Sunday, August 24, 2008

Official Computer Geek

I spent the weekend being a geek. It started with assisting a fellow artist with her website. Then a drive to Fry's Electronics to get a power supply for my desktop that died on Thursday. After a brief visit with some other artists at G3 Gallery at Winter Street Studio for a returning friend, John; I headed home to take apart my computer and hopefully put it back together --- and I did! and the computer worked! Guess that makes it official - I am a geek! Sunday was spent relaxing with watching the Olympics, napping, reading, and creating on the computer. I created this image which reminds me of a forest of birch trees. Can not believe that it is already time for kids to go back to school. I have volunteered with a few other artists to teach 7th grade art class at a school here in Houston. It is sad that art is one of the classes that gets cut. Maybe Obama will address education? He had some tough decisions ahead, and I hope that restoring the pride in education will be one of them.
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