Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Too busy

Sorry no blog today, too busy opening and unpacking boxes.

Why? Ask Jim.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Meeting the neighbors

Tonight after getting home from my corporate job, I decided to venture into the neighborhood. I decided to walk, brought my camera in case I saw some things that needed documenting, brought my sketchbook and black ink pen. Along the way, I saw some ripped billboard ads on a building front, and created this collage from it. In some ways it tells a story - you can create you own, I did.

Next I decide to get some dinner at this diner in the neighborhood. It is on Washington street, about a 4 short block walk from my front porch. I walked in and was greeted by a nice man, who told me he lived around the block and that the restaurant had only been open since June, but with the recent positive press in the Houston Cronicle, they have been very busy. I had me a Louisana Burger and some french fries. It was very good. I am excited about going there for breakfast one day soon, as I hear the chef used to work at the Pig Place which just closed down the street. I am sure that I will have more stories to tell about "The Little Hip Diner", and can not wait to bring my houston visitors there for a bite and some local atmosphere.
After dinner I continued my walk, and I stopped at the Art Gallery leCAG. It's open sign was on and I thought how cool. As I approached a rather short woman opened the door and invited me in. You see this is much more than a gallery, it was her home and her studio as well. I mentioned that I too was an artist and just moved into the neighborhood. I gave her my card advertising "The Pink House Gallery", she was very excited that another artist was moving into the neighborhood. Her name is Coco (or at least that is what she is calling her self now according to her card) and her husband Pablo - fabulous names if you ask me. They welcomed me into their home, gave me a tour of the studio, home and gallery. We talked about art, the neighborhood, upcoming art events to participate in, the view at the Bayou, and being an artist. I can not wait to be able to have them over my "gallery, studio, home" to share some wine and talk more about art. If you would like to check out her work - .

After leaving Coco's place, I walked home, but before I got to my place I walked one block south to this corner and took the pictures of the Houston Skyline that is at my doorstep. It is very cool. The energy in this neighborhood, is friendly, welcoming, and exciting. I have the feeling I am meant to be here.

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Mary?, Mary!, how does your garden grow?

People have been asking me if I took a picture of Jim, well here he is with the "wooden" & "jingle belled" flowers that my parents sent him. It was a funny story since they did not know that it was a kit that needed to be assembled, but after Jim and his nurse dived into the project it was recieved with much delight.
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Monday, January 29, 2007

505, Blogging, Unboxing and talking with Jim

This is my five hundredth and fifth post... so much to do... blog more... unpack more... do more... or to quote my friend, Jim - "You can only do what you can do", his new mantra. I had over an hour conversation with him tonight on the phone, we talked about many things, I am sure he captured some of them on his own blog, as he was trying to multitask his brain to be able to blog, talk to me and play jewel quest all while simulataneously open a sugar packet and creating his next work of art with his own excrement. You would have to have heard our conversation to understand.

It was a very busy productive day for me, and now I am taking a moment to reflect and to be grateful for all that I have in life. This picture is of a local woman in my neighborhood, she is very pleasant, but she is poor and she say hi, good morning, and proceeds to go through everyone's trash looking for cans that she gets money for recycling. So it doesn't matter what your fate in life, if you are grateful for all that you have you can be happy.
I am happy for my friends. This is a few pictures of the friends I have in Dallas, when I was home and we got to celebrate Tim's 45th birthday. Annie the pool shark, Tim and his Tiffany Shade Hat, and the party boys.
Also got to visit Burt's new place, and this is a picture of his great bedroom. Hmmm. I could go there (actually I went there) but I won't.

And I am grateful for the friends, of friends I have in Dallas that introduced me to their friends in Houston, so now I am making new friends. I had a fun night a few weekends back with new friends I am making part of my Houston family.

So more blogging, more unboxing and more boys to come, and great conversations with friends where is doesn't matter if you are in the room or hundreds of miles away it's like your are there all the same. Laughter and Love, Billy

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back at the drawing board

Today was a great day. I got my home wireless network of computers working (no thanks to Time Warner), but it allows me to have all my computers networked and have access to the internet. I am sitting in my livingroom blogging now, and creating new digital art. I created this piece by using my drawing techniques - something I think I want to explore further. I like the transparency and the action it has.

Also in case he's reading... Watch Oprah on Wednesday. (yes, you Jim).

12 Days until my first cruise...

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

this blog's for you

Toronto was very cold.... -16 celisus (bbrrr!)

Been a while since I last posted. That was becuase I was in Toronto and only had with me my corporate laptop which would not allow me to access the blogger site. So now I am back and blogging again. It is good to see Jim blogging again as well, and commenting - they must be doing good with his therapy becuase he's typing again.

Had a long trip back from Toronto - here are a few pictures from the airport! 6 hours on a plane is not my kind of fun. But I am grateful to be back in Houston with the 60 degree weather.

When the universe shows you something you need to listen. I saw the movie "The Secret".

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Later

I had a great weekend. Lots to tell, more pictures to come, but I am already off again to Toronto. More later.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

3rd Visitor

My friend Michelle visited today and got a tour of the Pink House. We had a great visit and dinner at Barnaby's. I had lasagna (yum) and met the owner Cuba, who took my card and said that she would contact me when she needed an artist to hang at her restaurant in an emergency, and she would have her art organiser contact me to view my art and set up a future time for an actual show. Very cool.

and it was cold and lightly rainy here - the media freaked everyone out - seemed like we were having a blizzard - I am thinking this is like saying the Hurricane is coming and all we get is a breeze and some spit! Oh well that is the Yankee in me coming out.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Still working hard, Still unpacking boxes, Still creating art, Still paying bills, Still enjoying life, Still living in Houston, Still nothing seems the same.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Lemons & Knobs

One of the pleasures of being somewhere new is that you always have things that you find, that you notice, that you don't take for granted. Two things that I have noticed around this historic old house is the lemon tree that sits just outside in my backyard and the incredible diverse collection of doorknobs (no two alike).

I hope that I find more treasures and do not come to take them for granted... little surprises everywhere. I am sure that my artists' friends would agree and I look forward to when Jim, SarahJane, Seth, and Pa Fred come to visit and use their cameras to find interesting things just lying around waiting to be photographed.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Long Weekend

Updated with photo of my new furniture that is in the bedroom. A new armiore and cedar chest. They look great with the old Philco radio/record player and antique table with blue mirror glass top.
In the picture the insets show some of the details that are inside the armoire.

Had a great visit with Warren. Got another step closer to being unpacked. Lots of work ahead. Missing friends.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Friday & Saturday

Having a good visit with Warren and Trudy. Bought some new furniture for the bedroom, antique armoire and chest (need storage for clothes & towels). Hope to post pictures soon. Then dinner at Star Pizza (Ann & Laura's Favorite Place) and then out for a few drinks exploring the town. Got in around 11pm. Heading off this morning to find a new breakfast place, and follow that up with some shopping at Home Depot or Lowes. Things to arrange and get done.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

2nd Guest Arrives

Updated - with Picture of Warren & Trudy.

No pictures, but Warren and his little dog Trudy arrived today to visit for the weekend. His first comments echoed that of Denise's visit "Wow, this is much bigger than I thought it would be."

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My First Pink House Guest

Denise was the first guest to see "The Pink House". She was here on business and we ate a local diner that I found, and then came to see how I was fairing on the unpacking of the 300+ Boxes.

JF - you're in my thoughts. I am thinking P.A.C.E. thoughts for you for tomorrow.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Second

Not much to say here.
Worked today.
Waited for phone company...guess what ? Not today, but tomorrow.
Dropped off items at Salvation Army.
Bought a new coffee pot after making coffee this morning all over the countertop and floor.

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 as ART

I created this today, my first piece of art for 2007. I actually used the writing of 2007 several times to create this abstract image.

I am not sure of the metaphors that this work expresses...but be sure that it the inner spirit of me and my life that is expressed.

I am down to just 25 boxes and the rest of the place is starting to look lived in. I spent the New Years Eve watching Anderson Cooper on CNN, unpacking boxes, text messaging and calling friends and family. I was sorry that I could not be in Dallas with the several friends who had parties.

P.S. (I had a little boo hoo today when I heard the song on my Ipod called Old Friend)

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A new year, a new place, a new start.

Happy 2007 - may all your dreams come true this year.