Saturday, January 05, 2008


It was a great evening tonight attending a gallery showing of some of my new Houston art friends. The show of Van McFarland, Tre Slaughter, and Micha Simmons. The show was held at the new Darke Gallery, run by former Winter Street artist resident, Linda Swaynos. As a matter of fact, the studio I now reside in was inhabited by the artist Tre Slaughter. I spent the evening chatting with another artist friend, Janet Wayte and her husband (mr. janet; as we nicknamed him) , and Van's wife (dawn). It was decided that Dawn-Know-Tell-Oh would be her new name and that she was planning on bring back into fashion the red fan! Which she proudly held and would occasionaly whip into a frenzy when she felt the flush of warmth over take her. I created this piece in her honor. She wore stunning black boots and a leopard print coat, and her bright red fan that her father had brought her from Tokyo. The gravel of the gallery's outdoor section were hard on her ankles in those boots, she recently had hurt her ankle - but being the slave to fashion that she is she overcame her pain to walk across the gravel to chat with me for a while. The best part is she is a loyal reader of the blog since I first met her. Thanks for reading, Dawn! and being the inspiration of this new piece and this entry.

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