Sunday, April 29, 2007


Armando & Cliff came to visit for the weekend. We spent time going to art galleries and shopping in various antique stores, vintage clothing stores located in the Heights & Galveston.
This is an old picture of Jim and a Doll from a trip to Denison, TX.

We took these pictures in rememberance of a scary picture we have of Jim.

It is a fun thing to do to find scary dolls and make faces to look like them.

Another scary thing to do is to find clothes you think your friends would wear and do a photo fashion show. This outfit is for you Karen!

And a weekend outing without my camera would not be complete without some photo digital documentation. It seemed like everywhere we went I would see these cones. Normally I would just pass them by, but they became sort of a photo project - three seperate places, three different photos, three different feelings.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Art and Friendship

We visited the MFAH! Go into the light Michael A, Go into the light.
This has been a wonderful weekend. I created some digital art. I took lots of photos. I relived old memories and friendships.
The light from the studio.
Road markings.

Hopperesque building in Galveston.

Boys having fun!


These are some pictures that I have taken over the last few days while my friend Michael visited Houston so we could celebrate our birthdays.

Bedroom light

Door in Galveston

Livingroom nite glow

Gallery switch

Carwash abstract

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

working and reworking

I was in the studio again this evening. I was there to finish working on 3 pieces that needed to be signed, varnished and the edges painted black. These are the pictures that I showed earlier in the blog that are italian landscapes.

But the beautiful thing about having a large space is that while things are drying, you can get inspired and do more work.

So I worked on the piece on the corner, I worked on another sitting on the table. Then I saw this picture of robert that I have not worked on in over a year. I took it off the wall, and just started. I am actually excited the way it is taking on new life. Stay tuned because I not sure how this Robert piece will end up.

I also worked on a piece that I started painting last fall. It was while I was in Dallas and painting in front of Urban Blossom. They had a customer who liked one of my other paintings that was very textured but it was in browns and he wanted orange, black & yellow --- well I tried, but I could never get it right. So I painted over the entire canvas while orange paint, and then began scratching out what was painted below it. It too also has an interesting rebirth, and am excited to see where this piece goes. I know that those clients that like orange will be calling becuase it is really interesting.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Bunnies Bring Paint

Today was a day to relax and paint. I have been working on some items so I thought I should show the progress. This next painting is not finished...

This is a painting that has been through many phases in it's life. But finally I am feeling like it is getting to the right place. It has been a human figure, it has been a landscape...and now something inbetween, something abstract, something in progress.

I sold a painting at Flavors from Afar last weekend. It was one of the paintings that have been inspired by my trip to Italy several years ago. At Flavors from Afar, an epicurian shop, with Italian olive oils, spices, cheeses, and so much more (even art!). This has left a hole where the last painting was hung, so I created 3 paintings to give some more spice to the collection at this location in Snider Plaza in Dallas, TX. This painting is based on mountains and dramatic sunrays.

Another thing that fasinates me about Italy is the trees. The seem to stand off by themselves. I do not know if this is by design or just strong character.

But you can see nothing but a line of trees, equally spaced, equally grown. It is very eloquent.

This was a very good Easter Weekend. I had visitors to the gallery, who returned with a relative who was visiting, and to make a few purchases. Jon & Connie who live in Houston are now the proud owners of "Thoughtful" and "Desperation". Their relative, brother was visiting from Las Vegas, but grew up in Tonawanda - very close to where I grew up. Small World. Thank you Pat & Sonya for introducing me to your Houstonian friends. Another great thing was calling my friend Denise, who was the person who gave me the word "Thoughtful" to work as a piece. You never know who you are going to meet and where the inspiration will come from.

Another interesting thing happened when my mother visited that I forgot to share. She was reading the paper as saw an article about NASA and the pictures of the North Pole of Saturn. Large Universe. It was very interesting the way the picture in the paper looked so much like my digital painting called "Spiral Life" --- maybe in an out of body experience I got there first and created it? A space oddity? You decide.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Mom and Jackie visited the aquarium today.
This is a great shot of a sawnosed shark that kept looking at mom.

Jackie uses the perscope...probably to figure out why the train ride through the aquarium broke down when they were on it! hmmm.
This is the "electric" fish that mom saw.

Mom made friends with Sparky!

Mom leaves tomorrow to go back to Myrtle Beach. We had a great visit.
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mom Blogs

"Here is what we look like today." - Dot

Mom and her friend Jackie, and Jackie's friend Nancy came to show Mom Houston. They visited the Pink House Gallery, and the Winter Street Studio and even went to the Houston Contemporary Museum of Art. I met them for a sandwich at Kraftsman Bakery (thanks Jackie) after which they tried to find the Flower Mart and visited the Big Heads.

Oh My!

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Monday, April 02, 2007


I created this image based on the circuit board from the previous security system which was replaced and is working now.
Lakewood Alarm came and set up the now the system beeps, sirens are armed, and codes are set.
Mom and I shopped and bought a new pair of shoes today, we had dinner at Paulie's - great lasagna. Yum.
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Yesterday Mom and I drove around alot. Many of the places we wanted to go to ended up being closed... We tried a place for breakfast called the Breakfast Klub, but it is closed on Sunday, so we ended up at the 59 Diner. It was really good. Then we tried to go to the Museum of American Craft, but it was closed, so we ended up going to the local grocery store and buying some items and coming home and watching the Houston Open on tv. Then Mom made her famous Mac& Cheese... (jealous, Jim!).