Saturday, September 30, 2006

1 Week - 7 Lbs

It was my first week weigh in -- and I am now at 288 and lost 7 lbs. Not sure if that makes me the biggest loser of the week. Did alot of work today, worked out, worked on art, worked on getting ready to go to Houston. Went to Mark Mullino's art show tonight - great to see a person with a musical talent incorporate that into his art.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Got T-cells?

Happy Birthday Jim!!!

A group of friends joined Jim for a surprise birthday at Sambuca's. Burt picked up the Birthday Boy, but did not tell him we would all be there. We being Karen, Timmer, Jim L. aka Snipple, Glenn, Cliff, Armando and myself.

A birthday theme around the letter T for ...

Afterwards we went to Jim & Glenn's party pad for some cake. Somehow the sugar really effected Jim as seen here.

Back in Dallas, only two more days to my weigh in....

Lots more to tell now that I am back, but need rest and good sleep.

This if for those earlier risers.

And BTW - I only had iced tea to drink, about 3oz of blackend tuna, some rice and two stalks of asparagus, and a small house salad. Oh yes, and water, and two spoons of ice cream and cake of jim's (tried hard to keep it under 100 calories) - more cardio tomorrow.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Today's Workout

It was a tough workout tonight. I got to the gym early, after I stopped by the Apple store and bought a sport's armband to hold the iPod that I got from my brother. In a way it is a small reminder that he is always with me, even as I work out. Every now and then one of his songs pops up and plays - I get a kick out of that - ever been working out to Marilyn Manson? Well I worked out for 40 minutes, doing another 2 miles on the treadmill. At 7pm, I met with my trainer Cliff - he immediately asked for my journal. I need to write down everything I eat with the corresponding calories. He gave me an A- for eating, only because I needed to eat more! I was only eating about 1750 calories and I am supposed to be eating 2100 calories -- it is hard to do when 15 carrot sticks only equal 30!

Cliff then proceeded to put me through my first entire strength workout - for the next three weeks, three times a week, I go through this workout - Cardio everyday 40 minutes +, one the workout days - I do Chest Press, Seated Row, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Shoulder Press, Triceps Extension, Biceps Arm Curl, and Abdominal Crunches. I do two sets of 20 reps each, except for crunches which are 25 reps each. They are 25 because I got cocky and told him I could do more, so he said go ahead, he failed to tell me that I was going to have to do a 2nd set.

I can tell you I am going to feel this as I try and get back into shape. I am so tired, and have an early morning as I get to the airport to fly to Houston. --- off to bed now I am very tired, and will have no trouble sleeping.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dove Bars

I had a busy day, doing lots of laundry, getting ready for my next trip to Houston. Met with my trainer today, he walked me through 1/2 of the strength routine I will be doing, as well as took all the measurements. We will do the measurements about every two weeks, and the weight every week to measure progress and know what's occuring in my body. I also signed up online for the . Ate healthy today by following my calorie menu that they gave me. I even took the Dove Bars from my freezer to Warren's home tonight for our weekly Desperate Housewives viewing party. I also brought my own salad and chicken breast with green beans, so I would not be tempted by the Frito Taco Chili that everyone was eating. I regretfully missed the opportunity to meet Burt's boyfriend, Tim.... I heard he is really nice. He must be to like Burt (Jim throw up here!). I meet with the trainer, Cliff, again tomorrow. I pick up my jacket for next year's DIFFA Collection, excited about the opportunity to do that again. Well need to finish some laundry and get a good nights sleep.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I signed up

Today I took the first step. I committed myself to losing weight and becoming more fit. I signed up at the gym membership I have had but have not used in some while at 24 hour Fitness, I joined the Biggest Loser contest, they have going. It will be a weight loss contest from now through Nov 12th. They say that you can loose 15 pounds in those 6 weeks, and that the person who signs up and loses the most will win a year's membership to the gym. Today I had my consultation, tomorrow I have my fist workout with a trainer. I walked about 2 miles today on the treadmill. I will try to report on my progress in the blog and let you know how things are going. Started weight 295lbs. My friend, Steve, also joined the contest - I think he will be very good motivation for me, and it is nice knowing that you have someone you know going through the same.

You never know who you meet along the way...

Tonight I learned something.
You need to follow your dreams.
You need to accomplish your goals. (or at least try!)

I have a friend, his name is Robert, he has climbed Killenmenjaro (sp?) - wow --- what are we waiting for --- climb your own mountains and tell the story.

It was a great day. It was a great evening.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hi Coo

there once was a man who was a vet...
who met an asian...who he didn't know yet...
but, it was fate beyond the dogs cries...
it was pressed in a frame there it lies...
a petal of truth of hope for the future...
that we can all be one...
or at least these two
can put each other out of their misery...
and we can all live happily ever after...
insert tear and a fog machine here....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crack & Coffee

Well it was another eventful evening at Starbucks. The evening started with a small group (Jim, MaFred, Mark and myself), Mark Mullino picked up his postcards created for his upcoming art show at Jim Frederick Studios the weekend of Sept 29 & 30th 7pm-10pm - check out his new paintings.

Then we had a continuouse trickle of attendees, as we grew and became louder, the person in the corner chair on his computer eventually moved and we of course moved in. We were joined by Karen, Burt, Joe (a.k.a. Chuck), Jack/Jeff, Jim L. (a.k.a. Mr. Snipple), Armando arrived at 8:30 exactly (wonders never cease), then Glenn (a.k.a. Mrs. Snipple - 65 and going strong!, "my nipples are original!"), and of course PaFred who joined us via cellphone (still don't think he knew who he has talking too!, Hope he has returned that baby he borrowed by now). Missed but not forgotten, Bud, Chester, Virgil, Flat Seth, Cliff, and Bob (he was tied up with duck tape according to Joe).

The notes of this week's meetings are as follows - Karen & Burt have known each other for 3.5 years - someone wore a demin shirt at a Bday Party for Karen (not sure if it was Burt or Karen?). Armando is celebrating 3 years with the adorable Cliff/Chris, and knows this becuase it follows his nieces' birthday. neither should expect gifts. A shelf fell at the Casa Riveria and unlike Mary Poppins the books and things still lie on the floor (what's a week?) Armando was reported to have been asking around again if "I" really work, or am I just traveling and playing pretend. (Like Armando pretends to sell Houses!...some people shouldn't throw stones at their glass houses). PaFred is convinced that Puerto Rico is the "big island" of the beautiful Phillipines (wave hand cross gesture from knee to crown); Joe recently returned from visiting Lake Tidy Bowl (Lake Huron is so very blue!), The question everyone wanted to know the answer to, and expect to read it on Jim's Blog is Jim - Is it better being here at Starbucks with the United Colors of Bendoverman or at home in bed doing your best Greta Garbo impersonation? , Rumor has it that Bud & Chester are in rehearsals for their upcoming show tour - Bud & Chester and the Gnomettes! The Farewell Tour!, Rumor has it that Burt is seeking out the well know Nippoloigist - Dr. Tittle, Seems that their will be a party sometime after Thanksgiving to celebrate a local celebrity who is 65 (doesn't look a day over 50) and is looking for bartenderesses from Hooters, For those of you special enough to get an invitation through the front door (and not the freight elevator with the help) should plan to arrive at 6:50pm and you should make sure to bring the guest of honor a bud vase or a velvet painting of your favorite Elvis or Jesus. Someone asked if "Blackberry" was code? Could it be the screen name of the neighbor, someone found on Yahoo! Singles? I am not telling, I am just saying. We were joined by more trees this meeting - Jack being a fig tree, Glenn being a dutch elm (they are dying out), Joe - a buckeye (because of the big nuts), Jim L. a crabtree (too true!) and MaFred - an Ornamental Peach - and just look at the "Fruit" she bore! In case anyone is interested in Karen's fisher price purse, check with Burt, his people made it. And finally --- Butt Crack and Coffee are a dangerous combination! Do not try this at home! Until Our Next Meeting! Goodnight. Read PaFred's Blog for more information... and of course


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

carrying on

nothing to blog about.
ate healthy.
worked hard.

all and all a great day to be alive.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Yes, I ate Salad for Dinner!

Tonight I had dinner with Tommy & Rich at Cindy's. My dinner started out with a salad, yes a green salad! (thunderous applause heard throughout the land)
It was a very good salad. It was a busy day in Dallas, working, getting things done around the apartment, errands, shopping, taking out the garbage, checking in with everyone. (even Jim, yes I ate the salad - now you drink your water.) After the salad I had a roastbeef on rye bread covered with brown gravy...yum yum.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Coincident ?

I thought I would type a small bit. It has been a long day traveling in the airports of the US getting back to Dallas. It is Gay Pride weekend here in Dallas, and many of my friends were out celebrating. I got in too late to celebrate, and have gotten home, brought my bags in, started uppacking, going through 10 days of mail, and blogging. I got a wonderful picture in a frame from my cousin Tammy & her husband Ken. It was of her, my cousin Chrissy and me. The Bills Won!!! 16 to 6 against Miami! You know Markie was screaming big time. Mark is a huge Bills fan, and I am not sure wether or not he was at the game when the Bills won the AFC Championships --- but I was sitting in the Buffalo Airport, at their sports bar/restaurant watching the Bills game before I had to board my plane - and they had this large mural of a picture of the game --- and it kept me staring at it -- could it be? hmmmm ---

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Eating Right Is For Turkeys

The day started with the news in Jim's blog concerned with my dietary consumption. As we did the usual Miller routine of getting the paper as we headed for breakfast - the headline read -

It happens to come from that green food Jim so wants me to eat! Good thing I stayed away from that at breakfast.

For dinner we headed to Teds for some great charcoal cooked hotdogs! Yum Yum, with fries and a large Loganberry.

And it was very convienient that Anderson's Custard was right next store.

We saw a wild Turkey walking around Teds and Andersons, he found this shiny bummer and kept pecking at it.

After we got home we had a message waiting, it was Big I and she wanted to make sure that we were eating right. Seems that this eat right movement that Jim has started is converting others to take up the fight.

My Uncle Dennis sent a nice email today, and I told him about reading the blog, so maybe he will convert to reading regularly, eating right and drinking lots of water.

I return to my Dallas home tomorrow.

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The Miller Family Plot

We buried Mark's ashes today in the Boxwood Cemetery in Medina, NY. We also paid our respects to the other Miller relatives buried close by to where Mark is now. We also have spaces next to Mark, for our Parents, and myself.

I learned that my Great Grandfather, John Miller, died in a factory accident after getting his arm caught in a conveyor belt. My Great Grandmother, Mary, actually came to the US on a boat which sank and she was rescued as a young girl, she entered Canada, where she was adopted by the Mayor of Fort Erie, Gothard. Her adopted sisters were named Stella and Blanche Gothard. Then you have my Grandparents - Harold Frederick Miller. (How freaky is that, Jim!) and Majorie Maud Lacy Miller. She had a sister, Geraldine Lacy McKinney (Huband Donald McKinney). My dad was named after Aunt Geraldine. I remember meeting my grandmother's father Delbert Lacy, or Grandpa Lacy to me. My grandfather, sister - Aunt Viola, and brother Clifford.

This has been very interesting as I look back into my family tree. Now I need to investigate my mother's side - Felber, Noth, Hofer. I have more work to do.

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Fish Fried

Well I made it to Buffalo, where I met my friends, at Brennan's Irish Pub for Friday Night Fish Fry!

Afterwards I met Michael's imaginary boyfriend (I even took his picture).

It was a night of seeing old acquaintances - Larry Adamczyk, Bobby Valentine, and Dennis (from Big Chill). I almost got lost going to Michael's because I followed the wrong car and did not know it until he pulled into a minimart, got out of his car, and guess what ? It wasn't Michael.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Poutine Routine

On the advice of my friend, Andrew, who suggested while I visited Toronto that I must come to the Church Street Diner. He even knew the owners, Richard & Alfredo, and asked me to say hello for him when I went.

A must dish he told me I needed to try was Poutine. Poutine is a French-Canadian concoction comprised of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. It was quiet delectable. I had it with the 555 Burger.
After I ordered, I told my waiter that my friend, Andrew had sent me here, and he told me to say hi to Richard & Alfredo. The waiter told me he was Richard, and he said that Andrew was here and ate and left just 15 minutes ago. I said that had to be a different Andrew, because my friend was in Texas. He said no, we were talking about the same Andrew, the one who comes here with Thomas. He said that he was here for work.
I tried calling Andrew on his cell and it went to voicemail. I left a message.
I even took a picture of where Richard said Andrew sat and ate his dinner. Just in case I needed it for proof, and of course for the blog.
I then asked Richard if he knew where Andrew was staying and he said the Sheraton. So I called the Sheraton and got his room, and he answered. I told him he was in so much trouble, he totally forgot that I was here also. So I convinced him to meet me and we toured some of the bars on Church Street and Yonge Street. We had a great visit. We even visited Jim's favorite place (the only place he saw in our brief visit to Toronto one month prior). Remington says hi!

Well tomorrow is Friday, I work, and head back to Buffalo. Friday is Fish Fry night and I have two offers to go to two different places for Fish Fry. Woo Hoo.

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P.S. Church Street Diner is great, it is on 555 Church Street in Toronto, say hi to Richard & Alfredo if you stop bye.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Creating My Evening

I decided to use my evening to do some creating. I had some fun.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Family Tree

An interesting thing happened today. My mother got a call from her Uncle Jerry (my grandmother's brother) and his wife went to the gallery in North Tonawanda which had my show, but it was closed when they attended - but they noticed my art by looking in the windows. The called my mom to let her know that my Great Grandfather Felber, had a younger sister, Dottie Norton, who is also an artist - and she also does abstract art, and lives in Buffalo and shows her art.

I googled her and came up empty --- we know that she is around the age of my Uncle Jerry and Uncle Skip. My mom has her address and phone so we are going to try and set up a meeting.

My great-grandfather's sister is an artist, my mom is an artist, and me (an artist) ---- wow what a family tree. I wonder what kind of tree this is?


Monday, September 11, 2006


Looking for dinner tonight --- i found Jesse Jr. and thought of Burt. It was a Filipino Restaurant.

It was not open, so I found a 24/7 diner that served breakfast - so you know me - my usual.

Then I came back to the Hotel to find - Canadian Idol on! Fun!

But I remember this morning.... five years ago I was driving to work when they announced a plane hit the World Trade Center. I called my friend Denise, as I did then, to ask if she had heard from Carl, who worked across the street. We remembered the day, and each said a prayer.... Denise was actually in NY going to the memorial. I do not think I will ever forget.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


I made it to Toronto today. I took this picture while driving to my hotel. It is of the tower downtown.

I spent the day havng a breakfast with Mom & Dad, then putting more items into storage. When we finished Mom got out the frying pan and made us all some fried bologna on rye, with Weber's mustard. Then it was time to drive to Canada.

It was a nice day in the 60s & 70s. I am looking forward to a week of meetings here, and returning to Buffalo on Friday.

I got a call from Mark Mullino who is looking for help with postcards for his upcoming show. Well good news - I am available to do this via the internet, and will be able to create it, then send it to be printed and delivered back to Mark.

I hope my friend, Jim is feeling 60% better now, he mentioned he was 50% on Friday - -- it is all about baby steps.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Canadian Moose Lodge Member Found

A long kept secret member of the Canadian Moose Lodge 54 was seen today. Blazened with Maple Leaf Pride and many bottles of liquor she smiled for the paparratzi. Her name has been removed to protect that of her husband well known author of political editorials who is also on the run from both left and right wings.

Note - great art in the background!

Reposted as requested

You know I was only kidding!!!! Of course you can blog my date...
Please put it back on...this is too funny!
love ya!

Please sponsor me in the Ride for the Roses.

Wanted to give you an update per Billy's blog...

After scavenging around town for all the ingredients, last night's picnic came through successfully.

We did not go to the Teddy Bear park, instead, I went down the road a little by the corner of Laurel and Lakeside and there were steps that led down to a secluded area down at the creek and it felt like we were out of town. If you want a picnic and be secluded and safe, this is the PERFECT spot!!!!

Tim didn't realize what was going on as I had the picnic basket hidden in the back of my SUV and I had him hold Cali (yes, she was there to add company and comfort). Thanks Ken for the AWESOME picnic basket!!!!! This basket held everything!!!!

As we headed down the steps and I had the basket covered in a blanket, I took the blanket and laid it down and unveiled the picnic basket ... much to the delight of Tim.

I told him to get comfortable as I emptied the basket full of goodies such as
- cream cheese with raspberry chipotle topping and wheat crackers
- red grapes (seedless)
- Bottle of red wine poured into Nalgene water bottles
- a card that I wrote inspired by Jim's blog yesterday about 'special days'. THANKS JIM!
- I also made homemade spaghetti. Tim thought that was unusual. I asked him what he expected...he said sandwiches...I said, please, I don't eat sandwiches for dinner, even if it is a picnic!!!
- Desert was Pistachio from Paciugos. This is our favorite ice cream. Billy, maybe it is the nutty flavor, maybe it is the smooth aftertaste...regardless, it is our favorite (Tim and mine, not yours and mine).

I brought a small cd player and played songs I had recorded the night before. the first song was "let's get it on' by Marvin Gaye. Pretty Amusing!

To top this off...Tim's favorite tree is a bald cyprus. My favorite tree is a live oak. Yes, Billy, I said if I were a tree I would be a Palm from the Island of Philippines (arm waving gracefully). However, my favorite tree is the live oak. Anyway, as we were lying there and looking straight up, we noticed two trees above us right next to each other was a live oak and bald'll see the photo on this as well.

I also had a gift for him. A crystal heart. He was pretty overwhelmed by it all.
Soon, it started to get dark, but there was light shining from the uplights in the trees. I had also packed a scented candle to help with the ambiance. Unfortunately, this scented candle started to attract mosquitos. You'll see Tim trying to force blood into a mosquito by flexing his arm where the mosquito was drawing blood...

We talked, laughed, ate, swat at mosquitos. The best part is that we were pretty secluded and the whole surroundings were pretty perfect. We ended the night back at my place...of course!
I will download some pictures and will send out shortly.

Love ya'll!!!!!


This picture is part of a railing in Buffalo, NY and the pink background is that of my friend, Michael.

Today started with sleeping in past 9 am - the windows open, and a light rain happening. Got up, showered and started the day by going to the bank to deposit a check for $2.17 - it took forever, and then when I came out of the bank - I tripped and fell - skinning my elbow and my ankle. After that drama, we picked up Mom and went to breakfast at Sandi's in Niagara Falls, with Louise & Lori. It was fun to see them and laugh about things.

Then we came home, and I delivered some artwork that had been bought while I was here last for my art show. I picked up Michael who helped direct me around town, we felt like we were young kids again laughing and driving around like we were 30 years old again. We took the picture during this time. Mike has a date with his "pretend" boyfriend tonight so I won't see him. We also went to the Galleria and I bought some new sneakers, and I got some great information regarding the iPod I got.

Then I came home - Iris and Mac were here and we had a nice visit, then Mom cooked a great meal (while I napped!) of Steak on the grill, fresh ears of corn, and yellow beans! Yummy. The evening was spent copying my brother's iTunes library so I can use it with the iPod, clearing out the basement, moving items to storage and blogging.

Tommorrow we go to the storage facility, we go to Medina to visit the gravesite plots (one for me too!), pick out the gravestone, and then I head to Toronto to enjoy a week of meetings for my corporate job.

Friday, September 08, 2006


When I arrived at the family home in Getzville, NY today I put down my bags and turned on the television. The news came on and the lead report was that they had cornered and were about to catch Ralph "Bucky" Phillips - one of the FBI's most wanted. What was ironic was that I had been home in July and they said that, then home in August and they said that and now here it is September and they are saying it again. I laughed and immediately called Jim Frederick to tell him that I must be in a time warp. It all ended this time - they caught him!

I worked most of the afternoon remotely via my computer, then Mom & Dad returned from her Dr's Appt - All Ok. Then we had dinner at the Country Cottage - I had Pot Roast, Mom & Dad had breakfast. We returned home, I started getting things organized around the house. They put alot of my art up on the walls of the house - looks cool. Showed Mom how to work her new cell phone - we're on the Family plan now - did some blogging and getting ready for a busy day tomorrow.

A message from Burt!

"this personal statement of love has been removed because of unauthorized usage"

Read between the lines.... sorry if you missed it, that is why you need to read the blog each day!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

One Day

I started this blog talking about my day.... I just deleted it.

It has been exactly one month since my brother passed. I am going home to Buffalo to see my parents this weekend. But today was a day of relationships. It started with the relationship with myself and my spirit. Then I continued that relationship with my work. It was a good day, it was challenging day and rewarding day. Then it was an evening with relationships of family and friends. Visiting some in person, talking to some on the phone, and sharing emails and blogs with others. You cannot substitute television friends for real friends - except maybe Janelle - sorry she did not win. I had dinner with an old friend today and shared that with a current friend - it was fun to talk about the past and bring each other up to date. I am excited to share him with my Dallas friends. I am a very lucky man. I have the best relationships with my life, my work, my family and my friends.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dear Jim - This Blogs For You

It was a cool evening when they met at Starbucks for the Weekly meeting of First Friends. Even though we had a quorum in case of voting we missed two key individuals (with voting priviledges) - Jim and Karen. Both are probably very tired (one from Statistics, the other from being one), they are similar in many ways (One is black on the outside, white on the inside, the other one (wore pearls) White on the outside, Black on the inside). Burt would say that you need to read between the lines. Topics of discussion at this weeks meeting - Armando's voice still sounds worst than Jim's voice, so why is he getting all the attention...resolution of this will be tabled until next week, as Armando tries out for the Dallas Summer Musical's revival of Hairspray (planning to play the part made famous by Harvey Weinstein). Next item - Burt's Picnic Basket, how big is it and what special surprise is inside waiting for his new found love - Timmer. We could go on and on and on showing pictures, poems and pressed flowers but that is a whole nother blog! Right Oprah? Details to follow tomorrow after the big surprise is revealed, but I have the inside scoop - so read it between the lines here first! Next Topic, If I Were A Tree? I would be.... the answers are as follows - Billy - A Birch - White & Flaky, Burt - A Palm, from the beautiful island of the Phillipines (wave arm gesture as appropraite), Armando - Aspen (Burt and I agree he is more Japanese Maple), then we voted on those who were not present, Karen - A Black Walnut (hello pointing out the obivious, and no Armando that is not a dead tree), and Jim - A weeping willow (with one T cell)...A tay in thy win!... (see Nell if you did not get that one.) Next topic new words...dicstraction, dicktation, buttstraction, a new fun way to pass the time at Starbucks, Alkeelah and her bee would be proud. Next Topic - Cliff's middle name is Dick, ok it is actually Richard, what a sense of humor his parents had - Cliff Richard Poore... Cliff Rich or Poor?. Also discussed June 24th, 2007 - is it the Poore-Rivera Wedding or the Rivera-Poore Wedding? Well that is about all we had to discuss, although Armando is distraut over Crock Hunter's death, Burt is watching Rosie on the view, Armando thinks Billy really does not have a job and pretends to flight away and is secretly staying away from his friends. Finally when asked about thoughts of Jim - these comments were collected by the reporter extraordinaire (Moi) - He is KranKy when he's sick (DOUBLE K!Y! Kranky); ONE singular sensational T Cell, Billy need to Blog Blog Blog Blah Blah Blah or he'll go Krazy, He was too sick for starbucks (that's not well), His Mom's In Town so he'll get better quick! (Nothing Like a Little Mother Loving! - Don't go there Burt!, Jim!, Armando), and finally Jim is Loved. We love you, Jim - get better soon - more fun blogs to come - Read Between The Lines all you want and we will laugh about it.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Made a blog entry...

Don't tell me what to do! Lol.... thanks for the comment you anonymous reader.