Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Starbucks Wednesdays

Tonight we (Karen, Jim, Burt, Armando & I) met at Starbucks and visited. We had good talks, we laughed, we had pity parties, and we hugged.

Aunt Tiny reads the blog and she comments on it - it appears that new computer is paying off.

Jack & I had a nice lunch today.

Talked with Mom & Dad.

Family.... it comes in many forms.

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pain & Joy

The pain I feel is hard to explain. It cuts straight through my soul and into my heart. A piece of me, my existence, my life, my joy is missing. I am trying to use my art to explore this pain, the beautiful memories of my brother, his soul, my soul, our souls. When I create I feel connected.

It is hard to explain what it feels like to try and get back to some sense on normalcy when all you can see and feel is that everything has changed.

I want everyone to know that I am doing fine and dealing with this the only way I know how. Do not be overly concerned, as this blog, my art are helping me with my grief. Just as listening to music, looking through old pictures, talking with Mom & Dad, hearing from old friends who share their memories and stories of my brother, and yes, Laughter. My brother loved to laugh. I guess that is where is joy came from - that smile and that laugh.

On other notes - I visited today with Jack over lunch and with Rich over dinner - good food, good friends, and good conversations. Work kept me busy and I feel like I am getting back into the speed of things.

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

Sunday, August 27, 2006

In Mark's Honor

I created this digital art piece in honor of my brother, Mark who died unexpectedly, on August 7th, 2006. I tried to capture his essence, and since he loved sports the colors are bright much like that of Leroy Neiman.
Love your brother,The Digitalist.

I submitted this new digital work to the LACDA's exhibit SNAP TO THE GRID.

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Making & Sharing Memories

Today I worked. At my lunch I shared old memories with a co-worker at our old favorite place for Philly Cheesesteaks. Then I touched base for my friend, Jim - we shared memories of what art we have been making. Then I had dinner with friends, Nick & Cheryl. They recently suffered the loss of a family member, Nick's Dad. We shared dinner and memories. We talked about the flow of the universe, and how some things happened that were more than coincidental before and after the deaths of our family members. We talked about the importance of making memories and how you never know who's lives you may be effecting or touching.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Faith Is Where You Look For It

Lots of ways that you can use your art. Sometimes you never realize how and when your art will be needed. But it does play a role, and it does effect people, and it does inspire people.

I got a letter from a young woman writer who attended my show in North Tonawanda. She was so moved that she wrote poetry based on my art. I was moved and touched by this generous spirit.

I wrote Delilah of Radio Delilah tonight - she wanted to hear from people who had been inspired by others. I wrote about how my art teacher, Lorrie Maurino; my friend, Jim Frederick, and my brother Mark Miller - had inspired me and how through a twist a fate and a lifetime - they actually were all together one weekend becuase of my art. I will always keep these memories, feelings and inspirations close to my heart.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The North Pole

This is one picture of one of the slides from a family vacation - The Year 1968. I am in the red sweater and madris shorts, my brother is in the long black slacks -- we are at the North Pole. A tourist attraction we went too with our cousins who live in Vermont near Essex junction. This was such a fond memory, I remember sharing this with my friend, Jim on the journey we took to Western NY and back. It is amazing how you can use your memory to return to a place when you were a kid. I was 8, my brother 4... the North Pole seemed so large, and so cold -- of course we went on search of old Saint Nick and Mrs. Claus. (Sorry Armando).

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ph's Birthday Party

Alot of fun was had at PH's Birthday Party.

Mark would be proud

All for you my dear brother all for you!
I love you and miss you.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Billy, Bud, Dolly and Mark

These are collaged pictures of my brother. Jim Frederick helped the family by creating these with some decoupage and prints of my brothers photos. My brother had been working with my Dad on taking all the family photos and making them digital. It was a huge project but one that was so enjoyable to look back at the memories.

The road trip with Bud & Chester continued. Bud fell in love with Dolly! as we left Kentucky and entered Tennessee. Chester was all cracked up over it! (See Jim's Blog) - then we stopped in Graceland and Bud found memories of my Texas home!

The Bud settled in as I rested from the long drive. He partied on the mantle with my Art Knome.

Well back to getting into a routine, trying to get organized and get back on track.

Thanks for everyones thoughts, notes, cards, emails, and hugs.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jewel Quest

Sorry no blog today - playing Jewel Quest -
Thanks MaFred!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back in Dallas

Well I am back in Dallas - back to the 100 degrees + weather. The road trip was bittersweet with the untimely death of my brother Mark. Thank you to everyone who sent emails, cards, text messages, phone calls. One person whom deserves so much is my friend, Jim, who shared the experience with me, supported my family and me during this very difficult time. I love you, and I thank you. Now I must get back to business at hand, it is difficult, because I keep thinking of my brother. I know that he would tell me to do my best, so that is what I will do - I start work again tomorrow, I came home to some of the electrical equipment fried (Good thing I turned off all the computers), lots of mail and email to get through, and upcoming commitments regarding art shows and events to take care of. Already miss Mom & Dad, wish I could be there for them to help with the rest of the things that remain to be done at home. I am exhausted after two days of driving - very much enjoy to drive (much to Jim's dismay) --- I have pictures to blog.... it will take me some time so please check back and also check Jim's blog .

Love you all -

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Falls

More photos and Bud & Chester adventures tomorrow.

Digital Frontier

The artshow at Partners in Art Gallery in North Tonawanda was a great success, sold artwork, and great reunions with old friends.

Here are some of the pictures of the pieces in the show. The main piece of the show called "Abstract Niagara" was sold, as well as a few other pieces, and the show continues on through next Friday 8/11. The reception and open house were great. Check it out ! you still have time.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Enough Said

Jim woke us up at 5 am ...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Making Art From Tragedy

Bud & Chester joined Billy & Jim to visit Billy's Best Friend, Michael. Michael was in a tragic accident. On Sunday evening after a phone call with me, he decided to go out for a bike ride. During the ride he was hit by a car that came through a stop sign, and then drove away. He flew over the handbars and through the air and hit is shoulder and face. And NO he was not wearing a helmut. It could have been so much worst but he is bruised and has a broken clavicle.

After Bud & Chester gave some of their elfin magic love to Michael, they were offended that he was on the phone with work. So they headed for the door.

But once they got there, they looked up and wondered how can we open the door? So they came back and sat down and visited some more. They sneaked out when Billy & Jim finally left.

I created this piece of art which we named " Head over Handlebars" using pictures of the bruises, scabs, and injuries that Michael suffered from his bike hit and run. You never know how an artist can be inspired!

Check Jim's Blog for more adventures as well as check back here for more pictures of the show and more...

Chester, Bud and Art

After a great night of sleeping in and then knowing we were not jumping in the car to drive 8 hours. We headed for breakfast at Boulevard Restaurant for breakfast. Bud & Chester were big hits and check out Jim's blog for more pictures on that.

Then we headed to The Partners In Art Gallery to bring the work for the show. Bud & Chester loved meeting Joan & Glenna - all are excited about tomorrow's reception.
Outside of the gallery we ran into Roberta, an artist who is teaching at The Partners in Art studio. She invited us into her class to say hello and tell everyone about the show.
After leaving there we got gas ($3.09 a gl) and headed to Michael's home.

Saw this poster "The Jack Man" and thought of our friend, Jack, who had just called to say hi and see how things were going.

Bud is here in front of some art that I created last year when I was home.

The adventures continue at Michael's ....

Getting to Getzville

After passing through Pennsylvania and into New York and arriving at 122 Lyrae. Here is Bud at the home of the Millers.

Bud & Chester (Jim too!) were treated to the Buffalo's Best - Bocci Pizza (Best Pizza Anywhere!)and Chicken Wings (not as good as Duffs, but Jim needed to have a comparison).

Bud wanted to go for a ride in Mark's new PathFinder! No Chester, he is not posing to be a hood ornament.

The Boys hopped in the car with Mark, Mom, Jim and Billy and off to Andersons Ice Cream!

They has Chocolate Vanilla Twist custard and lemon ice, they were a big hit meeting many of the people from Western NY and invited them to the big Art Show!

Now they hang the show and have more fun looking at the sites.

More pictures on Chester's & Jim's Blog

Thinking of Virgil

We stopped for lunch in Geneva on the Lake, OH - and the boys stopped at Eddies for their famous fries and footlongs.

After the boys got done eating at the counter they joined us inside as we waited for our food.

They we took a nice drive along Lake Erie in Ohio, we stopped at Point Park in the city of Ashtarnia and watched the Bridge go up (we crossed over it later). Chester was off somewhere it said it was forbidden.
Bud was thinking of his friend Virgil and at times he wished that Chester had not left him behind.

More adventures to come...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bud's Blogging Tech Support

Last Night, Bud helped me with Blogging Tech Support as I struggled until 2 am to download the photos onto my blog.

Meanwhile Chester thought he was so "COOL" hanging out in the frig.
Chester finally atoned, while Jim was trying to figure out what room he was in (long story). So he read the good book (I am sure that Karen will enjoy that).

Bud took the first shift in driving, he did have a little trouble seeing over the dashboard.
The Bud was hiding at the bushes at the reststop somewhere in Ohio.

More fun adventures follow .... and are on Jim's Blog

Bud & Chester Continue Cross Country

Bud & Chester had so much fun Tuesday afternoon. They left Helen's to go visit to the St Louis Arch (see Jim's Blog) After which we entered Illinois, we stopped by the Welcome Center -- I think Chester scared the attendant as she refused Jim in allowing her picture to be taken with these cute guys.

Then we got hungry for lunch and we stopped at McDonald's in Vandalia, IL - Bud asked Megan for a picture and she agreed, then we went to the next window where Chester again scared the girl (Lisa) handing us the food and she refused to have her pciture taken. This is why Jim will not talk about what happened.

Then we heading east towards Indiana and at some point we crossed the time zone -- in one second and in one hour we went about one inch (thanks Seth the Einstein of Massachusetts for that!)

Then we entered Indiana - stopped at the welcome center, stopped at the Candle Shop (but it was closed at 7pm) - finally made it to the Hotel (see the Mother Daughter Check in Clerks on Jim's Blog) then we blogged and bedded down for the night.

Today was a great day for phone calls from the past. I talked with my high school Art teacher, Lorrie Maurino, who mentioned that Wendy Domster will also be in town, and then later a call from Debbie Petrious (Heintz) from Hgh School. So many great things..... check back for Wednesday's Adventures with Bud & Chester (and Jim!)....