Monday, December 10, 2007


This weekend I travelled to Dallas for several reasons. This time of year is usually a period of artistic giving back to the community. In past years I participated in events like Art Rage Us, a art event to support AIDS organizations in the community by giving a percentage of the sales of art to them; The Blue Yule, an artistic Christmas ornaments that ar created and donated and the proceeds go to supprt programs at the MAC (Mckinney Avenue Contemporary), a contemporary art museum; and then Art Conspiracy 3. Art Conspiracy is a event that pulls together the creative muses of music and the arts. For more information see the You Tube video in the previous blog entry. This year was special for me since I now live in Houston. I miss many of the artists that I began to bond with as I developed my art business in Dallas, it is hard to be an emerging artist, and many of the artists that I struggle with participate in this event.
This is a piece done by friend, Michael Sowiecki.
This is Sarah Jane working on her usual Photo CD of Art Conspiracy piece.
My friend, Robb Greenhoe, created this piece. His work and my piece were both by the same woman.
Robb's Partner, Al Glover created this piece.
Here are some more pieces, Jennifer Morgan's Bird & Leopard piece almost broke the $700 price point during the auction.
The next three images are my 3 favorites. This is done by friend, Erica Felicella, who was also the Art Coordinator for the event.
This piece was a favorite because of the words. It was done by comic book artist, David Hopkins. I tried to buy it but had to stop myself when the bidding reached $200.
This was another favorite and inspirational. It was created by friend, Jim Frederick.

Jim has had a year filled with complications and has been in and out of the hospital, rehab centers, and has been currently during rehab at the nursing home & rehab center called the Madison on Marsh. I brought Jim his 18"x18" board to see if he would be up for creating some art during the planned visit for the annual cookie exhange with his friends. He was excited and up for the challenge.
Like the other artists' he created his piece in under 3 hours. He used store bought kids paints, a cup, a knife, his sleeve to create the finished piece. On the back he wrote his signature statement - "I can only do what I can do"
I was able to deliver his piece to the event before the last auction. I and others were emotionally moved to have his participation. They started the bidding for his special piece at $100, it was the last piece auctioned that night and it sold to collectors of Jim's work for $250. The money raised for this event when to support St. Anthony's Community Center. They serve over 800 children in the community and put emphasis on after shool arts & music programs.

This was my finished piece.
Copyright 2007 William H Miller All Rights Reserved. All artwork pictured Copyright of the respective artist noted.

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