Monday, September 14, 2009


I created this image of the US Flag based on an image I took off the television showing the masses of people at the inauguration of President Obama. Lately voices of dissent against the President have become very organized, very vocal. While these voices have found media channels to become loud and angry... they are hardly worth all the attention the media is giving them, I guess that is important, since they are in the minority. Where are the polls that ask Americans what they think of rude outbursts, where are the coverage of uncovering lies of the bankers, the insurance companies, where is the outrage? In most cases they are voices of passion, not facts. The voices are loud and crying out for an answer, and the answer they want of course is not the answer of wanting dialog, discussion, or even debate but just wanting it their way. Many of these voices are ignorant. Surprising ignorant. Followers of radical radio catalysts, that make money off these listeners and followers. They say lies (even after proven wrong) and spread them and hold them up as fact. If this is the price of FREEDOM, then so be it. But we must fight ignorance in the media with factual reports and now allow facts and reality to become distorted. That becomes a hard thing to do. We have the separation of Church & State for that very reason. 200 years ago --- Church was what the Internet is today --- a place where people gathered, they listened, they were galvanized, they acted. In a way maybe we should have a separation of NEWS (as long as it is fact based and unbiased) and MEDIA, PROPAGANDA, AND SOAP BOXING, GRAND STANDING. Where is Walter Cronkite when you need him.
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