Wednesday, November 30, 2005

World AIDS Day

December 1st is
World AIDS Day

I will hang my art at Art Rage Us II (I hope this becomes an annual event) today with 10 other artists to honor World AIDS Day and to raise awareness & money.

As an HIV+ artist, it is very important to make people aware that this disease has not been cured, and over 40 million people in the world today are affected. I use my talent, my art to help. Art Rage Us II is an art show that 50% of the sale of the art goes to The Resource Center of Dallas. Please attend, please bring your checkbook.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and to explore my art. This is my way of helping and making a difference.

Please remember that today is also a day to remember all of the other artists that are not with us today because of their untimely deaths from AIDS.

Please think about what the world would be like if it was a world without Art and Artists. Better Yet Imagine A World Without AIDS.

An HIV+ Artist
William H. Miller

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Giving Thanks

Today was a day to give thanks to my friends, my family, my life, and my art.

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

No Day But Today

I Can't Control My Destiny
I Trust My Soul
My Only Goal
Is Just - To Be
There's Only Now
There's Only Here
Give In To Love
Or Live In Fear
No Other Path
No Other Way
No Day But Today

Tuesday, November 22, 2005



The color of the canvas of your life can be seen by others and reflects those whom you chosen to allow to collaborate in the daily thoughts, activities, and rituals of your life.

Share the paint.

Share the joy.

Share the color.

Share the art.

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Imagine Peace

Created this image today for the Hibernia Dental Arts show. This is the digital art piece that I created. I then printed it out on canvas, and embellished it with acrylic paints. I have had several different ideas, some more radical and activist ideas, but then just started playing with the color and that the vision of peace is something that must be imagined. Once you start imagining it you can make it real. This is very much the way I am approaching my art at the moment, taking the time to become one with it. Listening to that inner voice that is telling me which color to pick next, what to do with it, trying to pull an feeling or emotion out of color, texture, forms lying on a canvas or on a computer.

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Framing Directions

Today was another day to be proud. Somedays you just have to keep moving in the right direction even when you think everything is against you. Today I continued to move in that direction, and when I did, I was productive, cash flowed in, opportunities knocked, and I felt happy, healthy and strong.

This piece was created today, I am experimenting with color combinations of items that may be in people's homes. I think that if I can create some digital art pieces using colors that people find comforting, then they make want pieces like this in their homes to access them. I can also use these as digital sketches for paintings I do.

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

Art for the Eye

Just another productive day.
I was proud of what I did today.
Creating this piece with overlapping pieces. Would make for an interesting painting.

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hands Of Pace

Created this image from a photo of my hands that were covered in drying paint. Jim Frederick and I had finished working on our joint work of art for our 2nd Annual P.A.C.E. Art Showcase which will be held in December.
This photo is representative of the very struggle that I try to solve --- that of the physical painting world and the non-physical digital world and the journey back and forward between them.

I was struck today by a piece I read in Keith Haring's journals -- he talked about creating art in the information age and how even his work was already on t-shirts across the world before he had even created them himself. In many ways my putting my digital art on this blog is an act of faith because who knows who in the world may be viewing this art and taking it for their own use somewhere in the world. It may be interesting for me to watch and see where this digital path leads me in the world.

For those of you interested. The is our logo for P.A.C.E.
P.A.C.E. is an acronym --- it means
Positive Attitudes Change Everything.
The logo to me represents the transformation you can have as an individual when you use positive attitude. This was something Jim had worked on, and then I helped with resurrect and we used it last year to talk about our own art struggles and pursuits. We both realized that it was when we used our Positive Attitudes, and held onto them even during tough times, and when we reminded each other of them when we hit rough patches of self-doubt --- that indeed things changed usually for the best. You can go at your own pace but it needs to be positive and things will work out. This has been a rough year for me. I have been unemployed, but I have been creating art. I have had health issues, but I have not been sick. I have been down, but then my friends and family bring me back up. Everytime you start to think positive - little miracles occur and change everything. I have been lucky to know and meet Jim - we are good friends who challenge each other to be the best not only as artists, but as citizens of the human race. Trying to support each other through trying times, to be better people giving back to our community, that that Katrina aid, SPCA, AIDS Resource Center or just buying a friend a cup of coffee.

In the words of Heather Small's song PROUD and Oprah's new campaign of "What Have You Done Today?" --- keeping up the P.A.C.E. is something Jim and I are both proud of. Hopefully by sharing P.A.C.E. and spreading on the internet and across the world --- we will see things change for the positive. Please leave comments about how P.A.C.E. has effected your life.

Did we mention the PACE is PEACE in Italian?

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved
P.A.C.E. and Positive Attitudes Change Everything Copyright 2004 Jim Frederick and William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

This is the invitation to the 2nd Annual P.A.C.E. art showcase - hope you can come --- please mention that you saw it on this blog.

No Point

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Building Materials

Created this piece using two software programs, several filters, and two photos taken inside a building. It is interesting that you can create compositions that work well, show depth and have an interesting flow to them.

It reminds me of my ealier abstract paintings, the combinations of blocks, colors and texture.

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Where's the hamburger?

This fun piece reminds me of mom's home cooking when I was a kid. It was what I thought spaghetti was -- Franco American --- from a can --- add a little hamburger and you're good to go.

My parents are off to the Bahamas for some relaxation. Thinking about this piece got me to think, "How do you as an artist - get to that place of innocence?" - When you are child, you do not know that there is anything else, and once you learn or become aware it is very hard to digress back to the place when you did not know better.

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Newsletters, Business Cards, and more

This is an example of a quick newsletter that I created for my artist friend, Jim Frederick. I have also been approached by other friends who have businesses to create customized Holiday greeting cards, business cards, and corporate logos.

I am thankful that others appreciate my graphic talents to trust the success of their business with my work.

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Brighter Days Ahead

Brighter days, brighter colors.

Unfortunately Texas has decided that some people's love for each other does not deserve the same rights as they do. May they begin to see the injustice.

Created ornaments for the Blue Yule Party at the MAC, had a lot of fun with some very creative friends. Scott, James, Sarah Jane, Jim and I.

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...just because

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Art is ....

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Artistic Angel

I like to think that when I create, my artistic angel is helping to guide my creative self.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Light

Today was an emotional day,
but I would not trade it for
anything. It was filled with
Light, Love, Life, Laughter, and
Longtime friends.

Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

Life As We Know It

Four Friends
Helen, Billy, Pam, Michael
Four Friends who loved disco
Billy, Helen, Michael, Pam
Four Friends who visited a foriegn country together
Forty Plus years
Life changes for each of us
and one of us is told today to get your life in order you have 1-2 months to live. That one is Pam. I am glad that we lived back in those days.... we danced, we partied, we talked about our parents, we threw bras out of moving cars, we all sat on the couch and watched movies, we traveled, we complained about our boyfriends, we used to toast "To Life As We Know It" it seemed that this was our mantra - Thank you, Pam for being such a bright part of my life....I know that your great light and spirit must be needed somewhere very important for you to get this news.