Thursday, June 07, 2007

Something New

It was a great hot summer like day to enjoy a nice cold bowl of Gazpacho with an artist friend. Of course I took a picture of it. Sally Stubbs and I had dinner at a favorite restaurant of mine called Paulie's in Houston. I like to see what art they have hanging and some day hope that I will be able to hang there. We had great conversations about art and even came up with an art project to spend a day taking pictures. I can only tell you at this point it involves taking pictures and an old pair of boots. This weekend is fast approaching - so Saturday will be a painting day! A day to get messy. It is also Art Walk in Galveston - so I may venture there to see the art! Commissions to work on. Congrats to Jim on his show and the art talk he gave - secretly I wish I was there to hear it.
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Anonymous said...


Let's do it!

I'll have the DVD to share soonj on the was a great afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Thank God that is gazpacho. I was concerned.

Karen C.