Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Foot Muse

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. I created a digital art piece once before from a photo of a friend's new shoes. In my holiday card this year I wished that Santa brought them a new pair... and this photo of shoes arrived in my email box... and as I listened to my ipod inspiration and my computer brain took over the shapes of this photo to create the new piece. A great way to work at the end of 2008. Now I need to sleep and dream of new digital art pieces for 2009.

Copyright 2008 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time Flies

Can not believe that my time in Myrtle Beach has come to an end. In the early morning hours, I will head to the airport for my flight to Houston via Atlanta. If all goes well and uneventful I will be in Htown by noon. Today we saw "Seven Pounds", framed and hung numerous pieces of art. The cowboy boot by Jim Frederick, the artwork from my mom, my Dad's hole in one certificate, some of my digital prints, and some of the art collected in their cruises around the world. The week was filled with great home cooked meals of roasted pork loin and turkey... stuffing, potatoes, green beans, beets, and top it off with Christmas cookies and pecan pie and ice cream. Well signing off for now.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


"Some days we forget, to look around us, some days we can't see, the joy that surrounds us. So caught up inside ourselves, we take when we should give.

So for tonight we pray for what we know can be. And on this day we hope for what we still can't see. it's up to us to be the change, and even though we all can still do more, there's so much to be thankful for."

This was part of a song that was sung at the community theatre Holiday production in Conway, SC. It was really good and the words are very inspiring. Prayers to Karen for safe passage to Houston on her drive this week. Happy Birthday to Seth. Merry Christmas to all my friends and family spread across the globe.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Holidays in Myrtle Beach, SC

The Miller's have a routine - breakfast at the Omega Pancake house. All the staff know Mom & Dad, and they know their usual orders. I was welcomed as the boy from Texas.
The snowglobe is from the flowers sent to Mom & Dad to start the Holiday Season. Now I have time to rest, and do the usual Christmas routine - Addressing my holiday cards, and update my address book. I got news also, that my friend, Karen, has gotten an assignment in Houston and will be my neighbor for a number of months. I am very excited, and she is moving here on the same day I did two years ago - must be good Karma!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What?! SNOW in Houston!

It was a very rarely and fleeting sight that we had snow flurries in Houston tonight! December 10th, 2008 around 6pm we have had a few hours of snow. Enough to catch on your tongue! Once it hits the street or the car it melts. But it was a nice reminder of the season!

New Homes for New Art

Attached are photos of artwork that now has new homes with individuals who live in Houston and Dallas.

The Triptych to the left is now in a great home in Dallas, owned by David H.

This is now owned by RQ in oakcliff part of Dallas.

Chris & Lisa are enjoying their commissioned piece with some wine, a pet barking at some watermelon in the Woodlands, TX.

This great couple owns the piece called Motel Memory in their Houston home.

And the symbolic Red Dot is now in a new home as well in Houston.

Good Memories

This is an amazing photo that I took while I was away for Thanksgiving in Florida. It was one of those moments. To be able to capture such a smal creature in such great detail.

This is a picture of how I used the Painted Umbrella that I got from jim when I moved to Houston. It was used for a backdrop of the food table for the Art Chatter group I hosted at my home. (It was also good at hiding boxes of junk!)

This is my tree this year, small and practical, and blue glowing lights and blue balls!
Finally the evening at Art Conspiracy -- Auction Auction Auction --- so much fun!

A co-worker and his wife, and their friend joined Armando and his cousins and I for the evening and they really got into the art buying. Here I captured one such high bid! Who knew they were artists themselves. Lots of cool people! Lots of great art.


On December 5th, it was another yearm the fourth actually for Art Conspiracy. Artist's gathered among their supplies and heaters in a semi open warehouse that was the staging area for the creation as well as the event.

Two Artist Knomes, not sure they are woodsmen, helped with the supplies, we never did catch their names. They were supposed to be welcome gifts for someone who shall no longer be named. But he had different plans and decided Dallas wasn't the right place for him.
Pictures of my P.A.C.E. art buddy, Jim looking great - not sure which I like better the piece of art or his art shirt! (To think someone tried to throw that away! Never!! That would be treason)
Jim is standing between his "I need a hand" painting and my Artist Soul painting (digital art on canvas with acrylic embellishments).
The afternoon ended with of all things a flat tire, and I am not talking about the beer. One Auto Rescue came and left because he could not find the crank to get the spare out. Leave that to handy lesbians - one came and quickly helped me. After two other trucks never showed, a nice fellow named Jack, (wearing a cool Billy Goat sweated hood shirt) changed the tire for me and I was on my way after three long hours in the cold. Nice friends, Al & Robb took Jim home so he could get warmed up and not wait for this to clear up. I topped the evening off with getting warm, comfort food from Cyndy's New York Deli!

Some great links of other artists that documented the event
and I was the proud owner of David Hopkins' created piece - here is a blog about his creation of the piece