Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Bunnies Bring Paint

Today was a day to relax and paint. I have been working on some items so I thought I should show the progress. This next painting is not finished...

This is a painting that has been through many phases in it's life. But finally I am feeling like it is getting to the right place. It has been a human figure, it has been a landscape...and now something inbetween, something abstract, something in progress.

I sold a painting at Flavors from Afar last weekend. It was one of the paintings that have been inspired by my trip to Italy several years ago. At Flavors from Afar, an epicurian shop, with Italian olive oils, spices, cheeses, and so much more (even art!). This has left a hole where the last painting was hung, so I created 3 paintings to give some more spice to the collection at this location in Snider Plaza in Dallas, TX. This painting is based on mountains and dramatic sunrays.

Another thing that fasinates me about Italy is the trees. The seem to stand off by themselves. I do not know if this is by design or just strong character.

But you can see nothing but a line of trees, equally spaced, equally grown. It is very eloquent.

This was a very good Easter Weekend. I had visitors to the gallery, who returned with a relative who was visiting, and to make a few purchases. Jon & Connie who live in Houston are now the proud owners of "Thoughtful" and "Desperation". Their relative, brother was visiting from Las Vegas, but grew up in Tonawanda - very close to where I grew up. Small World. Thank you Pat & Sonya for introducing me to your Houstonian friends. Another great thing was calling my friend Denise, who was the person who gave me the word "Thoughtful" to work as a piece. You never know who you are going to meet and where the inspiration will come from.

Another interesting thing happened when my mother visited that I forgot to share. She was reading the paper as saw an article about NASA and the pictures of the North Pole of Saturn. Large Universe. It was very interesting the way the picture in the paper looked so much like my digital painting called "Spiral Life" --- maybe in an out of body experience I got there first and created it? A space oddity? You decide.

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Anonymous said...

You are a space oddity, but I love you anyway!