Sunday, July 31, 2005

Maid of the Mist

The Legend of the Maid of the Mist

Long ago, the peaceful tribe of the Ongiaras lived beside the Niagara River. For an unknown reason, Indians were dying, and it was believed that the tribe must appease the Thunder God Hinum, who lived with his two sons in a cave behind the Falls.

A first, the Indians sent canoes laden with fruit, flowers and game over the Falls, but the dying continued. The Indians then began to sacrifice the most beautiful maiden of the tribe, who was selected once a year during a ceremonial feast. One year, Lelawala, daughter of Chief Eagle Eye was chosen.

On the appointed day, Lelawala appeared on the river bank above the Falls, wearing a white doeskin robe with a wreath of woodland flowers in her hair. She stepped into a white birch bark canoe and plunged over the Falls to her death. Her father, heartbroken, leaped into his canoe and followed her.

Hinum's two sons caught Lelawala in their arms, and each desired her. She promised to accept the one who told her what evil was killing her people. The younger brother told her of a giant water snake that lay at the bottom of the river. Once a year, the monster snake grew hungry, and at night entered the village and poisoned the water. The snake then devoured the dead.

On spirit, Lelawala told her people to destroy the serpent. Indian braves mortally wounded the snake on his next yearly visit to the village. Returning to his lair on the river, the snake caught his head on one side of the river and his tail on the other, forming a semi-circle and the brink of the Horseshoe Falls. Lelawala returned to the cave of the God Hinum, where she reigns as the Maid of the Mist

Today we visited Niagara Falls on the United States side. It was a hot day, but always a very beautiful site to behold. We also stopped by the casino! I captured this image there.

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Rotten Fruit

Today was a relaxing day. Ate breakfast at the usual greek diner located in Lockport. Then went to return bottles and cans at the supermarket --- an easy thing to do and good for the environment. Plus you get 5 cents for each can !

We picked up my brother after he got his hair cut then proceeded to the Super Walmart to go grocery shopping. After that we stopped at Michaels for a few canvases for painting. Then we went in search for some good ears of corn at roadside stands, and then Lotto tickets for tonights drawing for 56 million.

Returned home, unloaded --- my brother thought that the rotting piece of fruit would make an interesting subject for a photo. Not sure what I will do with it, but it is interesting contrast. You know that I enjoy a challenge. Below is the image that I created after several versions, filters, and programs. I call it "Rotten Eye".

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Extreme Abstraction

Friday was a great day --- I met with Joan the gallery owner of Partners in Art, a gallery located in North Tonawanda, NY - after showing her my digital work, we looked at the calendar and scheduled a show for next year - August 4th & 5th.

Then I met my friend, Michael and we went to a few galleries in Buffalo, NY that I may try and also show my work -- I will try and set up appointments next week.

After that I met Michael's friend, Gretchen, and we had a wonderful dinner at Betty's - a restaurant located on Virginia. After dinner we went to the late night at the Albright Knox Art Gallery for the "Extreme Abstraction" exhibition. Lots of very abstraction and minimal work was on display, they also had some performance art in the way of intrepretive dance and poetry jams. One of the poets did a piece that was about what "Deaf Poetry" is and it contains both words and sign language. It was very cool to see. I also picked up a little something for my friend, Jim at the gift shop.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Positive Thoughts Bring Positive Results

Note to my blogger buddy Jim - when I wrote you I had not read your blog, now that I am caught upwith my reading, I am amazed how even far away that we can be in tune. When you wrote "Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop - Focusing On Negative Possibilities" in your blog - I had no idea that you were in that frame of mind. I must have sensed something with ending my email reply to your with "Positive Thoughts Bring Positive Results".

I hope that everyone knows who reads that that your thoughts have an effect on the Universe and everyone around us.

So please,
think about peace,
think about love,
think about the positive
and think about the possibilities.

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The Wine Of Life

Saw this message during my travels in Lake Chautauqua.

How appropraite given that I have been very busy with several job opportunities which might take me away from being able to work on my art fulltime. But what I like about this is that work is just that - my bread (no pun intended) --- but my art is what is to be enjoyed. I am not sure where these interviews will lead, but I do know that I will not lead my life without doing my art. For me not only is it something I need in my life, it is a force that I must do and it adds so much enjoyment to my life and to those that are exposed to my art.

So next time you read my blog, pull up a chair, grab that glass of wine ---- and take it all in!

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Leaving Chautauqua

The last day at Whitney Bay in Lake Chautaugua was a rainy day. After a violent thunderstorm on Tuesday - the weather cooled down, trees were down, and the rain continued. This afternoon Dr. Charles Coyle, Andy Whelan and I went to have lunch at Le Flore. Andy and I dined on a wonderful rosemary and white wine chicken salad on rosemary bread. After lunch we toured the gardens. This is a picture of one of the small garden falls locked at the Red Brick Barn.

I will be looking to post pictures from the "Big Chill" Weekend here. I took over 600 photos and am very excited about some of the new images that I can use to create some art pieces.

After Andy left to head back to Buffalo, Chuck decided to go with me touring around the Lake in search of the Curly Maple. I found out later that this restaurant is located near Findley Lake. Our search lead us to see the Lucy & Desi Museum in Jamestown, some great homes on the lake, and an old amusement park. Around 5pm, our stomachs announced their hunger pangs and the sun pulled out from the clouds shining the streets of Mayville. We decided to stop and eat dinner at Olive's, a great Italian restaurant. We dined on the best bruscetta that I have ever had, Chuck had Shrimp Scampi and I had Chicken Scampi. After a wonderful meal we returned to the house on the lake and finished off the last of the chocolate casada cake. As the sun set - I set off to return to my parents home in Getzville - not before stopping at Lake Erie to watch the sunset.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Red Sky at Morning - Sailor's Warning

This is how the morning looked Tuesday at 5:30am -- there is an old adage that goes -- Red sky at night, sailor's delight; Red sky at morning, sailor's warning. Well it could not have been a better sign.

Tuesday afternoon tremendous Thunderstorms and winds hit Lake Chautauqua. Thank goodness the trampolines were tied down --- the tent was blown some twenty feet towards the water, not even the stakes held it in place. After getting power back after two hours without it... we found downed tree limbs... cancelled dinner reservations... and a trip to the Quality Market for steak to cook on the grill.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Illusive Hummingbird

Taking photos is sometimes like gambling -- you need to be in the right place at the right time and you need some luck. I was able to capture this butterfly when we stopped to eat lunch at the Mayfair Restaurant. I also had the luck to capture a bumble bee or two on the flowers in the garden -- but what has alluded me was getting a good photo of the hummingbirds that feed off feeders at the cottage at the Big Chill. Well there is always next year!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005


This year at Big Chill we were treated each night to the rising of the moon over the lake. This image was captured with my camera and new tripod. I love how the clouds make the moon look almost like saturn.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Big Chill Chillers

2005 Big Chillers - Taken Saturday
40 Attended (4 Women, 36 Men)
5 Dogs
2 Children

Back Row Standing - Left to Right:
Bobby, greyhound_?, Frank, Tim, David, Bradly, Andrew B., Gary, Julie, Paul, Dale, Amal, Andy M., Peter, Jim, Dennis, Todd, Gavin

Front Row Sitting/Crouching- Left to Right:
Mark, Paul, Spike, Andy W., Chuck, Michael, Donna, Billy, Doug, Zowie, Kevin, Otto

Attended But Missed Picture:
Philip, Patti, Scott, Ellie, Beazle, Matt, Trixie, John, Chris, Bob, Darcy, Greg, Carlos, Jack, John

Saturday was a great day at the Big Chill --- the weather was perfect, it was filled with relaxing, card playing, boat riding, drinking, joke telling, eating, sunning.

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Wine & Fire

The beauty of big chill comes at night when the bonfire is lit. The glow of the flames bouncing off the wine glasses. Listening to conversations of what everyone has been up to the past year... reliving past times at the Big Chill. Andy telling us all his good jokes.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Getting Bumped

No pictures with this post. Just a quick note to say that I made it to Buffalo after a very exciting trip. It started with my arrival at DFW airport, and they are asking for volunteers to get bumped from the flight. So for a $250 travel voucher - I volunteer- to get bumped to a flight that will leave 15mins later but I have to connect in Cleveland, change plans and airlines and get to Buffalo at 4:00pm instead of the 2:30 of my original flight. The new flight is about to board and it is delayed becuase of mechanical failure --- the original agent now calls me back, and apoligizes and puts me on another flight since I was not going to make the connection in Cleveland. He also gives me another $250 in travel vouchers (woo hoo) now I am flying to Pittsburgh and changing planes and airlines. The flight goes well, arrives on time in Pitts. I go to the gate of the flight I am supposed to be on -- and the agents at this new airline tell me they have no record of me and all their flights to Buffalo are oversold -- I need to go back to my original airline. After walking for miles in the airport back to the ticket counter, they tell me I am in the computer, reprint the ticket and send me back to the ticket counter of the other airline, that airlines says sorry --not in their system and no flights available--- back to the original airline! URGH! So now I am told I can go to Chicago (but the flight is supposed to arrive at 8:15pm, and the connecting flight to Buffalo leaves at 8:35pm --however there is no plane in Pittsburgh so most likely I would miss the flight). I suggest that they give me money and I will rent a car and drive! It is about a 3hr drive. They have to call a supervisor for approval. They can not give me money, but agree to reimburse now I am driving to Buffalo. It was a great drive, I took many pictures while we had light --- I finally get to the Buffalo Airport at 10:30pm (right about the time the flight from Chicago would arrive) ---now to pick up my luggage which did make the original flight! No agents, No Baggage handlers, everything closed. I have to come back tomorrow to get my clothes!

Now it is great to be home with Mom, Dad and brother Mark --- now off to Big Chill with my friends at Lake Chautaugua!

more later
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

on vacation

To my blogbuddies I am on vacation without access to my computer - so I will be taking lots of digital images to create new art with - I will be blogging the old fashion way in my sketchbook and journal and who knows I may do a actual painting or two. First stop is Lake Chautaqua, where I will be spending the weekend with life-long friends --- we have been doing this each year for about 25 years, we call it the Big Chill Weekend. Then after that I will be visiting with my brother and parents in the family home located in Getzville, NY. Plans are already underway to go to the Racetrack, the Casino, see Niagara Falls, and I will be looking into several galleries to see if I can get my art represented by them or get into any shows in the Western NY area. So Peace --- I'm shuffling off to Buffalo!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rich's Challenge

Rich's Knee

Today I went to a lovely party at my friend's Ann & Laura's home to celebrate their new kitchen. At the party which was filled with friends, martinis and laughter was my friend, Rich. I was taking my usual party pictures, wierd faces, catching people off guard, catching people shoving food in their mouths, abstract images and textures that I could use in my art making. One picture is that of Rich's Knee --- well he joking said "Let's see you try and make some piece of art out of that!". Then I said "Why are you going to buy it?!", he said "No"... but after thinking about it on the ride home --- why not? Why not see if I can take this picture using my talent as an artist and make some sort of art from it. Well here it is for all of you to see the results - who knows maybe Rich will buy it now!?

It was created using Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop and Canvas Painter. Interesting how the shapes make a Rorschach inkblot sort of image in which to me the area which was the knee is now a childs face. Now you can psychoanalyse me, but what do you see in it?

This one's for you Rich!

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Watching Miss Ellie

This weekend I have the pleasure of watching man's best friend. Miss Ellie is my friend's dog and she has come to stay with me while he is out of town. So what is an artist to do but to digitally paint his muse! This allowed me the chance to play with my Canvas painter IX program and paint digitally. This was a great time to just relax and see how I could do this. It captures what Miss Ellie does best sit beside you and wag her tail.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

To show support for our friends in London - I sent my image as well as posting it here for all of you to see.

We're Not Afraid!
We're Not Afraid!
We're Not Afraid!

For more information go to

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Breathe, Create, Exhale, Repeat

This is an image that I created after reading my friend Jim Frederick's blog. In the blog he talks about trying to find that creative spirit and energy even when the artist is tired. At the end of the blog he says - Breathe. That triggered in my the thoughts that we are all somehow connected and the air, energy and spirit we breathe in is the same air, enery and spirit we exhale only changed by our own inner spirit creating different molecules that we unleash on the world ....thus awaiting for the next artist to come by and collect some of our exhales, and breath new life into them for the next person. Blogging is a good way to try and maintain that creative spirit --- find that one thing that happened that day --- even if it is "Being Tired" amd transform it into a beautiful exhale. Wake up tomorrow and take a deep breath of spirit and start creating your day.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hello To Barbara

This image I created today after seeing the movie "Happy Endings". I have held on to this photo which now I have collaged and enhanced with color. This is a homeless woman named Barbara that frequented the street around 14th Street when I lived in the dorms of Parsons School of Design in the early 1980s. She was ever so grateful for a dollar or a cup of coffee. Looking back she somehow gave me comfort in seeing her in my daily passings. Never really knew much about her, never tried to help her change her condition, somehow she still exuded happiness through her rampant mubblings. But much like a fresh bouquet of flowers I combined her with, seeing her brought something fresh to my life. I remember hearing the story & song from Bette Midler about the "Fried Eggs" & "Hello In There" - "Some people wear them on the outside, Some people wear them on the inside" - "Old people just grow lonesome waiting for someone to say, hello in there" - I wonder if I had said hello and actually talked to Barbara what wisdom she would have passed on to me. Maybe that is why I continue to hold onto the xerox'd copy of a photo of her - to have her continue to be present in my life as a reminder. My heart needs to reach out more to those individuals that pass through my life, stop and take the time to care, and to love them just the way they are.

So Hello Out There...

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Some days you do not feel well. Today was one of those days for me. Waves of nausea through out the day made it hard for me to function and do much more then wacth television, sleep and drink lots of water. After eating dinner this evening, I rested and then decides to create on the computer my feelings from today. It is amazing how creating takes you to another space - everything seemed to disappear except me and the good feelings of creating. While I was trying to convey the feeling of agony, nausea, depression, weakness - I was able to slip into my subconsciousness and lose those feelings.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Joy of Friendship

This is an image of my mother's friend, Jan. I wanted to create an image that was about inner spirit, the background is created from a photo that I took of the shell necklace that she loves to wear. I thought that shell symbolized the beauty of her spirit. I used the harshness of the woodcut effect to counter-balance that and show off her outter skin.

I love surprises, both those that happen when you create, and those that happen in life. Today, I received a postcard from a good friend, Carl - whom has said he would never set foot in Texas - , that they will be passing through Dallas this coming weekend. What a great joy it was to read the postcard, to feel the love and friendship, and to be able to share with him what my life is like here in Dallas.

I am lucky to have good friends. People to make me laugh, to care about me, my health, my art and my life. We share stories, experiences, laughs, sorrows, and life. What a joy it is to be able to connect with others through friendship.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy

This is an image that I created today just to have fun. I love the texture of the wood, the straw, the sunglasses, the flesh and the beard. I have fun with the dramatic lighting to create this moody effect.

What else are Sundays for? Reflection and Fun! Hope you have some too!

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The Tunnel Turmoil of Love

What is the tunnel turmoil of love?

It is a state of extreme confusion or agitation; commotion or tumult. Whether you are going through this in a present commited relationship, a dating relationship, or with the relationship of family, friends or co-workers - it somehow is always distorted when you are going through the tunnel. Sometimes it is hard to see the way out, sometimes you are unsure of your next stop.

This work was created using several digital programs to create a layered painterly effect. Warm colors are used to give the feeling of love. And the light source represents that of a tunnel as well as the inner light that each of us possess.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Stage IV

This piece I created today after receiving another email regarding the condition of a friend. Some of the emails contain the words below.

"Feeling worse days."
"Still too low to do the harvest."
"The scan confirmed our fears."
"The cancer is active again."
"The cancer dosn't care if it is a weekend or a holiday."
"It just keeps growing and growing."
"Gets sicker and sicker as things drag on."
"It is presenting itself like it has in the past."

My friend is fighting Stage IV Lymphoma. The image that I created is my visual representation in the complex fight of the cancer with the blood cells, and the stem cells in the bone marrow. My prayers is that this fight will end in removing the cancer - and the wonderful spirit will return as the body heals itself.

Please send your thoughtful prayers to my friend for the strength, the inner spirit, and the powerful cells to fight this cancer.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Calling

This is an image that I created today based on the terrorist bombings in London. It is an image that combines the photo from the news in which people where leaving the tunnel on foot, combined with other images and an image of a man sitting in a thoughtful position. For me it represents the sorrow, the thoughtful nature of these types of events, and the light at the end of the tunnel. If you give into terror, then it can control you - if you denouce it and continue to go about your business with a thoughtful approach - your thoughts become the light that others will follow.

I am hopeful that the G8 can continue to focus on the other pressing issues in the world.

Pray for peace, love and understanding.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Red Lined

This is a digital collage of images that I took recently. I call this image " Red Lined". I like the perspective of this piece and how your eye moves around the image. Since this is an image that many people see everyday, I like to watch the reaction that people have to this piece since now that taken for granted shopping cart now gives them a whole new feeling. For me this is what I enjoy about digital art creating pieces that take something that people take for granted and now see it in a different light. Somewhere deep down inside I think this applies to people we have in our lives --- so many times we take people for granted. When was the last time you had a quality conversation with you parents about what it was like when they were kids? or with your siblings about what is the most important achievement is in their lives? or with your co-worker about where are their great grandparents from? or with your friends about what would life be like if they or you were not around, what would they or you miss most? or with a complete stranger about how they are truly doing --- and listen, truly listen. For me the red line represents that division -- between granted and meaningful. So please take today and break the red line --- and have a meaningful conversation with someone. If you do this everyday your life will begin to change, deepen, and not be taken for granted. Carpe Diem!
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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Winter Walk in July

It was a cool day for Dallas, Texas - it was in the high 80s --- almost winter compared to the 100+ degree days of the last week and what will most likely be the rest of the summer. Some places had a nice rain which was much needed. This picture is great to look at when it is so hot. It was created from three photos that I took -- two in Central Park, New York City and one in Dallas, Texas. My friend Carl and I walked through central park after the snow, visited Strawberry Fields and breathed in the cool crisp air of New York. The other is from the streets of Dallas after a morning dusting exposed those that had travelled down the road creating the great lines of their departure. I call this digital piece "Winter Walk".

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Flag Burning

This independance day make me reflect on the many men and women you have fought for our rights of independance, and our rights as Americans.

I have been greated disturbed by recent attempts to add an amendment to the constitution declaring American Flag burning against the law. It disturbs me because I feel that the American Flag is a symbol of our freedom of speech. It was created, changed and modified as much as this country has been created and changed.

Mainly the people burning the American Flag are those that live in foreign countries and see the flag as a symbol of our country - they are voicing their discontent with our country. That truly is democracy at work. We must be able to accept the bad comments about our country along with the good. We need to pay attention and listen to those that hate us, and try and understand why.

It is complex becuase even our own flag code presents a problem: Straight from the official FLAG CODE - "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

And what is an American Flag? It is material made up of threads -- so if I collect the thread that makes a flag and burn it have I broken this law? If I have a picture of a flag and burn that, is that not the same as burning a flag? If I write about burning flags, if I paint about burning flags, if I sing about burning flags; am I an accomplish to this or am I just exercising the right to Free Speech - with my voice - whether that be the visual voice, the written voice, or just the voice of discontent. Where will this amendment stop the burning?

When so many people, both American and non-american - have died fighting so that Our Flag will still waive, why have we become elitist and think that our symbol of freedom is somehow protected against those who should want to voice their opposition to it. Most of the flag burning is not happening in this country, but elsewhere in the world. We are foolish to think that by outlawing this practice in the USA that we are protecting our flag and our country. Certainly this practice will still happen in the rest of the world, certainly it will be broadcast into our homes, through the television, internet and newspapers - so is media breaking the law by showing us this worldwide discontent?

I say that we need to listen to the world and our people, and if their discontent is so severe that they need to burn the US Flag, then we have failed as a nation to allow their voices to be heard - thus failing the freedoms that so many men and women have fought to protect and what our flag truly represents.

Happy Independence Day

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Sunday, July 03, 2005


My friend Robert wrote this a while back, but sent it out yesterday after the Live 8 concert --- how fitting. I wondered while watching the concert on VH1 what impact this was having on my friends overseas, Robert in Iraq, Beth in Ireland, and Bobby in Italy? I saw a news report that suggested that problem is that American's have grown apathetic about the world...out of sight -out of mind. In the greater picture we are all just one dot of paint on the canvas, and the painting is not finished until all of the dots are seen together.

Here is Robert's thoughts about ONE -


It reminds me of the Three Dog Night song, "One is the loneliest number". It is certainly singular, and can be by itself. But it is the beginning. The start of so many other things.


I think of how each of us comes into the world. As one. We are individual, but not by ourselves. So many other lives are impacted by our birth. So many are involved.


Some of the greatest acts of courage in history took one individual who decided, no acted, no...became, all the things that they were meant to be and put that being into action.


There are so many examples of how one person can have an impact on our lives...on the lives of others. SomeONE who counters the injustices of the world and speaks up for those who have no voice.

What each of us is. What if we spoke up instead of remain silent? What would that ONE look like. That ONE combined voice?

There are ONE BILLION people in the world that live on less than a dollar a day. ONE person dies every three seconds. ONE of us could die tomorrow.

One teacher, one friend, one lover, one doctor, one stranger who has made a difference in your life. Just that one act of kindness and it changed your life.

One voice. One effort. One opportunity to affect change.

One Body. One Blood. One Earth. One Humanity. all it move mountains, to move hearts, to make change. Just ONE."

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Friday, July 01, 2005

The Inner Child

This is me.
This is me holding what was probably one of my first drawings. How strange it is to look at this picture, I do not remember the picture or the drawing, I must have been around 4 or 5 years old. When I look carefully at the drawing I see that it is some kind of race horse, it is purely a childs drawing --- how can I tap back into that? I think it will be hard because you need to let go of all those voices that tell you that something must look this way or that - or you have not captured it correctly. But I think as a child you do not necessarily capture things correctly, you capture the essense. Well I hope I can ride my tricycle back and find that inner child.
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