Saturday, November 17, 2007

ViaColori and the rain

ViaColori, the street painting festival, started out dry.

Beginning sketches started the morning off.
Colors were bright, the skies were cloudy.

Direct Energy was the sponsor for my 10'x10' square. It benefitted the Center for Hearing & Speech.

Filling in took time between taking plastic on and off. This is what I was able to accomplish on Saturday.
It is a Bronco Rider.
This is my sketch.

The piece is protected as I could make it with a plastic tarp, cardboard, and duck tape. Tonight it is raining hard. I wonder what it will this might look like tomorrow, and even if we will get to finish the pieces. Either way it is alot of fun to meet the other artists and see the streets come to life as a living art gallery.
And yes, my parents finally got there luggage. Uncle Skip & Ina came to visit and even negiotiated the heavy Houston traffic a few times.
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