Monday, January 26, 2009

Fort Lauderdale

This is the Atlantic Ocean at night!
Great to smell the saltwater, feel the ocean breeze, the cool water and sand on my bare feet.

This is the great Florida Orange Juice cake I had for dessert

Walking alog I came across this random piece of cardboard and leave perfectly positioned as if it was "Street Art" or a piece of "Found Art" saying look at me!

Something made me think of Jim!
This made me think of Steve for his nature photos, and Armando for his Birds on a Wire paintings.
Copyright 2009 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

United Hope

I created this image of the flag, I call it AMERICANS FLAG becuase I used a picture I captured on the television of the millions on the mall watching the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack H. Obama.

It is a great day to be an American with hope for change and a better world.

Copyright Jan 20, 2009 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Just A Jump to the Left...

Tonight I relived a part of my youth. I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show in Houston at the River Oaks Theatre at Midnight with my "virgin" friend, Karen. It was as good as always, and the heckles have certainly changed over the last 20 years since I last saw it at the 8th Street Playhouse in NYC. Some of the antics were the same, some were lost in time and no longer relevant, newer more clever shout outs made it - but all in all watching the young of today dressed in transexual attire (much more than when I was 20) it warms the heart to know that this lives on, the performance during the show, and the audience part tisss a ..... SAY IT! ...... Pation! is still fun once you get into it. I left laughing as gobs and gobs of toilet paper was stuck to the bottom of my shoes!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Tonight I saw the movie "MILK" - all I can say is that it moved me deeply. Lots of memories flooded my brain. You see I was gay closeted teenager. What I remember was seeing images of gays protesting, reading that it was ok to be gay, that Anita Bryant thought I was a prevert (I knew I was not), and all this I guess gave me the courage to be myself, to be gay, to be out -- it took time, first my friends (many are still good friends today), then my family, then my co-workers. I remember my first Gay Pride in NYC. I will search for some photos from way back then and post them.

My name is William H. Miller and I am here to recruit you.

It is ok to be gay. It is ok to be straight. It is ok to be yourself.

Thank you Harvey Milk for opening the door.

Thank you for Daniel Nicoletta for your photos of the events.

Thank you to the wonderful couple I met after the movie, we met for a reason. I hope to see you again soon.

Thank you to my best friends who I talked to before and after the movie and who are reading this post now. Yes, if you are reading this you are my friend and in my life for a reason.

Thank you to my parents, my biological and chosen family, and my co-workers who love me just the way I am.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Becoming a digitalist


How did I get into being a digitalist .... I was painting in my small den that I shared and I was traveling so painting was hard to do often. Then I got a digital camera and I had this idea to document the abstracts that I saw each day during my journeys. I started taking pictures. This lead me to blogging - with the purpose of showing some of those pictures and adding words to clarify my thinking. This year, I came across another type of blog - snaplog - that allows me to post the photos from my iphone directly to the net and with the GPS location of where the photo was taken.

I am taking time to get back to the basics of my creating spirit. Watching an inspiration DVD called "Downtown 81" which includes legendary graffiti artist Jean Michel Basquiet. So great to see so many street scenes from NYC.

"if you want to see the world just have to walk a couple of blocks, if you want to see someone, just think about hard about them and you'll run into them"

Monday, January 05, 2009

You must be an artist if ...

your clothes have as much paint on them as the floor and the canvas you paint.

I found this site when I was looking for things.... Art Jokes.

I am sure you can leave a comment of your own filling in the blank...

Thursday, January 01, 2009


The small but first post of 2009!

Happy New Year, everyone!