Monday, February 27, 2006

Out of the Loop

Out of the Loop Festival

Mark your calendars! Another show. It will be held at the WaterTower Theatre - this Thursday, March 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm --- hope you can make it.

another busy productive day, the weather is finally nice so I can begin to varnish my commissioned art. Busy week ahead, lots of things to reflect on as we enter lent. I have decided to try and walk each day for the next 40 days starting Wednesday, so Katy Trail here I come again!, anyone is welcome to join me.


Just a quick note, a question

Can you remember what things felt like when you were young.

I ran into some wonderful friends who reminded me - Robby, Dennis, Greg and my usual friends that I saw and talked with today --- Tim, Harry, Betty, Esmeralda, Julia, Rob, John, Chuck, PH, Steve, Ann, Laura, Pat, Jack, Armando, Cliff, Jim, Karen, Seth, Denise, Tommy, Michael, Burt, Ken, Jim, Glenn, Warren, and yes you.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today was a day of thoughts.

My day started with having breakfast with my friend, Denise Beene. She was the one who gave me the word which I worked with today. We had a great visit. It is so good to have friends that you can relax with, laugh, and be loved.

After breakfast I headed to WaterTower Theatre to drop off my artwork for the upcoming "Out of the Loop" festival. While there I noticed a postcard reminding me that Urban Blossom is located a block away. Urban Blossom is a great place for flowers, art and gifts. My friends, Jim Frederick and Greg Bergeron have their art there. I met Alex and mentioned I also was an artist, I proceed on his request to show him some of my art, he was impressed and suggested I meet with his wife, Marcella about showing my art in their shop.

After leaving the shop my thoughts were in a whirlwind. Then I got a call from Jim Lenss who I hope was able to enjoy my ticket to Toast To Life. I decided that I needed some "ME" time and was not going to attend the event. I am glad a friend could use the ticket.

Then I picked up my friend, Patrick Petillo, and we had lunch at the Loon, and went shopping at Dillards, and then finished it off with coffee at borders. We had great laughs and thoughtful conversations about how our job searchs are going.

Then I came home to work on my art, my blog, and more. Another thoughtful thing happened - a comment from Kelly, my blogger friend. I hear you Kelly and yes I am "callng all angels!". Thank you for the wonderful article which I am reposting here. It is amazing to think that color photography had the same battle for respect that digital art is now having. Kelly when you read this --- give me a "word"!

read this - Debating Digital

Other thoughts from today -
My stylist and pr person (yes you PH!) - Thank you for the tip.
For Heebie --- remember "Just One" doesn't pertain to the number of paintings you need to buy when you get your promotion after you pass your certification.
JF, KC, and SS --- enjoy the pics.

Take the time to be thoughtful today... you never know how that seed will change the world.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Just Because

This is another in a series of digital art images created from words. This was created from the word "because". Thank you Karen for the word.

Started with breakfast with Armando and Cliff, then home for a nap, guess I was more tired than I thought. Then I went to Cathedral of Hope and hung my art for the group show that is showing Planet Peace USA artists. Planet Peace USA is a group of artists raising awareness for peace through the showcasing of their art. Harry Thompson met me and we went for coffee. I shared with Harry some of my recent digital creations and asked which he thought were the best of them. I am sending three images to compete in the LACDA Top 40 Digital Artist contest. After a great exchange of thoughts, ideas and italian roast I headed over to SuperCuts to get my haircut. Then I picked up my mats that I had cut at Aaron Brothers; followed by getting gas and having a conversation with the friends in Boston. Then home to continue to work on my art pieces which will be in the upcoming "out of the loop" festival at the Watertower Theatre in Addison, TX. Tomorrow I deliver those pieces of art and will spend the afternoon having lunch and shopping with Patrick.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Some friends should never let pictures out on the internet! Orphan Annie and her dog, Sandie

Jim and his friend Seth are busy redesigning his website and blog. Looks good so far.

I took down the art today at Cathedral of Hope and and hung art at Community Council of Greater Dallas in the Woodview Tower. I ate the last of the brisket, and worked on my art and blog.

Today's piece was created using the word "insectivorous" - thanks Seth for the word.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Productive day... wake up call with Jim and Armando off to the airport, had another interview and all indications are that it went well. Dropped off artwork for the Artvocacy benefit for IRC. Had lunch with my friend, Patrick, we shared job hunting secrets and stories. Then got some greeting cards to be able to switch out at some locations that sell them. Had dinner with my friend, Ann at Cindy's - chicken dumblings rock! Ann was the person who gave me the word "serenity" that I created today.

This was difficult to be able to abstract the word enough to be able to give the feeling. Many times the creation still needed the word. I hope that this image (which still contains the word) conveys that sense of peace. I also hope that you can see some homage to Georgia O'Keeffe. For me serenity is peace, it is also looking within and finding that inner soul.

Watched Idol & Project Runway tonight, tomorrow I take down my show at Cathedral of Hope, and I hang part of the show at Waterview Tower in the offices of the Community Council of Greater Dallas. Took some online tests at Tickler -- my IQ = 127, my job = creative & strategic, and inkblots reveal my subconscious is driven by peace.

Have fun Jim & Seth!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Today was a day of progress. My interviews with various companies are moving head in positive directions. My doctor's visit gave me a good prognosis, and my sugar levels are down, and that is a positive approach. Watched an interesting dvd on Chuck Close and his approach to painting. He works with very large paintings, but approachs them of little bits. That made me think of digital and how you need to work with small pixels of color to create a larger image that is viewed. In this new series that I am working I am taking words and converting them. I chose "Fine Art" becuase of the stigma that some people question can digital art be fine art? or when does digital art become fine art? So in my series of creating digital art from words, I thought it would be ironic to create digital art from fine art. Another thing that Chuck Close said that struck me and stayed with me is "Take Advantage of the Accidents"... for me digital art allows you so much flexiblity that you can push your limits becuase you can go back. I enjoy pushing the programs, bouncing between programs, and taking advantage of those happy accidents. In this weeks picture I show you some of the images that preceed the final.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Cartoons Kill

On my Dad's urging I created this piece out of the words "Cartoons Kill". Since the news regarding so many innocent people are being killed becuase of people's reaction to a cartoon. I could rant, but that would do not good...maybe my art will.

Today, I had an interview, looks like I am moving on to the next level.

Tonight friends came over for the brisket that has been simmering for the past day. It was great, with Potatoes, Green Beans, and bread, and left over cookies from the art show.

Going Bowling tonight and then home to rest up.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Digital Trip

I thought I would take you on a digital journey. I created this piece today. It was a frozen fountain that I saw today in Highland Park Village. As I travelled to my art reception today at Trinity River Arts Center, I stopped and took pictures of this becuase it is so unusual to see ice in Dallas. I also wanted to show in a visual way the steps that go through my digital art work.

Do you see the man in the fountain?

Well this was created using painting a face over a digital filtered version of the "seed" from the previous days posting. As you scroll down and look at the items below you see I started with a seed, then changed that into ab abstract blob, then added the face to it and made it titled, then added that to this picture of the fountain.

So when I am talking about planting seeds, each day I create, I try and stretch my abilities, and I continue to think how the items I see each day and the items I create each day relate.

Many people do not get the opportunity to see the process of digital art - they usually just see the final product.

I hope that you have enjoyed this trip I have taken you on.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Planting Seeds

Today enjoyed creating this image. First I painted several layers in Canvas Painter, then I photoshop'ed several layers and then worked those images together with painting and blending in Canvas Painter. Then I added detail layers of the seed and some design elements. Continuing to have fun with this process.

Watching movies, baking cookies, slow cooking brisket, creating digital art, staying warm in the 20 degree weather.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ladder To Success

Today was a great day. I had a road trip with my artist friend, Jim to pick up some 15 paintings that were on display in Houston. After the drive we dropped by and visited John Palmer's studio and gallery. It was amazing to see his gallery and his studio, very exciting to see his work in progress and to know the success that he is having. Raised the bar for me of what my art can accomplish. I took this photo at lunch. In ways it reminded me of the day...hence why I called it Ladder to succes, with the arrows directing you to climb to the top. Jim and I exchanged my ideas, thoughts about art, marketing our art, what it takes to be successful, how far we have come, how far we want to go. We made it back to Dallas, had some rest, and then went to a few art shows. One a Pigeon Stone Project artist was very interesting creations of clay resin and plexiglass. Then I visited Minc to see the work of the artist DanPaul. It was disappointing to not meet either artist at either venue. Something about speaking to the artist about their work, what brought them to this point, where do they want to go and what are they trying to communicate.
Now I am back getting back into my discipline -- creating digital art. I have a few phone interviews tomorrow, and lots of work to get ready for future shows, and of course my artist reception on Sunday, February 19th from 4-7pm at the Trinity River Arts Center, on stemmons freeway near motor street - Drop By if you can (depending on the weather I will have hot apple cider, and definately some wine!).

Thanks Jim for the great day - feel better.
Thanks Sara Jane for the girl scout cookies!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


What is simple? What is complex? I created this image trying to explore this paradox. Today was a day that I got back into focus.

I have two job opportunities pending. Getting down to the wire with my cobra, it is comforting to know that I might be close to finding a job that can give me the security of benefits and steady income in exchange for my talents with marketing, sales and internet related services.

One thing that I have learned is that I must continue to have my art in my life, as well as work. It is the sum of my experiences that was brought me to this point. I remember when I was young, just leaving Parsons School of Design for the big wide world. Many of my fellow students thought I was crazy to be an intern with a computer graphics company. They thought that computer graphics was a phase. How ironic that now the technology is at a point where I can own my own computer equipment which allows me to use this as a tool for me to create my fine art pieces from my digital creations. Everything is feeling so right. My inner voice is screaming that this is what you have always wanted. I am happy that my downsizing gave me the opportunity to find my artistic voice which I had put on hold for many years. Now that I have found my voice - I want to explore using it not only in the Fine Art world, but in my next corporate world.

Worked on my class outline for the Art of Seeing visual art classes that I will be teaching. It was great to meet the other teachers working in the areas of literature, drama and music. I am interested to see how this experience changes me, and how I effect other with exercise to expand our creative selfs.

Was contacted by an artist from Austin who is a fellow digital artist. She wants to join the Digital Artist Alternative group that I am forming. She has similar experiences with trying to get her work accepted by galleries and as fine art. I hope that this group of artist can help show others that digital art is a fine art, more then just a click of a button, and worthy purchase for art collectors. I think we are the cusp of the digital art revolution, and want to be part of this process. You can see her work at .

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I created this picture today in honor of my friend, Jerome Ortiz. Seems on this day of Valentine, his heart was broken. I learned alot from text messaging my friend, and I hope that he can get past this and realize that he is a wonderful, interesting and worthy individual. He has a good friend spending the evening with him to make sure he doesn't do anything that would be harmful. I know that it is terrible to feel such pain. But the pain is good becuase it makes us realize how alive we are.

I had a great dinner tonight and spent the evening with my wonderful friends. "I said" ! I spent the evening with my wonderful friends, Jim, Cliff, Armando and Patrick. Lots of laughs, and snorts, and making fun.

Tomorrow I meet with the other instructors of the Lenten art series. I am excited to see how this will turn out.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Digital Valentine

Just a day to say that I love my blog readers. I created this as part of a way to send a valentine to my friends, and collectors of my art. I also wanted to show how my digital art continues to grow looking at the details within. This 2nd piece was created from a detail of the larger valentine. I love finding the abstract - this is my "found art".

Today was spent on Marketing my art, and my shows. It is almost as important as creating my art.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Birthday Artwork

This is the starting point and the final point of another word experimental piece that I did for my friend, Robert on his 46th Birthday.

Today was a relaxing day, with breakfast at a new place called Sol in Deep Ellum that is looking for artist to show their work. Then relaxing with friends for Robert's birthday over cake and coffee, now home catching up on laundry and domestic things that I have put off.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Passion Me

Today was a day to focus on me and my passion. These two words were given to me by my friends, Jim and Armando. I created these two pieces from many layers, and filtering of just the words Passion and Me. Interesting how you can see things in each of these.

It was never intended that you see cows or you see eyes, or faces...but it is amazing how the imagination works.

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Finding My Soul

Today was blessed with friends, conversation, comfort and creativity.

Met with Harry this am and visited the Woodview Tower office building where I will be showing my work during the month of March and beginning of April. I am very excited about this opportunity. Afterwhich we had great conversation over coffee, then joined by Armando, Jim and James Eric for more conversation about art and places to show art. Then home where I did some work, and some errands, then home where I cooked myself a dinner of pasta with meat sauce and garlic bread. I watched some of my sci-fi shows, then olymics and creating on my compter.

This is one of the images that I am happy with. I look forward to playing with more of this style.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold, so a good day to stay in and check off the items on my to do list.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Posted here previous was a RANT. It was good for me to get that out. But it serves no further purpose, so it has been replaced. What better then art.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Universe Within

Today was a productive day, finished printing the commissioned pieces, tomorrow I take them to be stretched on frames. I will be excited to see them done. I spent time at the doctor doing the usual blood work, results in 2 weeks. I had lunch and dinner by myself - it can be refreshing to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. I spent time creating. One of the pieces is this unnamed piece. I created it using Canvas Painter and Photoshop CS. My inspiration was the website link my brother Mark sent me. I started with a photo I took of beautifully colored tulips, then I drew all over it, then I used that picture and manilpulated the layers, colors, contrast, and created another picture, then I zoomed in and cropped, then did it again, and again and again. This was one of the inbetween stages. You can think of most objects like this, you can think of situations like this --- what are we a smaller part of and what are we the larger part of.... makes you go hmmm?!

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Check out the site my brother sent me:

Monday, February 06, 2006

Inner Demons

I created this image based on a photo that I took outside a club one night this weekend. I was reminded of Jake Jekell, the teenager that recently died after being shot in a shootout with police after he was tracked down in Arkansas, after using a hatchet and gun against patrons of a gay bar in Mass. In reading out this teen, I learned that he had a my space profile, as do I. I visited his site, I visited his friends sites... is anyone paying attention to this kids? is anyone listening? I sensed lots of inner demons. In many ways their sites - the thoughts posted, the feelings expressed - very original, very dark....something very hard for me to relate to. Most of them had compassion for their friend, Jake, even knowing that what he had done.

Now I need to get back to my own demons of procrastination.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Today was a day of experiences.

I went to Church today. It was a good sermon. I gave money, twice... the miracle that happened was that when I got home... that amount of money was in my pocket. Coincidence?

Later enjoyed a movie "Manna from Heaven" -- takes place in Buffalo. Enjoyed it, similar messages to the sermon. Coincidence?

Then after a nice nap, I created some food that I shared with friends at a Super Bowl party. It was lots of fun...and we had good food...and we had laughs. Some of those laughs...ScreenDoor Annie, Billy's Green Balls, Tim with Eyes in the Back of his Head, Shamu- The Kachina Killer, Burn chicken tastes better with Terioki sauce, and they are rioting in Detroit! Coincidence?

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Saturday, February 04, 2006



What Would Andy Warhol Do?

I think Andy would have relished the computer. So many choices, so much experimentation, so many things that could be done fast and faster. But I think Andy would also take his time, carefully chosing and learning and looking for those happy mistakes and then exploiting them.

Today was a great day. Slept in, took a nice hot shower, visited with my collectors Barbara & David and absorbed their excitement about the new pieces that I had created for them, got some money to help pay the rent, had pizza and laughs with the guys, then a nice long nap, another hot shower, grocery shopping, blockbuster, ate dinner (McDonalds QP) and then created on the computer and blogged. Now I am going to finish the day watching Brothers Grimm.
Created these two pieces, one experimenting with the techiques and software in Corel Painter, the other blending and filtering previously done portraits of Barbara & David.

Tomorrow I will be going to church, working on my class outline, hopefully some printing, cooking my famous spinach balls for the Superbowl party my friends - Ann & Laura are having, and then chilling with them. Of course I will have my camera and hope to find some interesting things that I can transform.

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Time Travels

My how the road we travel changes. One year ago today. Jim Frederick and I were traveling to Tulsa, Ok for a seminar with Alyson ( and weekend. Somehow during the journey, I got a bone spur and could barely walk, with only Jim to help me get through it all. It is great feeling knowing that you have friends that are their for you when you need it most. Thank you Jim for being there.

Had a great day, worked on art, talked about art, saw art, and drank with friends! Saw Jeremy, Jerome, Mynus and had a good conversation that one can have at the door at Minc. Excited about working with Teresa, and Erica with their photos.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Freedom to draw

I support the freedom of expression and free speech.

I also support the freedom of religion.

Sometimes they do not mix.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Had this idea and played with it today. How we are constantly bombarded by thoughts either through the media, the environment or our own inner self. Filtered out these thoughts, but yet the subconscious still retains them, some maybe be stronger then others. I used my written words because this helped me form interesting line and forms. The blending was done by using different layering and colors.

I think I will be exploring this further.
Look forward to more in the future.

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Artists Keeping The Government In Check

Toles Cartoon published January 29th in the Washington Post.

Click This To read article about the controversy this cartoon caused.

You know that when your art upsets people and gets them angry - then some truth is being exposed. Give our army the tools they need to be successful.

Copyright 2006 Toles & The Washington Post.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2245 Dead. How Many More?


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Life in the Fast Lane

Today was like life in the fast lane. I actually took this picture while driving home tonight, while simultaneously text messaging with Jeremy & Aaron. (shout out!)

Had a great day. Worked on my art, talked about art with Jim, rested, worked on a t-shirt for my muse Robb, then met friends out. It was great to see my friends and spend some FUN time.

In the fast lane --- things I think about (and they may not be politically correct) --- Burt has great nipples, and should be a bottom in training. Jim is the sister I never had, and yes she is SOOO pretty!, PH aka Stephanie --- I am so jealous of you., Warren you are way too shy, unless you see my friend Robb!, Patrick - you and I are so alike some times it is scary., Steve - I like you better in cutoffs! Glad to see you out even if for just one!, Robb - you are my muse, good luck on your screenplay., Jeremy --- I missed you at Minc, but had a great conversation with Joshua., Aaron you are a very lucky man., Teresa when are you going to call me! LOL, ---- things are moving veryy fast and I love it. Tonights conversation with Joshua (the sculptor) really hit home. I am blogging them so I remember -- that your art is your soul. You need to say FUCK YOU somethimes when people try to cut your work down and your prices. Today I was grateful because I sold another 3 pieces of art, no haggling, just honest grateful exchange. Thank you Patrick & Sonya. I am looking forward to showcasing my new digital art -- sometime in the future at Minc, I have great ideas, and look forward to make them a realization.

Coffee anyone?

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