Saturday, December 31, 2005


This is my last entry for 2005. What a great way to end the year, what a great way to start the new year. Today I had a wonderful experience in meeting Barbara & David. They recently saw my invitation to my first show in the new year and based on that, commissioned me to create a QUAD piece for them using a great photo of them from the 1960s. I am so excited about doing this piece I can not even begin to tell you in words. This piece I created using a picture I took of this great chandelier that they have in their new home. It is abstract when you first look at it and if you do not know that it is a chandelier. I like that quality, it makes it interesting to me, I hope it makes it interesting to you as the viewer. In my last few pieces I am energized by the effect of drawn lines on the art. Their is something basic about that and something I will play with more in my new art to come. I am blessed to have had such a great year this year in creating and showing my art. I am looking forward to the possibilities, the opportunities and the new art that this year will bring. In keeping with the discipline in doing this blog, every day I am reminded about my inner voice and letting that out to speak to the world. If you could only sense my inner joy and happiness today and what this new commission piece means to me. If I were Tom Cruise I think I would be jumping on my couch! I think I might just do that and see how it feels! Here's to Quad! Here's to a great New Year!

Happy New Year my Blogger friends!


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Java Hommage

Today, I may have found my digital voice. There is something empowering in my use of the computer to create images. It flows from me much more naturally that paint on to a canvas. I have been very open to the influences that I am picking up from friends, mentors, television, music, the written word and even my own inner voice. They are leading me in a direction that I think is good. Next step - set goals... and of course work on more Quad pieces.

What is a Quad? (ponder that for awhile)

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Abstract Airport

Left Myrtle Beach today to return to Dallas. It is always bittersweet to leave becuase I enjoy visiting with my Parents so much. Spending alot of time in the airports of Myrtle Beach, Charlotte and Dallas lead to more pictures being taken. This was my favorite picture... I love finding the abstract beauty in ordinary things.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Today I met the darling granddaughter of my mother's friend, Jan. In an instant I captured this picture....

I started playing with the faces, it was amazing how similar and symetrical they were. You can see that the genetic code and spirit of personality has been passed on.

This final image over laps the two faces. It is amazing how great they fit together where you can not really make out one generation or the next generation.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Monkey Love

This evening there was nothing on television worth watching. So I headed to the computer to play. This is what I came up with. For me the image is fun becuase you as the viewer can decide in it what you see. Do you see a woman peeking outside the door? Maybe you see a garden? Maybe you see an owl? or the head of a monkey? Anyway look what you see and maybe it will mirror something in your subconscious.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Games We Play

Today started with the tradition that my brother, Mark, started last year. We get up and go eat breakfast at "Joes" diner. While eating our plates of pancakes, eggs, bacon & sausage with cups of coffee we scratch off Lottery tickets. Last year my brother bought everyone tickets and he had a winning ticket each square was a winner and he won $500. This year Dad repeated the tradition for Mark in his abscence and it was a repeat of the last Dad won $2, Mom won $2, I won $2, but Mark's tickets brought him $25 he had multiple winners on each card, but unfortunately they were not for $50 each like last year, only $1 and $5 increments....still Mark's luck continues to shine! Mark was the big winner in lottery this year, unless my Cash 5 ticket wins big tonight! After a nice day of relaxing we were visiting by my Parents' friends, John and Jan Kuhfahl. (You may remember Jan from an earlier blog here for refresher). We exhanged Christmas gifts....Jan "Mona Lisa" Kuhfahl recieved her copy of the artwork. I got a nice date book to but all my "art openings" in. After opening gifts we sat around the dining room table and played games. I introduced them to the dice game called "Greedy" which my friend Warren France introduced me to while camping. Everyone except John enjoyed the game... something about not being able to roll a one or a five. Atfer that we played a couple hands of 135. A fun game even though I never seem to win. They we took some pictures by the tree (notice me and my new bow!). Now a few more days and I will be heading back to Dallas....artwork to get ready for my January art shows...check my website for listings and receptions.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Holiday Lights

Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yes, Armando There Is A Santa Claus

Just in case you want to track Santa, as he delivers his toys to all the good little boys and girls.... you can check out this Norad Website.

Wishing everyone PEACE on Earth, goodwill for all mankind, and hope for the best New Year yet. If you hold the hope in your heart Santa will hear it, Baby Jesus will hear it, and miracles will happen to make everything that needs to happen, happen. It is called Faith. So yes, Armando, There is a baby Jesus and he lives in your heart and keeps a watchful eye on Santa.

Go To Bed Now, Armando! too Jim, Karen, Burt, Mark, Cliff, Steve, PH, Kelly, .....and yes all you other good boys and girls.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Pelican Brief

This was a sad site to see on the beach today. Took a drive to North Myrtle Beach and ate at the Atlantis Diner. After which I took some pictures on the beach and found this dead pelican on the beach. After leaving this sight returned to get some items at Bolineau's (a family ritual going to the grocery store). Then did some shopping at various places then home where I worked most of the day on my mailing lists. Can not believe that it is almost Christmas. Very strange to not have my brother, Mark here. Missed calls from friends, Jim and Jack --- shout out if you are reading this.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Big Balls!

Today we did more shopping (although I have basically finished mine today). We visited Broadway on the Beach, hardly anyone was there. This picture is from the large Christmas Tree. Big Balls!

We also ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, went to the Post Office twice, dropped off some items at Jan & John Kuhfahl's home, ate Fried Bologna Sandwiches, went the New York Deli for dinner, and worked on the computer mailing list and helped Dad learn about resizing photos for emailing.

Tomorrow we should be up early for breakfast and a trip to the Post Office to get my brother Mark's package that he sent us. Really miss him being here. We have lots of fun together -- just like when we were little! ; )

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Beach

Today was a fun day in Myrtle Beach. Started with Breakfast at Jennys, then shopping and visiting the beach with Mom, then home for lunch and a nap before heading out to Cheeseburger Paradise for dinner. After having four mini-cheese burgers, great crispy fries and a thick chocolate milk shake we headed to see a show. We saw the Christmas Spectacular at the Carolina Opry. The dancing in the show was great...especially the group called All That! Now I am home relaxing and reflecting on the day.

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P.S. It looks like my camera lens needs a cleaning!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Made It To Myrtle

Just a quick note to my readers -
I made it successfully and uneventfully to Myrtle Beach. Dad has a nasty cold, Mom has made a great homemade chicken soup. Getting my bearings, taking time to visit - tomorrow will be breakfast, shopping working on my Christmas cards (do I have your correct address?) and then to see a christmas show at the Carolina Theatre.

Today's sight was while I waited in DFW airport --- a young couple sitting with their baby boy (I am guessing about 9-12 months old) and a young puppy (no more then 1 week old) --- it was fun to watch them interact with other - everything they see and do is so new and fun.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Good Times

The holiday season is upon means sharing good times with friends. It means snowmen and frosted cookies.

It means warm fires (and very hot chimineas!).

It means having fun, even if that means a little mischievous fun!

You better watch out!

and it means sometimes you give a coffee maker to some one in need and others wish they had given theirs first! Sorry Mando and Ma and Pa Fred!

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Look Mom We're In A Limo !

We had a great surprise tonight when Jim Lenss surprised everyone with a huge escalade limo for our annual night ride to look at the Christmas lights. We stopped at old neighbors of Jim's who had a lovely artistic home filled with art, and decorated with red trees and lime green ornaments and beautifully decorated packages of the same hues. Little knomes were peaking around every corner to wish you well during the holiday, and the contemporary art they had on their walls was something to behold. Jim and I hope to someday be hanging in homes like theirs. You can tell they love art and artists.

It is so wonderful to have a great group of friends that enjoy each others company --- and boy can we laugh! and we did!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Today was a great day to focus. I focused on myself. I was able to take a great nap in the middle of the afternoon. I was able to have dinner with friends and celebrate the holiday by exchanging gifts. I was able to create on the computer some new art. I was able to work more on my Diffa Jacket (almost finished Armando!). I was able to sell some art, excited to see it go to a good home and know that I made enough money to pay my rent. Now I need to work on doing that every month. So that mean more focus.

Sometimes you just have to focus. With the shows over for 2005, now the focus becomes on 2006. This means evaluating how you did, how many paintings did you create, how many digital pieces did you create, how many shows did you have, how many greeting cards did you sell, how much art did you sell, what other projects brought in money or exposure, what would you do again, what would you do different. I think you have to look at not only how your work is selling, but also if your vision is being communicated. I think that others that get to know a artist, like to see their vision, they like to be part of it, and they like to see the growth in your work. This includes them in your journey and it makes owning a piece of your art as something very special, even if you do not know the person well, they know your story and what you are trying to communicate.

Getting back to focus...lists help me focus. Keeping in touch with others and reminding them is a way to keep focus. And Listening to that inner voice helps focus.

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Blue Sky and Fluffy Clouds

There is something to be said about clouds. Looking at the sky through clouds makes me feel like I am part of something so much grander, so much larger than myself. This picture was taken from the roof of the parking garage in my apartment complex. You can see the Dallas Skyline in the distance.

Yesterday was a great day, I am almost finished with my DIFFA jean jacket. I am so excited to have been invited to participate in this event. First, I participated in the Diffa Rouge Wreath collection this holiday season and next spring the jacket will be presented at the Diffa Collection! March 18th. In addition to that I spent the day with Jim Frederick and his friend from Boston, Seth. We took cookies that we made at the cookie bake to Gilda's Club and Bryans House. We visited with a fellow artist Randy Jacobs. Then we went and saw the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia". Beautiful film. After which we had dinner at Marcos --- we laughed and laughed - so much so the Diet Pepsi came out my nose! I hate that. Then a relaxing evening at home catching up on email and downloading a new email client to be able to send HTML emails. Now ready to start a new day! Thanks Kelly for continuing to read the blog and stay in touch! Shout out to you in Connecticut!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Simple Question

Here is some reader participation.
Please answer this simple question.

What do you really know for certain?

Please use the comment section to post your answers.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Cookie Exchange

This year's cookie exchange...Janie Bush was taking the picture so I included her in as the cookie she became!... Lots of fun, stories were told, ornaments were rearranged to torment the obsessive anal tree decorator. They had great food provided by those with the talents for cooking.

This was a knot in Karen Charleston's fence in her backyard.... to you see a Lion like I did?

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Friends & Family attend P.A.C.E. 2

This is the photo of Seth (from Boston, Mass.), artist extraordinare -Jim Frederick, MaFred, & PaFred (from Washington, Missouri)

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PACE 2 Picture Gallery

This is just some of the pictures from the recent P.A.C.E. 2 art show that Jim Frederick and I participated in. It was festive holiday spirit, with lots of good friends, new friends, and art buyers. Surprize guests each evening seemed to be the trend. First, Seth, a friend from Boston, MA showed up to quite the surprise of Jim & Billy! Then on Saturday, not to be out done, Jim's parents showed up driving all the way from Washington, MO. Now if only my friend Bobby Baber had shown up from Rome, Italy - I could have won the prize for having a friend travel the furthest! Next Year!... Lots of great energy both nights with indepth conversations about using Positive energy to work towards achieving your goals. Overall we had over 125 people attend between the two nights showing. While a number of pieces did sell, we did not sell out - so do not be shy about asking about your favorite piece. Payment plans, Paypal and cash or check and that painting could be yours!

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It is amazing to get lost when you are in the act of creating. Try and be aware and answer these questions - where do you go?, what are you feeling?, what are you thinking?, are you aware of what is happening around you?, what sounds you are hearing?

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How do you measure a year?

How do you measure a year?

I have been thinking alot about this question since seeing the movie "Rent". Another year has gone by and we are rapidly moving towards the 2nd annual P.A.C.E. show. If it was not for meeting Jim Frederick, I wonder sometimes if I would have had the dedication to keep my art going, to keep creating against the pushes and pulls of daily life. That is why I embrace his friendship so much, and take "Positive Attitudes Change Everything" to heart. For me I look forward to my holiday break with my family, reflecting on the past year, how did I do against my business plan. One thing is certain I helped change the world in some small ways. Which way you might ask...well looking back... this year was filled with people buying, yes buying my artwork. This picture is one from friends of mine, Brian & Leonard. They recently had a party and where both exciting and a little worried to show my that they had placed the art in their bathroom. Well I must say I was honored. First of all, the bathroom is one of the most visited places in the house, especially at a bellini party! So lots of people saw the art. They had it beautifully framed, and it really looked great in the room. This made me think of all the other people that have my art, many of them I do not even know -- where did they place it over a couch, above the mantle, or in a special place?, does the picture have a special meaning to them?, how does it make them feel? Anyways I created it, released it into the world, and now that energy that went into the image, the painting, the execution are now living a life of its own and effecting the world it now lives in.

WOW --- measure the year in art....measure the year in its effects
It feels good.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Sarah Jane thanks for making artconspiracy happen, and inviting me to be apart of it. There was such great energy from all the artists and musicians and the work they shared.

Not mention your shoes rock too!

Creation Day

The artistic energy was free flowing.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

World AIDS Day

December 1st is
World AIDS Day

I will hang my art at Art Rage Us II (I hope this becomes an annual event) today with 10 other artists to honor World AIDS Day and to raise awareness & money.

As an HIV+ artist, it is very important to make people aware that this disease has not been cured, and over 40 million people in the world today are affected. I use my talent, my art to help. Art Rage Us II is an art show that 50% of the sale of the art goes to The Resource Center of Dallas. Please attend, please bring your checkbook.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and to explore my art. This is my way of helping and making a difference.

Please remember that today is also a day to remember all of the other artists that are not with us today because of their untimely deaths from AIDS.

Please think about what the world would be like if it was a world without Art and Artists. Better Yet Imagine A World Without AIDS.

An HIV+ Artist
William H. Miller

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Giving Thanks

Today was a day to give thanks to my friends, my family, my life, and my art.

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No Day But Today

I Can't Control My Destiny
I Trust My Soul
My Only Goal
Is Just - To Be
There's Only Now
There's Only Here
Give In To Love
Or Live In Fear
No Other Path
No Other Way
No Day But Today

Tuesday, November 22, 2005



The color of the canvas of your life can be seen by others and reflects those whom you chosen to allow to collaborate in the daily thoughts, activities, and rituals of your life.

Share the paint.

Share the joy.

Share the color.

Share the art.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Imagine Peace

Created this image today for the Hibernia Dental Arts show. This is the digital art piece that I created. I then printed it out on canvas, and embellished it with acrylic paints. I have had several different ideas, some more radical and activist ideas, but then just started playing with the color and that the vision of peace is something that must be imagined. Once you start imagining it you can make it real. This is very much the way I am approaching my art at the moment, taking the time to become one with it. Listening to that inner voice that is telling me which color to pick next, what to do with it, trying to pull an feeling or emotion out of color, texture, forms lying on a canvas or on a computer.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Framing Directions

Today was another day to be proud. Somedays you just have to keep moving in the right direction even when you think everything is against you. Today I continued to move in that direction, and when I did, I was productive, cash flowed in, opportunities knocked, and I felt happy, healthy and strong.

This piece was created today, I am experimenting with color combinations of items that may be in people's homes. I think that if I can create some digital art pieces using colors that people find comforting, then they make want pieces like this in their homes to access them. I can also use these as digital sketches for paintings I do.

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Art for the Eye

Just another productive day.
I was proud of what I did today.
Creating this piece with overlapping pieces. Would make for an interesting painting.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hands Of Pace

Created this image from a photo of my hands that were covered in drying paint. Jim Frederick and I had finished working on our joint work of art for our 2nd Annual P.A.C.E. Art Showcase which will be held in December.
This photo is representative of the very struggle that I try to solve --- that of the physical painting world and the non-physical digital world and the journey back and forward between them.

I was struck today by a piece I read in Keith Haring's journals -- he talked about creating art in the information age and how even his work was already on t-shirts across the world before he had even created them himself. In many ways my putting my digital art on this blog is an act of faith because who knows who in the world may be viewing this art and taking it for their own use somewhere in the world. It may be interesting for me to watch and see where this digital path leads me in the world.

For those of you interested. The is our logo for P.A.C.E.
P.A.C.E. is an acronym --- it means
Positive Attitudes Change Everything.
The logo to me represents the transformation you can have as an individual when you use positive attitude. This was something Jim had worked on, and then I helped with resurrect and we used it last year to talk about our own art struggles and pursuits. We both realized that it was when we used our Positive Attitudes, and held onto them even during tough times, and when we reminded each other of them when we hit rough patches of self-doubt --- that indeed things changed usually for the best. You can go at your own pace but it needs to be positive and things will work out. This has been a rough year for me. I have been unemployed, but I have been creating art. I have had health issues, but I have not been sick. I have been down, but then my friends and family bring me back up. Everytime you start to think positive - little miracles occur and change everything. I have been lucky to know and meet Jim - we are good friends who challenge each other to be the best not only as artists, but as citizens of the human race. Trying to support each other through trying times, to be better people giving back to our community, that that Katrina aid, SPCA, AIDS Resource Center or just buying a friend a cup of coffee.

In the words of Heather Small's song PROUD and Oprah's new campaign of "What Have You Done Today?" --- keeping up the P.A.C.E. is something Jim and I are both proud of. Hopefully by sharing P.A.C.E. and spreading on the internet and across the world --- we will see things change for the positive. Please leave comments about how P.A.C.E. has effected your life.

Did we mention the PACE is PEACE in Italian?

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P.A.C.E. and Positive Attitudes Change Everything Copyright 2004 Jim Frederick and William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

This is the invitation to the 2nd Annual P.A.C.E. art showcase - hope you can come --- please mention that you saw it on this blog.

No Point

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