Sunday, November 25, 2007

Busy Days & Nights at the Studio

This is the front of my DIFFA jacket this year. The event will be held in February 2008. This year's theme is The Cinema of Life. I created this jacket based on my favorite movie the Wizard of Oz. The front is all done with sepia tones, digital photos from the movie and the words: fortune, twister, HOME, far far away.

I created some smaller works in the studio getting ready for the next weekend's Winter Sale at Winter Street. These pieces will all sell for under $100. This piece is called "The Dance" and is 9"x12".
This piece is 12"x12", and it called Urbanscape"
This piece is 8"x10" and is "Untitled".

This is a three pieces that can be sold seperately or together. Each one is 4"x5". The reminder me of the book "The Little Prince" and the planet with rocks.

Copyright 2007 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

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Anonymous said...

I absolutly love "The dance". It may be my favorite piece of yours so far.

Karen C.