flights during butterfly nights.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How much is the shell on the table?

Today was a day off trying to get rid of this sinus allergy problem that has plagueing me. I have never done so many drinks of tea.

Took down the show at Trinity River Arts Center, and hung some of the larger digital art pieces along with a large collection of smaller digital art pieces at the Woodview Tower office building on the fourth floor which resides the Community Council of Greater Dallas.

It is very interesting to see you art in so many different places - coffee houses, restaurant, store, church, office building, and gallery. I am just glad for the opportunity to have my art in front of people...and even if they do not buy, they appreciate the art and it makes them happier.

The evening attended a party at Palomar, the new hotel and residential living in which my friends, Jim Frederick and Randy Jacobs, have their art hanging. It is great to see it in a environment in which people can visualize it in their own home.

Karen and I discovered this shell which was decoration on one of the tables. We laughed because it had $3.00 marked on it, they must have gotten it from a garage sale - so we had to take a picture of it - everything has it's price!

When Karen was not aware (I think she was having a crabcake) I took a picture of the back of her head. She has the greatest hair. That became the subject of my next piece of art.

This is the has wonderful little pockets, almost like ripples on the water.

Staying in tonight, going to get a good nights sleep. Lots of activities with shows, graphics works, and planning for the future.

Tomorrow - time to make more art!

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Creating Today

Still dealing with my allergies, wish they would go away. Energy levels have been increasing with the added vitamins and allergy medicine. I had a 4th interview today with one of my corporate job prospects. Now we play the waiting game again. If it is meant to be they will call. No word on the other job prospect, again playing the waiting game. I guess it is the Universe telling me to be Patience.

I had a great dinner and visit with Jim - some great fried chicken, we watched Project Runway and talked about how some of the concepts are similar to creating a consistent message for an art show. Then I introduced Jim to Deal or No Deal.

This is the piece I created Today. Still exploring, experimenting and creating. Tomorrow I take down the show at Trinity River Arts Center, some of the art will be hung at Community Council of Greater Dallas. Then it is time to focus and work towards the shows coming up in April & May and finish my painting commission. I need to RSVP to Jim's Palamar Show, I hope it is not too late.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Oscar Night

Thoughts today were about the oscars. An artists works and works on their art, but it once it is hung in an environment that people live that you become a proud parent. It was so great to see my art hanging in the home of my most recent collectors Barbara & David. To be hung in several rooms of the house, to have them invite all their friends and introduce me - I felt like I was on the red carpet. It was great to arrive and see my painting visiable from the street. I was overwhelmed - my like a filmmaker must feel when the film is done, in the theatres and now playing to an audience - my art is now on display for many people to see - those who visit their home and those that drive or walk bye.

It was a great day.
Thank you to everyone who has believed in me.

Time to make more art... I'm sorry Sarah Jane for cancelling, the bedrest all day made me able to make it to my party in th evening. We are so on for a future date on picture taking.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kitchen Sink Chaos

Seeing the light.

Feeling better today, more energy, getting more accomplished. It is amazing how much allergies can effect you.

Excited to be working with my artist friends on the M Streets Lakewood Artist Studio Tour happening at the end of April. We had a nice visit and talked a lot of art and the upcoming event.

The kitchen sink clogged today and water leaked all under the sink - what a mess. Laundry, dishes and more cleaning happened this evening. As well as making a mess starting to paint again.

I am looking forward to tomorrow - I will be going to 9am services, then meeting my friend, Sarah Jane for a photo safari, then off to an Oscar party.

Sometime is all this chaos you can find the light.

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