Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Power of Water

The Power of Water

Water flows through us, it accounts for 90 percent of our bodies, it is highly receptitive to electrical currents, and even thoughts. I am reminded constantly of the scene in "What The Bleep Do We Know" where the voice says if our thoughts can do that to water imagine what they are doing to ourselves. Today was a challenging day to control that inner voice. The voices of doubt, of insecurity, of failure, of self-loathing - trying to not listen to these voices, and combat them with the thoughts of self-belief, self-sense, self-success, self-love. Creating art helps in the battle of thoughts. When I created this piece, a bit a magic happened, I am not sure if everyone can see it, but I do --- can you see the Water God?
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Coffee Break

This image was created from a picture I took at the diner over a cup of coffee. Today was somewhat of a coffee break day for me. I took time out for myself to re-evaluate my art, where I want my art to go, and the themes I want to explore with my art. At it's simplest form the coffee cup is reflection of light. Collaged together it forms a relationship. It is up to the viewer to determine what that relationship is. Is it spiritual? Is it physical? Is it spacial?

Simple Cup of Coffee

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


What is potpourri?

The dictionary says
n. pl. pot·pour·ris
A combination of incongruous things: “In the minds of many, the real and imagined causes for Russia's defeats quickly mingled into a potpourri of terrible fears” (W. Bruce Lincoln).
A miscellaneous anthology or collection: a potpourri of short stories and humorous verse.
A mixture of dried flower petals and spices used to scent the air.

This painting which is 36"x36" is titled "Potpourri". It started as a digital collage on canvas of a potpourri collection of dead flowers that I have in a bowl. After the inital layers of painting I was not happy with the overall design. So the creative, spontaneous part of me quickly started adding white, black, light yellow, light pink drips of paint across the entire canvas --- then smearing some of it as it dried to create this overall effect. I like the vitality the painting now has, the mystery behind the paint, and that in combining digital and painting I am closer to bringing my two art worlds together. This is the start of a potpourri series of paintings that will combine both the digital world and the world of paint that I use to express myself as an artist.
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Monday, June 27, 2005

New Year, New Art, New Ride

This is a note to all of my supporters over the past few years in the Lone Star Ride. First of all I want to thank each of you for your past donations, and once again I have commited myself to ride in this year's Lone Star Ride 2005.

For me this year has been devoted to art. So in keeping I have created a limited edition archival inkjet print on canvas called "Lone Star Sunrise". In this the Fifth Year of the Lone Star Ride to reach my fundraising goal of $5,000 -- I will be giving donators on a first come first serve basis print copies. I have limited the edition to 50 prints, each print is printed on a 8.5"x11" piece of canvas, the print comes unframed and unmatted, each print is signed and numbered.

For a donation of:
$250 or more --- you can choose a number edition (if available) between 2 and 50
$100 or more --- you can choose a numbered edition (if available) between 11 and 50
$50 or more --- you can choose a numbered edition (if available) between 21 and 50
$20 or more --- you can choose a numbered edition (if available between 31 and 50.

Now many of you are probably asking yourself, but I want number "1" --- well that can be yours if you are the highest silent bidder. The bidding has already started and it is at $250.00. If interested, please send me your bid and I will add you to the bidders distribution list for updated bids.

Attached is the image which I call "Lone Star Sunrise", it was created using actual pictures that I have taken on the ride, as well as using Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher and Picture It, and Corel Canvas Painter IX. The image to me represents what is in the hearts and minds of each rider as we set out on the 175 mile bike ride from Fort Worth, through Texas returning to Dallas --- you will notice the riders, the red ribbon, the star, and the sunrise. I chose sunrise as a vision of hope that each rider and crew member feels as the set out on the ride, hopes of past riders & crew, hopes of past loved ones, hopes of a cure, hopes of a vaccine, hopes of more funding, hopes of more tolerance, hopes of educating others to help erraticate and prevent this disease from spreading --- and the STAR off in the horizon, that each participant becomes when we reach that goal.

Please consider being a participant with me by giving a donation to the Lone Star Ride in my name for this ride.

You can donate online at --- just enter my name as ther rider you are donating for - Billy Miller. For your information I am Rider #100. You can also send the money directly to me in the form of a check - address the check to Lone Star Ride 2005. Please email me with your pledge and choice of print number (if available) - if you do not care, I will send you the lowest number available at the time of your donation. Please contact me if you make a donation online so I can track it.

Thank you ahead of time for your support -


Billy Miller
PO Box 7730
Dallas, Texas 75209

Note: Attached image contains Copyright Notice --- this watermark will not be on the prints recieved.
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Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Diverse Forest

Trees are a wonderful things.
Friends are wonderful people.
Being Sunday, it is a great day to take a breath or two, relax and appreciate the little things we take for granted. Like the oxygen we breath --- Like the trees that help replenish it, like the beauty of the color green --- trees provide many colors of green for our eyes and multiple colors each fall. Like a sense of the familiar, strong and secure --- trees slowly watch us and grow adding rings to their trunks as we add days and years too our lives. You never get to see the roots of a person unless you spend the time to dig them up. But if you take the time to get to know a persons roots, and you handle them with care, keeping them covered with moist ground, they will grow and thrive and they will come to provide comfort and shade for you when you need it most. That is what my friends are to me. I want to say that I appreciate the oxygen and spirit that they provide me. I love to live in a beautiful diverse forest of friendships.
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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Beauty Other Miss

This drawing is an computer altered drawing from one that I did when I was in high school. I recently found a literary magazine that this drawing and a poem that I wrote to go with it.

Joy for seeing the beauty others miss
Wisdom in the smile that overpowers gloom
But mostly love, in the caring person you are,
Even when no one is looking

Strange to see these words and drawing originally written and drawn by me in 1974, some thirty-one years ago. I hope that I can retap into that passion and innocence that I once had.
Copyright 1974/2005 William H. Miller - All Rights Reserved

Friday, June 24, 2005

Living Art

Tonight will bring an interesting event. I am showing some of my art at the Dallas Eagle. The Eagle is a leather bar, and this event called "Living Art" is for charity. This new venue I hope exposes my art to a new group of art lovers. The photo with this post is one of the digital art prints that I have included in the show. It is called "Temptation" and is a limited edition of 10 archival inkjet prints. It is available for purchase if anyone out there is interested - $195.00 + shipping contact me if interested. Temptation is intentionally erotic, it does not have blatant sexuality but has enough to give you the feel of temptation. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is to this piece by the patrons of the Dallas Eagle.
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Do Dandelions Die?

I have not been very good at blogging regularly, but will vow to try to do better. The past few weeks have been very busy with lots of work on my art and my inner self. A few films that I have seen that have effected me are: Crash, Motorcycle Diaries, Monsieur Ibrahim. In addition I have been reading the following books: The Brief History of Everything; by Ken Wilber, Was; by Goeff Ryman. I have had the pleasure to be challenged in my artwork by my fellow artist friends - we call it the art group and each week we have a different title in which we explore our interpretations of the titles in our own expressive ways. I have been trying to find my inner voice in my digital work. Becoming comfortable with the software programs that allow me to organize, collage, blend, paint, layer and express my thoughts. Death is our next topic. What is death? Is it nothing more than a process? Is death the opposite of life? Is Death just a portal to a new connection to the mystery we live in? In life, we have living? but in death do we have dying? Or is death, just the end? Or is it more like the dandelion, with pending death releases its seeds to fly to other parts of the universe to create and continue life?
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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Creation Crazy

Today was an extremely busy day --- printing digital pieces, framing them, organizing paintings, making art tags, and perparing for my show at the Circle Theatre in Fort Worth....phew....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Spirit Is Everywhere If You Look --- this picture is very interesting to me, it was taken in Dallas, TX - not only can you see an image of a white light spirit, but between the figures you can make out and image that is yellow-reddish body with greyish wings....
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