Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hands and Paces

These are a shot of my hands from last year's P.A.C.E. creation --- need reminding? Positive Attitudes Change Everything.
Going to be painting LIVE and IN PERSON and being filmed in the process by Art Channel Galleries on Friday, June 1st in Dallas, TX at an event called ART RAVE at the Centrum sponsored by the Turtle Creek Athletic Club - 7-11pm -- with music, food, charity auctions, and more.
So this picture reminds me of where I have been and where I am going and to try and savor the experiences along the way.
It is fun for me to see where my artistic friends are going with their art and creative endevours. I have friends who are teachers, poets, artists, painters, photographers, film makers, and more.... this is a great life.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It is amazing that you can spend hours, days and even weeks and months working on digital pieces. The journey that these images take are interesting travels of the subconscious. In recent meditations I have been listening to some music that is supposed to expand your creativity.

I began working using my new Canvas painter and a new brush called the furry brush. Then using color and blending, and drawing and basically experimenting and playing I created an image I call "Landing" --- that piece is at the end of this blog. However, I thought I would show you the process.

I might say the process is like progress. You try one brush, or one effect and then move to the next never really knowing where it will lead you. Like this step which reminds me of a moth's wing. I am sure that I could keep working and working --- traveling so to speak - but I reached the final destination for today, and this was the landing point.

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Monday, May 28, 2007


Memorial Day

As we think of those that have sacifriced their lives for this country and this war - thank them for doing what we trained them to do.

and as we thank them. Let's try and protect them.

They should have better pay, they should have better benefits, they should have the best equipment. And most off all we need to protect them with our vote.

Political Descent is not unpatriotic, it was what this country was founded on, and what we fought for the right to have.

And as I take a moment to thank those in uniform.

I leave you with a comment about 9/11 - (the reason to justify this war)
more people died that day from AIDS in the world, then died due to that attack. If we were as outraged by that as much and spent the TRILLIONs of dollars we have spent on this unnecessary war - imagine what an impact we would have on PEACE on the world.

Think PEACE.
Visualize the END of AIDS.
and be grateful for those who have fought to give "me" and you the right to say this.

Friday, May 25, 2007

just doing

Experimenting with the computer can be fun.

Congrats to Jim on sending all his new paintings to Atlanta for his upcoming show.

just doing

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Can be found in the simple things.
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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Created this piece based on the word "empathy"...

hung out today at the Houston Coffee Shop called Inversion on Montrose, next door to the Texas Art Supply.

Met with another artist from Winter Street to work on a project to get some International Artists who do film and digital art come to the US for a show.... this is the business side of art. Might be resurrecting Digital Artist Alertnative to use for this project --- we will see.

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waiting 4 more


Thursday, May 17, 2007

RE: Connecting

I had the chance today to reconnect with some old friends today and some new ones. I had reconnected with an artist that I met in NJ some 17 years ago - I met her (Sally Stubbs) when she had her first solo show of her abstract floral photo prints. You can see some of the art on her website -

I also met up with my artist friend, Todd Partridge, after returning some bubble wrap he stored in my studio space - he visited my home and digital studio/gallery. We had a glass of wine at the Corkscrew at the corner.

And my friend PH was visiting for work and we were able to get together after dinner and I gave him the tour of the two studios and the house. Also took him to see "The Big Heads" --- he almost got snorted up by Abe!

And I have spent some time creating some new digital work. This is an example. Getting my self warmed up for some commission work that I have and an opportunity that you will hear more about me painting in public and on TV for the Art Channel Galleries on June 1st in Dallas.

Hard to believe that so much time has already past.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Take it,
Feel it,
Pass it on.

Monday, May 14, 2007


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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Second Saturday's Glaborous Recline

The painting "Glaborous Recline" done in 2005 based on my trip to Italy, now has a new happy home in Houston. It was sold today to a gentleman who visited the first of what will be many "Second Saturdays" - an open studios at Winter Street Studios.

This is a red dot that I created to draw attention to the three artists at the end of our hall. John Todd Partridge and Van McFarland are amazing artists that I share the end of the hallway with and are active participants in the 2nd Sats.

It was a busy day for creating - this is a digital piece I created from some photos I snapped while I improvised making "red dots" from colored dots and spray paint.

I finished two paintings --- now I just need to title them.
Any ideas for titles will be greatly appreciated.

This is a digital piece that I created from photos I took at the YES Prepatory's fundraiser for Ghana.
Plenty of art events coming up this summer.
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

A lot can happen in a week

I was gone to Toronto for my corporate job as an Online Marketing Manager for Direct Energy. I was there to with the team of people on the North American Web Project Team to compete for the company's Platinum Award for Teamwork and Collaboration. Each team must do a skit of their achievements. Ours was the basketball team - The Direct Energy Webtrotters - and I was the sportscaster "HowWeb GrowsSales" - and no that is not my real hair! (I know some evil queens are thinking otherwise!)
I created this image from some photographs I took during the dinner's entertainment from Cirque Du Solie. The theme was inspire.
I also took this photograph at the event which was held at Liberty Grand in Toronto. The night was truly top notch.
At the end of the evening, just like the Oscars - they review the nominations - 125 narrowed down to 25 (5 in each category) and then a winner!
As you can see here - one of my teammates, David - holding the Platinum Award - which are team took home that night for winning our category.
I was able to go to see my Parents for a day after that weekend. I took this picture of some flowers in the front flower bed. They reminded me of blue bonnets, although I was told they were not.
I had a great chance to visit with my Parents, and my friend Michael, and this time I even was blessed enough to visit the Harris Family. Even though we only had 30 minutes before I headed back to Toronto - we had a great visit. The girls are getting so big and so full of their own personalities. It is such a happy family with so much love. They introduced me to a new thing called - GeoBugs... little devices that you can track if you have one of these GPS systems, you bury them, log on to a computer and then track who finds them and where to do they go.
Back in Toronto - with time to take in the sights and take some unique pictures.....
It may be hard to make out in this picture - but across the street is a sign of a picture of a fire hydrant, directly across from the real hydrant.

Holding Hands
always nice to see.
(doctored to be more painted like)

This picture was taken to honor my friend, Sarah Jane. "Night Bike Rider" - notice the feet standing on the shadows of the bike.

This picture I call "Visualize Peace" - graffiti and posted bills shot.

And finally with Mother's Day upon us this weekend - this is so appropraite!

P.S. - to all my artist friends, poet friends, and just friends - keep doing what you are doing becuase it is all amazing.
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