Tuesday, May 30, 2006


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Monday, May 29, 2006

Sacred Path

I created an acrylic diptych painting which I called "Sacred Path". Recently I created this digital image where I used digital image of the painting and several computer programs to create this digital version of the sacred path. I am trying to decide what size I will be printig this out. I think I would like to submit it to Dallas Contemporary for the members show.

I had a great and productive weekend. Painting at The Urban Blossom, both on Saturday and Monday, with fellow art patrol artist, Jim Frederick. It was great weather, and I got down some smaller abstract paintings which I hope to sell at the Urban Blossom.

It is so great to be on the sacred path, my path.

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m day

Happy Memorial Day

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Painting at the Blossom

Pictures to come

Friday, May 26, 2006

Beaver Falls

Made this fun visual for Ann & Laura's new pool opening!

They are back from Greece, friends Jeffery & Steven are in from Houston, Maggie and Val are no longer under my care. Now I am watching Sammy (Jack's Dog) and getting back to work on my business plans.

Painting at The Urban Blossom on Saturday in Addison.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Contemporary Art Condo

Opportunity finds art in the strangest of places.

As an emerging artist, you must be creative to reach audiences that you may not normally reach. One good place is with realtors and developers who want to show potential buyers what their place can look like.

That is why I am showing with Jim Frederick at a condo developed by Alex Remington located on Turtle Creek.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Answer My Friend

Happy 65th Birthday Bob!

Working today, creating today, finding today.

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P.S. Happy Birthday, Karen! Happy Birthday, Scott Frelick!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Daily Routine

Today was somewhat routine.
Woke early, went to a meeting that was supposed to be a networking meeting at 7:30 am - no one was there...so send the leader and email, still to hear what happened. Then worked on email and sending out invites for this Thursday's show. Then went to the Dentist. These are pictures of my feet and my face with the mask on getting the laughing gas as they refilled two of my cavities.

You think crazy thoughts when under the gas. Afterwards I spent time with the dogs I am watching and resting my numb jaw.

It made me think that we get into our routine, while thousands of miles away, friends are doing their routine for themselves, their families, and their country.

This is one picture of my friend Robert in his "rattle" battle wear. Makes you realize that you how numb you can become to routine when you have friends somewhere else in the world experiencing something so different then you.

Makes me even more sure that I need to follow my passion. While resting I heard a quote that Gloria Vanderbuilt told her son Anderson Cooper on his graduation from college - "Follow Your Bliss", he said he did not know for a few years what that was, but now he does. I think I have found my bliss as well, and am going to follow that with a passion.

Just as I know my friend, Robert is following his heart in doing what he needs to do in Iraq. I may not always agree with him, but I can not deny him from following his inner voice.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

It was a Billy Day

I spent most of Sunday on the couch. Still exhausted from a busy week and weekend. I watched the History channel and soaked up the information regarding DaVinci, The Knights Templar, The Masons, and much more. Finally ventured out to Warrren's house to have a pot luck dinner and watch the finale of Desperate Housewives. Then home to watch more DaVinci.

Today will be a busy day as well, rehanging art at two places, and getting ready for the show this Thursday.

And if all goes well maybe a break in the afternoon to see the DaVinci Code.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Italian Villa

Italian Villa
Acrylic on Canvas

Mckinney Was Hot!

Jim Frederick and I painted as Art Patrol at the McKinney, TX Main Street Art Festival today. It was a great day, but boy was it HOT HOT HOT. Jim painted in front of the Antique Mall and I was paired up with the Herby's Soda Fountain next store.

We had lots of people stop bye and chat, and like our art but no buyers this time. Jim sold a few cards and we both worked on a few paintings.

One good thing was I got my commissioned piece for Scott Bloomer done! Here are some pictures of me actually working on the piece, a expressionistic piece of a italian villa on the countryside. I worked with colors that will work well with in Scott's home. Sorry Scott that it took me this long to finish it, but after one more coat of varnish it will be having a new home, YOURS! Thanks Art Circle for having put this on my accountability list. I finished it ahead of next Thursday's deadline.

Now I am finishing the blog for today. Donating a piece of art for the FMPAT (Flower Mound Performing Arts Theatre) Fundraiser which gets picked up today. Also going to take it easy tonight and just relax, a nice shower, swim in the pool, a good dinner, a movie and then bed! Ahhhh.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Art Circles

I created this image based on one of my first digital pieces called "Spiritual Circles". I thought I needed to revisit that and create something new, just as I did today by becoming part of one Alyson Stanfield's artist marketing and professional development groups called Art Circles.

I am very excited about setting my goals and taking on life and the world as a full time artist.

Lots of busy things happening - entering the LACDA digital art contest, participating in a charity fundraiser for Highland Park High School, painting in public at the McKinney, TX Main Street Arts Festival on Saturday, next Thursday showing my art along side Jim Frederick in a Contemporary Condo Art Party on Turtle Creek in Dallas, and of course doing all of this while doing various graphic design work for clients in and around Dallas.

The artists' in my group are wonderful and you should check out their websites:

Katherine Greene - Glen Ellen, California
David Castle - Denver, Colorado
and yet to meet -
Vered Galor - Loveland, Colorado

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In a good place

God must have something better planned for me.

This is one of the many "coincidences" that happened to me today. As I focus, really focus on my "big dreams", little things start to happen that can not be ignored that the Universe or God is listening and helping my dreams to be reality.

These pictures are from my Wednesday night "Healing through images of God and Ourselves" - Visual Arts Class. Each week one of the students begins the class with an Artist's Prayer that they have wrote. In this class, Susan, decided that we should create our prayers and string them together. It was a great way of sharing and connecting with each other. We had a new person - Jennifer - in the class that night and she was returning to Minneapolis, so we encouraged her to take the prayer chain with her.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

310 Beaver Falls

These are pictures of my friends Ann & Laura's new pool complete with Waterfalls and Cave. A bunch of us guys named their new pool - Beaver Falls!

This is a picture I took behind the falls looking out. Very tricky to get inside without getting wet!

This is a holder for entry number 310. This is the number of posts that I have done since I started --- wow almost a year.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Road Ahead and Behind

It has been a busy weekend and past few days. I am in a phase where I am taking a hard look at where I am and where I am going. I know that there are many different roads ahead that I can take but which is the right one for me?

I have not been blogging recently because of time constraints and access to my computer. But that does not mean I am not creating and doing what I love to do.

I am reading the signs, checking the map, and have my seatbeat buckled as I drive into unseen territory.

Is this code? Maybe. More metaphor...more life... one I plan on living!

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hi Mom

Happy Mothers Day

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Please check back

Good Stuff is on the way!! A great day and weekend, very productive and busy. More pictures to come.

This is a test

This is a placeholder for info to come.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Digital Summertime

I created this digital art image from a acrylic and oil pastel painting that I did. I had someone interested in it but they wanted the colors toned down, as well as then wanted something more horizontal then square.

Mom & Dad left today.
Harry came by to do digital prints.
Interviewed this evening.
and had coffee with the gang at Starbucks.

A good day.

Goodnight Karen, Armando, Burt, Jack, Jim, Mom, Dad, Mark, Pa Fred, Ma Fred, Seth, and all my other blog readers!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I served and have been served

Today I did my civic duty and went to jury duty. My case was dismissed so I was told I did my duty and was let go for the day. I was able to see the hanging of the birthday surprise for my friend, Kevin that Scott bought for him many months ago as a secret. The gift was the painting called "Collaboration P.A.C.E." which Jim Frederick and I did together.

Then Mom & Dad and I had coffee at the diner "Angelas Cafe" - I took this picture which I call the Coffee Trinity.

Then I heard from fellow artist, Harry about doing some printing for him on my printer. I met with Jay regarding the signage designs. Donated a painting to the Turtle Creek Chorale fundraiser. Got a call for an interview tomorrow. Lots of art projects underway....go whim go.

Then I was able to enjoy Mom's home cooking of all my favorites - Rump Roast, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Beets, Broccoli, and Fresh Bread that Jim Frederick made for us. YUM YUM YUM... this is a picture of the Mac & Cheese my Mom made especially for Jim in his own little bowl. She wants to make sure he eats more, especially when he takes his medicine. And Drink Plenty of Fluids and get some rest so you can paint more boots.

Then we watched some TV, had some dessert and watched the movie Zathura before going to bed. Mom & Dad leave early tomorrow, seems like they just got here. It was a great visit and I hope they come here again. I will see them soon in Buffalo, NY in August.

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Monday, May 08, 2006


The creative process never ends.

We ate at Luckys, had a business meeting regarding printing reproductions of art, paid bills, got my car registration, inspection and oil change done, ate dinner at La Madeline with Patrick & Warren. Mom & Dad went shopping for food to cook tomorrow. While I am at Jury Duty tomorrow - Mom will cook me a home cooked meal.

I have been reading Jack Canfield's The Success Principles. Empower Yourself By Empowering Others.....you are never to small to make an impact.

"You want to set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it you become someone worth becoming." - Jim Rohn

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cottonwood Inwood

Started this "Happy Sunday" having breakfast at Cindy's, then going with Mom & Dad to the Cottonwood Art Festival. The show was filled with lots of great art. I met a artist from Oklahoma while I was admiring his work. He mentioned that he liked doing these types of shows becuase he found better success in selling his work than at galleries, he also enjoyed meeting the people that liked his work, and he had the opportunity to find other venues in other states to show & sell his work.

After a great day we returned home for a while and rested. We met Jim at the Inwood Theatre and he treated us to seeing "Akeelah and the bee". It is a wonderful and inspiring movie. Makes you want to grab a dictionary and start learning the power of words.

After the Inwood we went to the West Village and ate at the Village Burger Bar. We ran into Roberto on the street and he said "Happy Sunday" which was a phrase that my Dad had never heard before. Afterwhich we stopped at Borders and Dad bought me the copy of Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles" that I had been searching for. Now we are watching the shows of Desperate Housewives & Grey's Anatomy and writing the blog, while Mom reminds me to fast forward the Tivo when the commercials hit.

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Doing the Art Switchero

A busy day... up early... picked up art from the Water Tower Theatre "Out of the Loop" Festival which ended, then as Mom coined the phrase -- "Doing the Art Switchero", I was able to show them to Marcella at The Urban Blossom and she liked them, and hung them in her shop for sale. Ran into Ejay there, who was meeting Marcella to see her wonderful handmade greeting cards with her words --- her powerful words. I met her at the Upper Room and was amazed at the power and sensitivity behind her poetry.

Mom & Dad and I headed to breakfast at Cindy's New York Deli. While there we ran into Denise and her daughters Elizabeth and Rachel (aka Leezard and Tomato Head). Anyways, Rachel was in a play at Brookhaven Community College, so we decided to go see her in the matinee performance. She was great and I knew that she had a great singing voice, but never knew she had such talent for comedy! Bravo! She had a great character as Marion in Woody Allen's "Don't Drink The Water". Her hair stole the show and was a clear winner. I created this Quad to honor her and her vibrant performance.

Speaking of art, we also found time to stop by the VACD gallery and see some of the Art Group's work on display. It was great to see new works of friends.

After the play I did some quick errands on the way home, it was raining which lead me to take this picture of the rainbow in the parking lot. Mom kept looking for it in the sky becuase the sun was shining and the rain was coming down, but I saw it at my feet.

At home we rested and worked on the computer, then we ventured to Celebration for a great dinner. After dinner Mom & Dad watched the Yankee/Texas Rangers game and did crosswords, I worked on my signage for the Salon at the House on Fairmount. I am excited to show the owner my work, and get the commission to paint their sign.

After that I made popcorn for everyone and we watched the movie "CRASH" --- it truly grips me each time I see, no wonder it won Best Picture. Mom & Dad had not seen it, and it was interesting to get their take on the film.

Now I am blogging and getting ready to sleep in!

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Saturday, May 06, 2006


Charlie Rose and I showed our respective art at a show at Hibernia Dental Arts Gallery. It was great to meet him finally as I saw his work, and knew of him before actually meeting him.

The show was well attended, with lots of great people, and great food & drink provided by Pam & Mike. One piece sold at the show, and several people asked about pieces and may return. A big conversation was about printing several of the designs on fabric - seems that this idea is taking off on it's own. Keep checking in to see what stores carry my designs next year!

Mom & Dad Miller held court on the front porch of the gallery, meeting several of my Dallas friends. They heard lots of great stories and I am sure told a few stories themselves.

It was great to have them here and have them see my art. We spent the day traveling to various places in Oakcliff that showcase my art.

Besides the art being a big hit at the show, the M&M's with my name and "Digital Sweet" on them were a big hit. I joked with many people that my printer is so good that I printed them myself! The only way to go! Learn more here

After the show, Karen, Armando, Cliff, Jim, Jack, Mom, Dad and I went to Cafe Brazil for something to eat, and more stories. Fun Fun Fun --- still wondering what the end to Jack's story is???
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kids Eat Free

Today was a very busy and productive day, interview at the W hotel, dropping off art tags and bio at the gallery, last minute emails, last minute cleaning, a lunch with Jack, and then picking up my parents. Mom & Dad arrived on time, and we headed to the apt.

We met Steve, Jim and Patrick at the Blackeyed Pea for dinner. Stephanie was our waitress as well as a great sales agent for Jim's and my art at Grill 400. Mom joked that we were all her kids and did we get to eat free. Well we did eat Free thanks to Dad picking up the check - everyone was like great lets do this again< tomorrow! We had lots of fun and great laughs. Afterwards we ran into Mike and Burt ! Mike is interested in buying the Summertime painting, so I will be bringing that by so he can see it. We relaxed at home watching old shows that were Tivo'd, talked with my brother Mark who is feeling much better, answered emails, and got ready for tomorrow. Created this image from the pictures of our food, playing with textures, colors and patterns --- now I just need the right fabric so we can make textiles! Here is to great weather and a great show tomorrow evening.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Abstract Laundry

I did alot of cleaning and laundry today. But the inspiration of the three bags of clothes that I will be donating to the Gensis Shelter inspired me to create this abstract. Somehow the structure shapes with the amorphic colors appeals to me. Also like my other pieces it contains the bright primary colors with the greys and blacks. I call it "Abstract Laundry"...of course many people will read into what that title actually means and they should.

We had a restful class tonight - just drawing - kind of a prayful mediation night. Then to the after party for the M Streets Lakewood Artist Studio Tour at the Dahlia Wood's Gallery , it was great to meet all the artists, and talk about the tour. She also made a great cake for dessert from scratch.

Mando pictured here getting me a refill of iced coffee at our Wenesday evening Starbucks. Of course, Karen, I know you are searching for your name here. You were missed. Burt, Jim, Mando & I carried on until we were kicked out becuase they closed.

Great Day! and a great surprise for me and my Mom & Dad from Jim. Thanks.

Mom & Dad if you read this before you leave - safe travels! Can not wait to see you. We will be doing dinner shortly after you arrive.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Arch Support

Created this image based on some arch canvas work that I am helping my friend Jim with. Today was a day of errands - pay bills, laundry,the bank, the post office, more laundry, work on the computer, cleaning, did I say laundry?... had lunch with myself at my place "Cindys" used one of the gift certificates I got for my birthday (Thanks Tim & Rob) and spied Jack E Jett... I was on Q television with him once. It reminded me that he wanted me to do his photo portrait, but never called, so I need to find his card and follow up. Watched the Dynasty reunion tonight although it was fun watching the clips - watching the actual actors rememinisce was hard to watch and an hour of my life I won't get back. Good thing I had some chocolate cake to eat that Tommy & Rich brought me, and laundry to do! Well lots of things cooking this month - Art Patrol is taking off, and excited about seeing it do that.

More cleaning and laundry tomorrow - it will be an exciting blog --- maybe I can make art out of it somehow.

Mary Poppins said "In every job there is to be done, find the fun, and 'Snap' the job's a game!"

BTW - Brother Mark was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, at least now they can give him some drugs and treatment so he is not so incapacitated. Get Better Bro.

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Monday, May 01, 2006


It was a great and busy few days. I am sorry that my busi-ness has kept me from blogging. The M Streets Tour was great! A steady flow of people both days, accept for a early morning rain on Sat. the weather was excellent. Met great people, talked about the digital process of my art, demonstrated it on my "mini" studio which consisted of a laptop with the programs I use, a small wacom tablet with pen & mouse controls, and a folding table. It was great to use what little downtime I had creating, and the other meeting people who appreciated my images, use of color, and technique. One work of art sold at the tour, and many took my information and mentioned that they would be in touch. I hope they also come to the "Digital Translations" show at the Hibernia Dental Arts Gallery this Friday. I hung the show today and it looks great in the space.

After the tour, the organizers Jim and Silvia, and their friends (of which I am proud to be one) celebrated the 1st of what I hope is many more tours at Snookies! You got to love those cheddar fries and fried pickles!

My friend, Michael left today and got home safe to Buffalo. Studio Boy as he was nicknamed was a great help to us with tasks that at times overwhelmed us, as we tried to also do them and greet the many visitors to the tour. He did not have to work the entire time, but was entertained by going on the tour with Armando, painting with him, having Lunch with Patrick and BDB, and then "working it" into the early hours each night at the dance floor.

All and All, Mike and I relived our college days and talked about lots of things that best friends do.

Armando did not have cash, so I added in money when the bill came for him (I have been told that he used this techique often and gets free coffee - I have no cash!) --- so when we get together for coffee later in the evening on Wednesday - it is all on Armando! I am sure he is somehow managing to get free coupons from the Starbucks website!

Lastly --- PH and Steve got a little "Quevil" on me when I forgot to call them about dinner on Saturday night. All now is forgiven and we laughed over the evil techiques we used to "Guilt" each other into feeling embarrassed and bad about the mishap. But in stroke of good luck - the cell phone message of me throwing up is gone from Jim Frederick's cell phone (probably from over use listening to it) and I captured this picture of PH --- I call it "preeetty"!

Here is to my brother getting the results from the tests he will undergo tomorrow that he needs to help him get better, and get rid of the pain and swelling in his joints that has been making an old man out of him way before his time. You are in my thoughts brother. XX00.

Tomorrow is a day to prepare for the visit of my folks who arrive on Thursday. I am getting excited about having them see my place, meet my friends, and see my art.

And these glasses where found! Mike should I be Quevil and put them on eBay? or just send them to you.

And one more thing before I go.
I did not go to the Invisible Children rally/protest/silent march Global Night Commute --- but some of my friends did. I was there in spirit and will take time to create my own art, and send a letter to my senators and The President regarding this. It must stop. You can read about it at these blogs - Carrissa Byers , SarahJane , others , and more .
When you read these, you can not deny that you were not aware, when you read these you can not just do nothing because it the larger sense if it were you, and your children what would you do? Write a letter, send a check, pay attention, call the White House - but do not let this go.

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