Sunday, April 06, 2008

Under Pressure

I have seen the billboards and the ads in the newspaper and even been told by a friend and an artist about the RED BULL Art of Can - Call for artists for the Houston, TX show. Of course mostly they show sculptures of made from the cans. But that's not me.

Then I learned that you can submit any artwork as long as it is inspired by RED BULL. Mind you that the time is 3pm CST and the artists must drop off their art by 5pm. I run home and get the one last of sugar-free RED BULL left in my frigerator - I run around the house looking for good places to take photos of the can. Then run to my computer to begin my master manipulation of the photos - since there was words on the labels it kind of fit with my word series. I wanted it to be visually abstract but remind you of a clock, and hopefully you get the feeling of pressure.

So I finished the piece, I printed it off as an 8"x8" framed to a 16"x20" (good thing to have spare matts and frames around) - then I printed off the entry forms and ran to Winter Street Studios where they were collecting all the entries this week (and I wait to the last few hours!). Well I made it and the piece was well recieved.

They will be judging all the entries this week and the lucky winners based on Creativity, Concept Execution and Construction - if my piece ranks high enough it will be chosen to be shown at the Galleria in Houston.

Now I need to have a RED BULL and relax! Pheeeeew.

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