Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Art Chatter Night

Tonight was my night to be the artist that gets critiqued. It was the last night before we break for the summer becuase it just gets tooo darn hot! The evening was well attended and the dicussion around my painting versus my digital art and the space inbetween was just the discussion that I wanted to have with this diverse audience.

I walked away with some great things to think about, sift through and ponder. What I do know is that the commentary will help make me a better artist.

Now I need to get back to listening to my inner voice, focus on the skill level of my handiwork whether that is by hand, brush or computer --- push some limits, change some of my own perceptions, expand into some unknown territories.

So what now.... ? In the immortal words of Ru Paul - "You Better Work"

Thank you to my Art Chatter Buddies - if you happen to read my blog.

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