Saturday, March 03, 2007

s A tu R day T houghts

Today is the unvailing of Jim Frederick's commissioned painting is hung on the wall of Burt Barber. I have not seen it yet, but am excited that it now has a new home. The painting has a story and I think when artists are friends, it is those stories that have as much life as the art itself.

I was thinking about the story and I was looking for a photo and I happened to find one of Jim thinking (it was from the Humanity Show last year) and it reminded me of a Warhol Self Portrait. I thought about how both Jim and Andy have influenced me, my thoughts and my art. So I created this double portrait of two artists that I admire and inspire me.

I also came across a picture of a note I wrote on my hand - "You can live a lifetime without being aware". After a little digital doodling, I posted it here. Today I spent many hours clearly out the room that is destined to become the Pink House Gallery, and putting more items into the Studio.

I also took an afternoon nap. It was wonderful and I even had a surprise called from "my boyfriend" Karen (inside joke).

Can not wait to see the finished painting -- I hope Jim posts it soon on his blog.

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