Sunday, December 16, 2007

Open Sky

The last week, I spent time on planes. It is amazing to fly above the clouds. I often wonder what it must be like to go above the sky into the atmosphere like the astronauts do. It is also that time of year where I make planned time to reflect. December 29th it will be one year since I moved to Houston. As as an artist, it was great because I had the good fortune of finding a artist studio, a great place to live, and I could see my dreams unfolding before me. The year was not without it's delimmas. In many ways it was like starting over. I had to find new places to show my art, I had to find new people who enjoyed my art and to buy my art, and to listen to my inner voice and create. The middle of my year was interrupted by life. My illness caused by my gall bladder was a scary time. It stopped everything. I relied on some from my old Dallas support group, I relied on new friends & coworkers in Houston, and my family. So now it is time to revisit the goals that I was not able to accomplish this year, to use P.A.C.E. (positive attitudes change everything) to set my goals for 2008 and to look into my soul and figure out where I want to land.
Here's to sky full of open opportunities.
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Anonymous said...

where are your mom and dad on the you know whats?