Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

Well maybe tomorrow I will add this pictures seem to be having some trouble tonight --- maybe it is some Halloween Trickery.

Happy Halloween

The goblins are with me, becuase this post worked.

This is a pumpkin that was on Ann & Laura's front porch.

The paintings from Getzville arrived today, and no I did not take a bubble bath - but filled it with the popcorn stuffing that was in all the packages.

Created this image called "Play" - I used the font Playbill to start and this is the finalized image.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Sweet Bunchs

This is some of the images that I have been working of for various commissions - to the left is "Sweet" another piece created using the word.

And the next one was how I used an image that was a step in the word compassion in combination with type and some dots to convey a logo for a new contemporary florist that asked me to work on a logo for his business.

In other items, I lost another pound making my total loss to date 17 - I have 14 days left until the final weigh in. It would be great to get to the 260s which I need only need to loose another 9 pounds to get there. I have not weighed in the 260s for over 2 years and now I may be able to reach that by Thanksgiving.

I had a great dinner tonight with Jim, catching up after a number of weeks of traveling. I am looking forward to seeing his new work in person and hoping that he will be able to join me on a road trip to Houston to see the pink house and possibly participate in a outdoor chalk drawing festival called Via Colori that I am participating in on November 18th in Houston.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Off to the movies


Jim - we all get bumblebee kisses in the end.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The pink house

This is the pink house that I am thinking of leasing. It is in the Historic Sixth Ward of Houston. The house has more than enough room for my "stuff".

It is on a corner (in this area of town, they have ditch areas not regular curbs & sidewalks. However on the side of the house there is a sidewalk. The home behind me the landlord also owns and rents to two tenants, and the landlord lives across the street, and directly across and next to where the landlord lives, he is putting another home on a lot which has been moved what he told me is the oldest house in Houston.

It is an interesting choice, an up and coming historic district, somewhat bohemian, and definitely different then living in a community property where everything is new. This has older appliances, bathrooms with the old claw tubs (yes they still have showers). It does not have covered parking or a garage, but it does have a driveway.

It is closed in driving time to my office. It has multiple entrances, so a section could be used as an office, or possibly even a gallery. (I am checking on that).

Spent the entire day today looking at properties, tomorrow will do much of the same and try to make a decision - any advice you would like to give - call or email.

happy birthday Rob - sorry I am missing your birthday !


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good Bye Getzville

I took this picture of Mom & Dad in front of alot of the tree limbs that now line the street, you can even make out the tree branches that hang down, but need to be cut down.

Mom & Dad headed to Myrtle Beach and I headed back to Dallas. I took this picture of the sunset as we circled Dallas before landing.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just Super !

Had a very busy day today. I got my marching orders to move to Houston, sooner rather than later. I know that this will be difficult for some of the greatest friends that I have made in Dallas. But I have moved before, and the one thing I have learned over the years, is that your true friends stay your friends, no matter what is going on in your respective lives, and no matter where you live, or how much you see each other.

I worked out today at the gym, I did the treadmill for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and a workout by one of the personal trainers who was evaluating my fitness condition. Good News lost another 2 pounds (of course, not official 24 Hr Fitness weigh-in)! That makes 14 Total, and if I can loose another 3 pounds - I will be at 279. So now when I come to Toronto, I will have Peter and Godfrey to train me and keep me progressing. As Steve Syke taught me - No Excuses. He is a great trainer as well, I can see him doing that for a living if anything ever happened to BBig Blue.

After work tomorrow I am off to Buffalo, to spend the weekend with Mom & Dad, see the pictures of the Great October Snowstorm, and hear the stories, but at least they will have power and heat unlike most of the previous week they endured without it.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Work Out

Had a busy day today at work. Then came back to the hotel. It is amazing being back in a city. I forgot how much exercise you get from walking blocks to and from the subway, going up lots of stairs -- hard work when you are carrying your computer and papers in a shoulder bag. I changed into my workout clothes, and walked to the gym "eXtreme fitness" - after checking in, I headed for a treadmill and walked and ran for 3.5 miles. I returned to my hotel, and ordered a mixed green salad with grilled chicken breast....it was good. I watched "The Biggest Loser" for inspiration - it is always a good reminder to stick with it each day.

Mom & Dad have electricity back on!! and they are so happy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


You can see cows in the strangest of places...like the subway. I saw this an instantly thought of digital art.

Not much to report today.

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Monday, October 16, 2006


I created this image from a photo that I took of th office building that I work at when I am in Toronto. For those in the know, this is the Nestle Building.

I worked a long day today, but took time out to work on a birthday party invitation for my friends Ann & Laura. I also went for a walk, and visited a local gym located between where my hotel is and where the office is. They actually had a Direct Energy rate, so I joined, because I can use the membership when I am in Toronto, and then freeze it until I return the next month. So I have no excuses when I come to Toronto about working out. I saught this out after the gym at the hotel, both treadmills did not work. I still managed to get my workout in.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Marathon Art and More

Sunday started out with breakfast of oatmeal and fresh fruit and coffee. Right outside the hotel they were beginning the Toronto Marathon. Thousands of runners. After I finished breakfast I went outside and they were passing by the hotel again, it was about 18 km, and they were on their way. It was fun to cheer the runners as they passed by.

The I took the subway down to Osgoode street and came up from underground to see the other end of the Marathon, and believe it or not they actually had people running here. This was mile 25 - so they were finishing.

I proceeded down Queen Street West, looking for the MOCCA (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art). While walking and seeing the sites of great graffiti, I ran into some scary friends of Bud, Chester and Virgil. It may even have been them in their Halloween Costumes because they were a little scary.

After about a 3 mile walk to the MOCCA down Queen St. W --- seeing the Art & Design District. I think I walked about a total of 7 miles total.

At one point I walked a sidewalk artist do his art.
I saw this on a sign, and it made me think of Jim & I and Art Patrol.

After walking I ate a late lunch at the restaurant called Day Break. It was a great breakfast diner. I over did my calories, but figured with how sore my feet were I could spare a few extra.

After a great breakfast for my lunch, I walked some more, took the subway back to the Novotel and then a long nap! Boy did all the walking wear me out.

After waking, I took a nice shower, then headed out again for another walk. It reminded me walking in the cold crisp air of when I lived in New York City. You walk almost everywhere and you never think about it. The cold air keeping your cheeks red, and ears cold. I stopped in for a slice of pepperoni pizza and Sprite. (again not on my diet, but I could not find a place to get a chicken breast) - I still think I was well within my caloric intact.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Spent the day today seeing TO (the slang for Toronto, that I learned from Michael) A day of lots of walking, subway riding, art galleries, the VIP (Villiage Idiot Pub), Starbucks, Sunsets, Andy Warhol, Henery Moore, Salvador Dali, will probably go to a piano bar called of all things Zippers (not at all like the Zipperz in Dallas!, there is no Robb!)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Blog Buffalo

Been a crazy day -- It was Steve Frederick's Birthday, they had a huge snowstorm in Buffalo, NY, I am in Toronto...12 pounds thinner and very tired- so I am going to bed early and will blog more tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cherish is the word

Today's Starbucks meeting was attended by Jim, Karen, Burt and myself; as well as a phone call from Michael in Buffalo. The minutes of the meeting are as follows. Jim is the Bitterest. Jim was giving out his number and talking to others via cellphone at the same Starbucks. Timmer was unable to attend even though we gave permission for him to attend because he was in Portland OR being given an award for being the 2nd best Vet in the US! He even had a luau (almost Phillipines!). Karen was given the laptop that was Mark's so she could do her school work in exchange for a donation to his scholarship fund. Jim put it out on the table that I was committed to giving $10 for every pound that I loose from now till Feb 2nd to Mark's scholarship fund in honor of his birthday. Sounds like my friends are going to also be supporting me by making donations in different amounts for every pound I loose. Talk about encouragement! Everyone wants Everyone to know that we Cheesish (Cherish, unless you spell like Jim) each other. I prefer Cheddar! Michael A called and said either you are in or you are out! Obviously Armando was "OUT"! Armando said that he was still working on selling that listing and was unable to attend, but he did attend last week when no one made it. Some say that he may have been sitting outside of Baja Fresh remembering.

Until we meet again!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Finding Meaning

I created this piece from the typed word Spirituality. The word was given to me by my friend Karen, who was searching for meaning in this word, and how others interpret it.

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Creating Again

Created some companion pieces for the piece called Love. Joined by Love are Mercy on the left and Compassion on the right. Was a fulfilling day, worked out hard with my trainer, put in a full day of work, fixed my iTunes account which took two days to move the thousands of songs that I have burned from my cd collection.

Excited about the upcoming art events - Art Conspiracy 2, Art Rage Us 3, PACE THREE (a.k.a pastry).

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

We love ....

We don't love the people we love because they are perfect, we love the people we love because they are. Even after they are gone.

This was a line that caught my attention inbetween loads of laundry on Sunday night television from the show Brothers & Sisters. It says alot.

This has been a very busy weekend. I weighed in on Saturday - lost another 2 lbs. That gets me to 9 total in 2 weeks.

Working on my ipod, visited with Andrew, celebrated Warren's birthday, visited with Jim & Jack, did some organizing, participated in a fund raiser with my art, had great dreams, and busy getting ready for my next business trip.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Today was a busy day at my corporate job. Worked late, and have to turn in so I can get up early tomorrow. Many of my friends are busy with their jobs and lives also - Toronto, Dallas, Buffalo, Houston, Tampa, etc... taking time out to keep your friends informed, and being involved in each other's lives takes time, commitment and hard work.

So Karen who is working on her masters asked a question to get different perspectives, here is mine, but feel free to leave comments of your own, just leave your real name so she can quote you if she wants.

What does SPIRITUALITY mean to you?

To mean spirituality or spiritual is a term that I usually to describe my belief or faith. I do believe in some connection between all living things and the universe that surrounds us and we play a part in effecting. I believe that this connection can be at times called "GOD", however the term God has been used by man to describe many things and can be misintrepreted by people who have a different understanding or meaning of god. Thus I think of the word connection. You have the connection to life, the connection to death, you have connections to the world around you, the people at your work, your place of worship, your friends, your family, and even those strangers who influence in numerous ways but may be unaware of. It is this connection, and understanding of the connections that to me is the understanding of my belief system as spirituality. I believe you can look at the connections between how your mind can heal your body, and people will say that your inner "spirit" helped you to do that. Well what is that inner "spirit" is you. Yes, you. Some people would like that "spirit" to be not you, but the workings of "God" - I believe that this belief was started by those who first formed religion to be a method of communicating things in a way to control people's beliefs as something out of their own control. I believe that the power of prayer is the power of concentrated thought, and that thought can actually be translated into effect... you may say that this happens becuase God makes it happen, but I prefer to consider the fact that we - our individual spirit - can alone or combined with others have an effect on the universe that surrounds us.

I saw a billboard as I entered Houston, last night.
It said "Imagine Peace"
At first it may me wonder, then I noticed it said in small letters below
"Yoko Ono"
I then thought I wish I could get a picture of the sign, then I wondered if all the people that saw this sign that travelled by it, would actually take the time to truly imagine peace - what effect that would have on their lives at that moment and also to effect the future. As an artist I know that you can be very surprised how your own actions, views, thoughts, ideas, and even abstracts can evoke a feeling or action in a person viewing your art. I think this cause and effect can be viewed as "spiritual" - you have transformed a thought into art which causes a reaction that causes action.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life Walk

Today I was a 5K with friends for the Dallas Life Walk, which raises funds for AIDS Arms. Shortly after finishing that I drove to Houston for a week filled with work and training. Then I return to Dallas next weekend for an art exhibition which is also a fundraiser for the Life Walk. I have donated one piece of art and will be hopefully selling 3 others. Been very busy keeping up with the various art assignments as well as getting ready for some shows coming up in November & December.

Had some great talks on my drive to Dallas, with Eric in Los Angeles, Mom & Dad in Buffalo (the Bills won!!) and Helen in St. Louis.

Here is a picture of Steve (I'm taking the picture) this was around the mile mark, and people were everywhere (about 3,000) !

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