Saturday, April 29, 2006

Humanity Shows New American Gothic

Great people at a great new showing at the SOTA building of Humanity, works on canvas and metal by Jim Frederick.

Here is Silvia dancing the good ship lollipop.

Everyone's favorite pirate with his eye patch removed.
The New American Gothic? What do think?

Michael saying "No please, not another drink!"

And then our friend, Armando - he has no equals!

It was a crazy busy day, the show was lots of fun. It was great to see the people who I have not seen in awhile. To find out the Steve O Starbucks has slept at the Williamsville Inn!

That Armando really likes cake, and only wishes Karen was there to share it with him.

After the show, dinner at Bellini's, and then some dancin till 2am at TMC.

Tomorrow -- the tour!!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Aye Matey!

Thursday was another busy, yet fun day. Spent the day putting campaign signs for Chris Luna for Dallas County Community College Board of Trustees on the front lawns of supportors with friend, Jeff.

Then after a quick visit and shower at home, headed to meet the artists of the M Streets Lakewood Artists' Studio Tour this weekend. After which Jim and I headed to the airport to pick up friend, Michael who is visiting from Buffalo, we headed to the RoundUp. Cliff & Armando visited us there, as well as Pat. We also ran into Rob and Al, and Anthony who were much fun. Cliff had eye surgery - but the Pirate references and Aye Matey! were plentiful sayings that night. We took these fun pictures with Cliff the pirate to celebrate.

Now off to a busy Friday!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


At tonights coffee clutch meeting at Starbucks, our very own Armando, pointed out to the barista that the sign that said the movie Akleelah and the bee was not 6 days away but actually only 2 days away. After changing the sign, the barista came up to our party and awarded Armando, the Splenda Customer award for his attention to detail. In usual fashion Armando, thanked his people, and his family and on and on until the played the music to get him off stage!

We had a great time talking with Karen, Burt and Michael, Jim, myself and Armando. We talked about Art, Burts' condo, the upcoming weekend full of shows, who is quitting the most things, what is a blog, google girls, mike's new laptop internet connection, daisydukes, what was burt's nickname that he hated, robert's magic box, barney and a special bubble bath, Bert & Ernie, Karen's new flat screen tv, some many things I would need to put them in a book, not in a blog.

Had a great day putting up art at Jim's studio for the Tour, doing some link exchange with the North Dallas Artist Studio Tour, and getting ready to hang my show this coming Monday at Hibernia. Lots of things to do, cleaning, printing more invitation postcards, entertaining Michael Agoston who is visiting for the weekend, getting ready for Mom & Dad to come visit, getting ready to pay monthly bills that will hit this weekend.

Taught my class today - Creative Spiritually - the God In The Box assignment turned out really well. Everyone shared their box creations and the art of what the god in the box looked like. We had discussions about was god in the box, was god the box and was god outside the box. We talked about the box being a metaphor for places we find ourselves (a car, a home, a church, a closet) and was God with us, we also talked about it as the box being labels that put us or others put us or God into and how do we use God to get out of the box, or invite God into the box. I am constantly amazed at the beautiful thoughts that the people in my class put into their work, and the insights they share with each other. This was my piece of art that I created. I drew a self portrait on the sides of the box, because if God was in the Box, then God was also in me, that I must be the box...or so that was my logic.

Another busy day tomorrow, helping Jeff put up democratic candidate signs in people's yards all day, then getting more art that should be ready at Stretch & Frame, going to Jim's Tour Get Together, Picking up Michael at the Airport and stopping at the Roundup for a cocktail before going home.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Today was a busy day.

I got paid for the sold painting "Fine Art", signed the painting and handed it over to the new owners.

Something very special about seeing something that you created, and toiled over finding a new home. Makes you wonder what it's life will be now.

Took down art at Uptown Vision and at Alex Remington's condo to get ready for the M Streets Lakewood Artists' Studio Tour this weekend at Jim Fredericks' Studio.

Spent the morning and late afternoon working on my proposal that I submitted to the Victory Media Network. They hosted a meeting of local Dallas artists to show the plans they have to showcase local talent in the first outdoor art gallery. It was very exciting to meet the people trying to make this happen, as well as learn more about the technology and see the actual building. I am glad that I am participating and look forward to the feedback on my first proposal. It was great to see the many artists that I invited in attendance. I created todays' piece based on a picture that I took when I arrived. I think this is a word that I may do a more indepth work on for my large format word series.

Also excited about how many people are getting excited about Art Patrol. is a group of artists that Jim Frederick and myself are organizing to paint in public and near area businesses.

Victory is achieved by making small steps in the right direction each day.

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Monday, April 24, 2006


Billy's Big Birthday Brunch was a great success! Fun was had by everyone. First I need to thank the planners, Steve & PH for an amazing party and day. Thank you everyone who attended - Jack, Rich, Tim, Rob, PH, Steve, Jim, Cliff, Warren, Chris, David, Armando, Michael, Burt, Ron, Ann, Laura, Patrick and Karen who was there in spirit.

Lots of laughs were had. Great gifts, great food, great drinks, great cake!.

We laughed as Burt and Michael shared dessert.

And Armando & Cliff wore the shirts I made for them! Sweet & Sour!

Here are a few of the shots of the happenings at the brunch.

The party continued at JRs where different friends came out. They had a bachlor auction for Leukemia, and I won a lesbian! 100 percent of the money goes to a good cause, so my birthday cash was well spent.

At JRs -- we saw other people from the Catalina Room who were there celebrating their birthdays, as well as Anthony & Darnell from Bowling, and Cindy and her girlfriend who bought me the amazing Popsicle Shots! And Tim & Shannon and their hot friend!

Of course my T-shirt for Robb was a big hit with many of his admirers saying hello and loving the T-shirt.

Now it is Monday --- ate at Hunkys, going to take a Nap (good thing I am still self employed!) and then get some art ready for the upcoming M Streets Lakewood Art Tour, and fill in for PH at Bowling.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Urban Abstracts

Jim and I got up early this morning to set up at Urban Art Fest - Art Walk. Here we are painting at our stations, representing our art and the first showing of Art Patrol. It was great to be invited by Monica, and to meet Jeff and his boyfriend and participate in this event.

We wore t-shirts to help promote the Art Patrol as well as each of our websites.

Drank lots of coffee early, and met all the artists around us.
This was the painting that I started painting with.

This is the same painting later in the day. Still added many layers after that picture was taken. Thanks Jack & Warren for taking pictures of us working.

We had many visitors during the day, Jack, Patrick, Warren, Chris & David, Wauketa and James, Tim and his boyfriend. (and even Karen!)

We visited the UTD New Media Section, I was taken and participated in Lee Harrington's art piece called Journey:12.

I took a rock viewed the piece walked around it and placed it where I was lead. For me it was like genetic code, a double helix of sorts, primal in the rock, modern in the use of spray paint and urban setting. The picture here shows a bit of his statement, invitation and the placement of my rock. I marked my journey and now our paths are crossed.

I took these pictures of great little urban asbtracts that I found on the walls, in the parking lot and elsewhere.

It was a great day to paint and the energy was good.
After we packed up the show, Jim & I met Chris and David and their friends, Stephanie and Joyce (Mamma Carroll). Besides the great stories told over great food (what do you get someone who turns 21! Stephanie?), we ended it with taking home the Lemmon Cake! Nothing better with a cold glass of milk, which I did, and taking a nice hot shower and going to bed early.


Small seeds are starting to bloom.

Thank you to everyone for a great day.
My Birthday. The messages, the calls, the emails, the cards, the gifts, the breakfast, the dinner, the drinks, the dollars!, and the spankings.

Who knew 46 could be so fun!

I am looking forward to working at the Urban Arts Fest on Saturday and then enjoying my birthday brunch planned by the best friends ever - Steve & PH. I will be sharing the birthday with David who's real bday is Sunday.! is live, and we are debuting our t-shirts and website at Urban Arts Fest!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, Michael!

It was a great day to celebrate your birthday. Interview, IHop, Rocket Bar, RoundUp and more. Congrats on winning $100 from Loretta at the Lottery.

Tomorrow is my day!

Happy Birthday to me!

I hope I have as much fun as I did on Michael's Bday!

Happy Birthday David (nice balls!), Carl, Wendy, Ron, Andrew, Eric, and all my other friends who have birthdays in April!! Karen & Armando just in case you are reading this! Hello.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Armando and the "B"

Today was a day of moments.
some of the moments are tiny ones

karen, armando, karen, armando, karen, armando, armando, karen, armando, karen, armando, karen

It started early as I prepared myself for a qualifying interview with AT&T. I got up early, prepared coffee, took a shower, got dressed, and reread some material from my old notes when I was an account executive. The interview call went much easier than I had expected.

Then it was time to prepare for my first class lesson. Today's assignment was called "God In The Box". (This graphic image is actually the characters that mean GOD, and I added the box around it to illustrate this blog entry.) The students wrote down ten words that they believe discribed what GOD looked like or what GOD's image was to them. We then wrote all those words on the board. We only had 4 duplicates. With that many words describing GOD, you can see why their are so many different religions and versions of GOD. Back to the box, each student was given a white 4x4x4 box that was closed, and had something inside it. Their assignment is to without opening the box (trust factor here) they were to draw what was inside. I told them that GOD is inside the box. I also told them that they could decorate their box with words that describe their god. I am looking forward to what everyone shows us next week.

After class, I met up with Jim, Karen (aka "B"), and Armando at Starbucks. Jim and I handed out our postcards to our upcoming shows (no surprise there), we made new friends with the people sitting around us (Steve the secret blogger by the hour & the fire starter!), and we had visiting friends, Jim the massage guy, Luis (who couldn't remember Armando's name), and Luis' nice looking neighbor! We all drank coffee and chatted, some of tried to tell things that were part of our day, but were interupted by a pullover shirt with a tie, a tree throwing sparks, fire engines driving bye, and how to get a free coffee (Armando).

Now I must get ready for a good nights rest as I have an interview again in the morning.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fine Art Day !

Today was a great day. It did not begin like I had planned. I was supposed to get up very early in the morning and go to the gym. Then after the gym I was thinking of attending this networking professionals meeting in Oakcliff. That did not happen either. Partly becuase I really wasn't sure where it was, since I never got the email the guy who had called me on the phone to invite me.

So I slept in and it felt good. Guess all the dog watching the past week really tired me out. I met Tommy & Rich for lunch. We ate at KELs --- kind of reminds me of what you would expect to see in west TX, country boys in from the ranch to the local diner for some good home cooking. I of course had my usual - eggs! During lunch I got a call and becuase I was possibly expecting a call answered it! Surprise! It was a gentleman who had just seen my digital painting titled "Fine Art" at Uptown Vision - and he wanted to buy it! Done ! SOLD! Then I filled him in on the stories behind the piece. It was so great and it was just after I had told my friends that today is a day of ART. For those of you who do not know this painting --- click here --- to return to my blog about this piece.
The day progressed and I had to go to Half Price Books to get some books to brush up on my data networking for an interview with AT&T. On my way over there I stopped and dropped off some great prints of Jim Fredericks' art from Humanity that he had me do giclee prints of. He then presented me with my birthday gift! A Humanity Sculpture!! It needs a name --- it is now sitting on my fireplace mantle -- I love it!

Then after that great surprise, I headed to the bookstore, and found books to help me with my study. Patrick Petillo brought me a treat! Some of his Mom's homemade Bizzagain (sp?) --- it is a great italian dish.

Then Pat treated me to one of my favorite dinners! The Silver Spur! If only you can hear Pat say it.

I took these two pictures walking into and out of the restaurant. The sunset picture reminded me of the second series of art classes that I am teaching at the Cathedral of Hope. "Healing Our Image of God and Ourselves", I may use this picture to see if metaphorically that the rays of light may represent that of god. I have been searching for many different pictures of god to use in my 7 week session.

Well it has been a great and blessed day. Time to do some studying and then to bed so I can have a good interview tomorrow.

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I got this from a good friend, Michael, today. It is his commentary on not having a blog entry for Monday, and his company logo below it.... I found the combination of the two thoughts ironic! Maybe there was no blog yesterday because I was talking human? hmmmm....

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Friends, Dogs, and Easter in the Park

Easter Bonnets are all the rage!

These are some of the pictures from today's Easter in the Park celebration at Lee Park in Dallas.

They have concert in the park, the pooch parade, jello shots, eye-candy and lots of picnics. Everyone was having a great time.

Ever been bored and thought it would be a good idea to dye your dog?

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006


I created this for you.

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Friday, April 14, 2006


This is a spot where a blog will appear tomorrow.

Take a moment and a breath - and be grateful.

I am being grateful.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


"The power of the word is real
whether or not you are conscious of it."
- Sonia Choquette

A productive day. I found this quote today quite randomly, I opened a book and it was there. I could go into a whole diatribe about whether it was fate, destiny or coincidence, but I won't. I will just say that it was appropraite to come to me at this time.

Working on my recent large format digital pieces, I am very focused on the words that I am using, at first they were very personal. Now the choices are many and varied. I was at Starbucks getting coffee and they have words everywhere. The words are words related to the marketing of a movie they produced about a girl in a spelling bee. But seeing them everywhere seems to elevate their power. In a time where songs do not elevate the use of language and words, but repetition - it is refreshing to see words that are used in spelling bees placed everywhere. I found many words that I wanted to use.

This project keeps growing and growing. I finished my first session of classes today. Next week, for the next 7 weeks I will be conducting another class using Art as the vehicle for people to get closer to their connection with themselves and their God. It has given me a new confidence, one which I hope will lead to publishing a book of creative/spiritual ideas and project lessons.

For the answer for those of you who want to know the meaning of the title word. Visit Starbucks, look it up in a dictionary, or ask a spelling bee champion.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I am house sitting tonight so I can not place any pictures like I usually do on my blog. So this will be a blog of words.

Working on Websites
Promoting My Art & Shows
Setting Up eMail
Looking For Job With Benefits
Lunching With Friends
Putting Things Inperspective
Dog Watching

Trying To Get My Art Back From Texarkana
Calling A Lawyer
Meeting With Other Local Artists
Working on Blogs

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Looking Within

Looking within
Find the strength
To create who you are
You know where you are at
You know where you are going
You have a plan to get there.

I am working on that plan. I am putting everything I have into creating my life, that means finding a job which will give me the benefits I need.

I send an email to several friends sharing my need to find a job with benefits before my Cobra runs out. It was great to qucikly hear from so many people. Already have two possible opportunities which I have applied for, and several other options from other friends.

I created this piece using drawing painting techniques from Canvas Painter. I think I will call it "Looking Within".

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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Created this image using the word HUNTER which was given to me by my friend, Scott. It was fun to take it from Hunter to this and then push it even further.

Had a productive day, brunch with Jim and his friends, Chuck & Bob. Then Laundry and working on emails and corrections for the Mstreets Lakewood Artists' Studio Tour. Then met Patrick, Warren, Chris & David we had a few drinks then Dinner at Black Eyed Pea. Then home to continue laundry, my blog and watch TV. Tomorrow I meet with Jack and hear the news about my taxes. I also have a meeting with the Art Biz Coach.
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Saturday, April 08, 2006


The last two days flew by...breakfast helped me create this wonderful picture of creamer.

Then we moved to "SAY CHEESE" being the saying on the shirt I wore at the artist reception for the ART GROUP REUNION SHOW at UPTOWN VISION.

Lots of great people and energy. Spent much of the evening explaining my new work and how I take words then digitally translate them into the works of fine art that were hanging.

The some of the boys went out for drinks - here is a picture of the crew (Pat, Kevin, and Michael)

Took this picture today in the Parking Garage. Wasn't feeling good most of the day because of the champagne and cocktails the night prior. Jim and I picked up my work that was hanging at the Oaklawn Library, and then visited Art Mart at the Bathhouse Cultural Center. We saw James Dunn who met at the Victory Artists meeting - interesting digital works. Then we came home napped and watched TV, then he left to go have dinner with friends, I worked on the website and blog and will rest up for a better tomorrow.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Half Full or Half Empty



I created this Quad from pictures I took today around the meeting of artists for what I am now calling the Victory Arts Network.

A group of digital artists, videographers, film makers, digital photographers, painters, coreographers met tonight to get to know each other, form a supportive network and work on ideas for the Victory Arts Plaza.

We had a sociologist at the meeting who was a friend of one of the artists -- I am sure that it was a sociological event to watch. For many of us it was the first time to meet, to get to know each other, and to understand what this Call For Submissions is about. I think some good questions came from our discussion. I look forward to the answers we get. I think people started thinking of others that they may want to partner/collaborate with.

I am not sure how this group with develop, where the projects will go, who will participate, who will stand by to wait and see, and who will drop out. But the ball is rolling. I am energized by the great people I met. I see the glass half full with opportunities. Think I will start writing down all these ideas I have - maybe some of them will grow and come to life.

It all keeps coming back to P.A.C.E. --- for those who have not been reading my blog since the beginning --- P.A.C.E stands for Positive Attitudes Change Everything.

Tomorrow another busy day --- bloodwork in morning, artwork during the day, and the Art Group Show at Uptown Vision on Cedar Springs from 6-9pm during Uptown ArtWalk tomorrow evening.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Strange Sights

It was a day of strange sightings -- it started as Jim and I headed for a meeting with SouthSide at Lamar regarding the ART PATROL.

We spotted this man get out of his Mercedes at the Taco Bell parking lot with an electronic piano -- he started playing as we rushed to find the camera before the light turned green and snapped his photo.

After a great meeting --- The Art Patrol will be painting at Urban Arts Fest ( on Saturday, April 22 from 11am - 7pm --- come bye, lots of fun and art to be had.

After the meeting we had lunch at the diner, and who did we spot! But Elvis! Only just a few days ago (if you are reading my blog) Elvis was spotted in a Bar in Buffalo, NY --- boy he gets around quick!

Finally we headed to Uptown Vision for the hanging of the Art Group Reunion show. How many artist's does it take to hang a work of art! The proof is in the photo! Hope to see you at the reception this Friday from 6-9pm at Uptown Vision.

The day finished off with a meeting set with the company organizing artists for the Victory Arts Plaza later in April, a call with Mom & Dad, and my lenten art class which is winding down to its final weeks. But exciting news they have asked me to do another class on Wednesday because my art creativity class is so popular and getting good reviews, I will be doing another 8 weeks after this one.

Now my blog is finished....time to read other blogs, work on some art, and get a good nights sleep.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

04/05/06 07:08:09

On Wednesday of this week, at eight minutes and nine seconds after 7:00 AM, the date and time will be 04/05/06 07:08:09.
That won't ever happen again.

You may now return to your (normal ?) life.

Dallas Blooms

Spent today helping my friend Joleen with Publisher and postcards that she is working on for an upcoming artshow at VACD that her and a few others from the art group are doing.

Afterwards the Fredericks and I headed to the Dallas Arboretum. In some ways it was like oz...Poppies, Bubbles (is Glinda in there?) and little girls (no I am not talking about Jim!)
This little girl was having a blast when it came to chasing the bubbles that Jim was making with his new bubble maker.

I took this picture of the Fredericks -- love the way it's reflection makes an entire frame. And then what looks like it will be come tradition --- the annual taking of the "Fountain of Youth"!

Many of you may remember last year I took a similar pose with a friend's young child. It is only fair that the young at heart now do the same.

The Fredericks are leaving in the morning to go back to Washington, MO -- it was a great visit and glad I got to spend time with them.

And now I get to share the same experience with Jim, my parents have found a way to visit after all. I am excited that they will be visiting May 4-10th and be able to make my showing at Hibernia Dental Arts May 5th -- so put that date down and come MEET THE MILLERS (an old TV show for those that can remember!).

Now it is back to work - lots of meetings, lots of shows, lots of artwork to be done and sold.

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