Saturday, January 12, 2008

Night Train and Wearable Art

I went to Winter Street Studios tonight to work and get ready for tomorrow's 2nd Saturday and the Pre-Party that I am hosting for my fellow Direct Energy employees who are attending the Holiday party at Rockefeller Hall, a mile from my studio location.

While there at night the train came by and I took this picture which came out pretty intense since there was only the lights from the studio & train to capture this movement.

In an effort to get ready for this affair and hopefully reuse at DIFFA, I took my bowtie, cumberbun and tux shirt - and created some wearabel art.

Is it a painting or is it a tux shirt? You'll have to wait until Sunday to see pictures of how it looked on!

Copyright 2008 William H Miller All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

I bet it looks great..good thinking!

Mandorla Designs said...

love your stuff.. I'm in Houston, I make handbags out of new and vintage finds