Thursday, April 12, 2007

working and reworking

I was in the studio again this evening. I was there to finish working on 3 pieces that needed to be signed, varnished and the edges painted black. These are the pictures that I showed earlier in the blog that are italian landscapes.

But the beautiful thing about having a large space is that while things are drying, you can get inspired and do more work.

So I worked on the piece on the corner, I worked on another sitting on the table. Then I saw this picture of robert that I have not worked on in over a year. I took it off the wall, and just started. I am actually excited the way it is taking on new life. Stay tuned because I not sure how this Robert piece will end up.

I also worked on a piece that I started painting last fall. It was while I was in Dallas and painting in front of Urban Blossom. They had a customer who liked one of my other paintings that was very textured but it was in browns and he wanted orange, black & yellow --- well I tried, but I could never get it right. So I painted over the entire canvas while orange paint, and then began scratching out what was painted below it. It too also has an interesting rebirth, and am excited to see where this piece goes. I know that those clients that like orange will be calling becuase it is really interesting.

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