Monday, March 24, 2008

Jim has risen, or

At least he is hung.

I unpacked all of Jim's art that arrived from a Tennessee gallery and hung it on the walls of
The Pink House Gallery.

The famous Jim Frederick cowboy boots.

Some newer work that explores a deeper side of Jim. I had seen most of these in photos when he had his gallery show in Atlanta, and did an art talk that I was able to watch via a internet feed copy that he had.

This is one piece that I had not seen. The photo does not do the subtle layers of color justice.

It feels good to have Jim's work hanging - such a good feeling is being spread around the pink house.

More work to create... other artist to work with... and a reminder to Jim, Steve, Seth - just do it!

Copyright 2008 William H Miller & Jim Frederick All Rights Reserved.

1 comment:

Seth J. Merriam said...

just do what? get hung? bless your heart.