Sunday, November 26, 2006

Packing and Purging...

Packing and Purging.... that basically described today. With the help of my friend, Carl, we packed up books and items. We also sorted items of books, cassettes, cds, dvds, vhs tapes, a few records, books and then either packed them for transport to Houston or packed them to take them to CD Warehouse, Movie Trading Company or Half Price Books to sell them.

Now the busy month begins.

I got a call last night from Wendy Domster, it was great talking with my friend from High School and great to make that reconnection.

My thoughts are with my friend, Jim. I hope you find the strength to feel better. Just know that I and your friends are there for you if you need a friend - we will be there for you.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I created this image from scratch. It was a day of finishing projects, getting ready for packing, and celebrating a friend's 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Glenn. Armando came over after breakfast and got some "free stuff". I am giving away some items so I do not have to move them. After visiting Stretch and Frame, they gave me some left over canvas, and I shared the wonderful gift with Jim Frederick. Mom and Dad moved into their new place in Myrtle Beach.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thank You Friend

I have alot to be thankful for.

So I will be thinking of you this day because of the blessings that you have given me.


Monday, November 20, 2006

I have lived 17,015 days

Wow - who knew! I am living in between JFK and Judy! I hope to make it past Andy!
Age at Death Days Alive DaysDiff. Name
58 21384 4370 Andy Warhol
57 20839 3825 Humphrey Bogart
54 19966 2952 Michael Landon
53 19625 2611 Jackie Robinson
52 19299 2285 Grace Kelly
47 17179 165 Judy Garland
- 17015 0 I am here
46 16978 -36 John F. Kennedy
42 15561 -1453 Elvis Presley
42 15539 -1475 Robert Kennedy
40 14670 -2344 John Lennon

Want to find out where you are? Click Here

$100 Boxes

These images are the artwork that was done on 12"x12" boxes for the Bering & James and Mind Puddles in December.

Jim's are entitled a word the means "As God Wished It" - I am not sure of the spelling - so I will leave that for Jim to write on his blog.

The next two works are my paintings which were done in my hotel room at the Marriott Renaissance. Who says you can not create anywhere?! The first one is called boxscape and the second one is called terrabox. It was fun to get the paints out and create - it is a very physical experience and a playful one with the texture of the paint.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006


I spent most of the day trying to soothe my sore hamstrings which hurt from all the squatting and bending and kneeling from yesterdays street art creating. One treat, I am sure my trainer, Cliff would not have liked is I had some ice cream. This time of year usually release "Pumpkin" flavor. It tastes so good with Chocolate fudge.

I created this image using a photo and manipulating it and combining it with some other altered photos I took tonight at the ice cream palor.

Today I also created my art for the $100 Box show happening here in Houston on December 2nd. I will show the pictures of my entries and Jim Frederick's tomorrow. The art pieces will be shown at the galleries: Mind Puddles and Bering & James. It is a charity which benefits - look for my profile on this site.

I also entered the latest call for artists at

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Creative Energy

From this to...

This in only 5 and 1/2 hours.

Click Here for Slide Show of the Via Colori Event

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Via Colori - Houston

Join me at Via Colori -

Friday, November 17, 2006

Chalk People

I went to the Via Colori Artist Reception tonight - from one of my blurry photos - I created this picture which is aptly titled "Chalk People"

The next picture is that of the podium with John Palmer's art behind it. I saw this and thought - "Art Speaks".

When I checked in, they had all these red bags (which they ended up giving to each of us filled with goodies) and I thought photo op!

Then as I walked around and watched people I noticed what they were wearing - especially this young woman and her boots. So like the "Sniper", I am, I pointed and shot!

Worked out hard tonight, tired and going to dream about popping in and out of chalk paintings like Mary Poppins. Lots more pictures and stories to come.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


These images are the designs that I have worked up for possible 6 foot by 6 foot chalk drawings this weekend at the Via Colori.

It takes place this Sat & Sun - drop bye and say hi if you are in Houston.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Today I flew to Houston. On the flight I took pictures of the takeoff, landing and the ground and clouds that I passed over. At one point I was flying over looking at the landscape and I saw this instantly reminded me of the Marboro Man -- can you see him?

from that picure I created an abstract "artscape" using grids and the photos distorted from above.

Had a great lunch with Jim, Joe and Robert today.

Monday, November 13, 2006

What the bleep...

I have these moments and I had one just now which is inspiring me to write this blog even though I had planned on going to bed without writing. (Kinda like Seth).

It was a day that was trying, but I held in there. It was a day of communicating with my friends. It was a day of being true to my goals.

In the evening before I go to bed I have a ritual. I have a deck of cards called the 72 names of God ( On each card is 3 hebrew words which each represent God. On each card is a meditation along with the words. You are supposed to reflect and meditate and pick a card - which I do - and below is what todays card read:


I am aware of the divine sparks in every person. Their true essense is awakened in my heart. I become wiser in the ways of the world. I percieve the repercussions of my every word and deed, and I know that sharing acts towards others are always in my own best interest.

What made this the selection of this card on this night a "What the bleep" moment is that as I was shutting down the lights in each room - the light switch - sizzled, like static electric charge, and it happened as I shut off the lights in my office and then in my bedroom. Then I meditated about today over the cards. My conversations with people from work, Mom & Dad, Denise, Jack, Cliff (my trainer), Jim, Tommy, the people I spoke about Karen, Seth, PaFred, Louise, Rich, Steve, Ph, others at work, people I emailed and responded to in email, and my brother Mark, who I always think of before going to bed.

So then I read the meditation - divine sparks.
and Mark's nickname was Mark the spark.
Coincidence that I picked this card? Hmmm, you decide - I think it was a message from God.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Busy day = two breakfasts, but very little food. Had a great visit with Armando, Cliff, and Jim - saw Luis, and his friends, Jack, Bill and others at that restaurant. Then I joined Denise and her daughters Elizabeth and Rachel and their new roommate Carl. We had a great time and celebrated Rachel's birthday. Then Carl helped me with art, dropping off a purchase to Chris & David at their new home, and picking up boxes that can be used for the move. We then headed back home and I printed more art and we went to Stretch & Frame and picked up some new art as well as dropped off some new pieces. Then we headed to Richland Hills and I finally saw the home Denise lives in and the great job of redesign the Kitchen and bathrooms. Then I came home and a small amount of turkey, then headed to the gym. I worked out for 99 minutes - 5 miles, and then 15 minutes in the sauna.

This is another piece of art - "strings".

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Working Pace

It was an interesting day today. I worked hard. I worked out hard, and I worked on my art for PACE3. The artwork you see here is a combination of layers of logo and words. Will be printing this out and then giving it to Jim to add some paint - this will be our 2nd Collaboration piece of art for the PACE show.

I created this next piece taking the art to another step. I am not sure which one I like best. You probably can not see it it here, but in the size that I am working at you can see the actual words that Jim and I wrote about PACE. For those that may be reading this for the first time - PACE is an acronym for Positive Attitudes Change Everything.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006


I created this image from the word "Piriformis" which I learned from my trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. It is a stretching exercise that I do to help correct my standing position. It seems that my tendacy is to have my feet turn outwards.

The piece that I created used the words and by changing the color and using the shapes of the letters created a abstract that as influences that I can see of Joan Miro and Kandinsky.

Had lunch today with Carl who is adjusting well to living in Texas. Although I had to laugh when he said that he can not believe that it is November 9th and it was going to be 87 degrees. I love it - but he said he wanted snow!

Mom & Dad called today with news ! They have found a little brown/grey house to rent in Myrtle Beach just off the golf course and near their friends. They are very excited because it is much bigger then the apartment they current lease. They will move in December 1st, and when I visit them at Christmas I will get to see the new place. Dad said he would send some pictures when they have the keys in their hands.

3 days till final weigh in!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a Starbucks Christmas!

Starbucks -
Attending - Burt, Timmer, Jim, Bob & Joe, Glenn & Jim L., and Armando
Lots of fun talk, and sometime what is said at Starbucks, stays at Starbucks. They were already putting the Christmas displays up which really upset Timmer and Armando who think the commercialization is much too early. Bob & Joe are traveling somewhere at Christmas, but it is a we do not know. The joke of the evening - "Do Republicans Use Bookmarks?" - "No, they just prefer to bend over pages."

And for those of you keeping track - the weigh in today with the trainer was at 274 (Hurray! 21 pounds and counting)...only 4 more days until the final weigh in.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Get Into Pink

Getting there. I had another busy day. I worked out with my trainer Cliff today, we worked hard. I am hopeful that this will push into the next bracket of weight loss. When I weighed in today I was at 276 - that makes 19 pounds. Only one more to get into the 20 pound range.

Created this image, experimenting with color and shapes. It is a busy season for creating art. I have projects for PACE 3 in Dallas and the $100 Box Show in Houston coming up.

I had a great conversation with Michael tonight. He mentioned that his friend Gretchen and him talked about "The Pink House Gallery" and Gretchen came up with a great tagline - "Get Into Pink." I love when friends can brainstorm and share cool ideas.

Carl is in Texas --- Hell must be freezing over. But I am glad that he is here and I hope that we can get him a job somewhere soon.

Jim - I enjoyed our conversation today.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bday Brunch Break

Today we went to the Catalina Room for Patricks "50th" (actually 48th) Birthday Brunch. It was a nice break and I was realitivly good with what I ate concentrating mainly on Protein and avoiding the carbs.

You can see the shirt that I got Patrick for his birthday.

Here is PH celebrating with Champagne.

It was attended by Jason, Rich, Jack, Jim, Ph, Warren, Patrick and myself. We ran into Jay & Mike again - they were there when I had my birthday celebration.

Worked out hard today - planning to work out hard each day until my weigh in next Sunday.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Officially Moving

Today it is official.
I was approved to move into the Pink House in Houston.
I gave notice at my complex and will be moved by year's end.

Starting 2007 out in a new city, with a new place to live, and a new arts community to get involved in. Becoming involved in the Dallas arts scene has taught me alot. Probably the most important thing that I have learned from those I consider mentors, friends, and watching new artists spreading their wings - "Create your own art scene", "Positive Attitudes Change Everything", "Believe in your self, in your art, and your message" and "Digital Art is Fine Art".

Had a nice evening with Burt and Jim at Starbucks, wont go into the details but it was a nice evening. Karen, Armando, Cliff, Jim L., Glenn, Jack -- we missed you.

I am going to use my time the next 6 weeks, to really downsize and get rid of many of the items I have collected over the years so that I can start fresh. So if you want art, now is the time - good prices to be had - if you need something and I have it -- most likely I will let it go (except my printers and computers).