Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good Memories

This is an amazing photo that I took while I was away for Thanksgiving in Florida. It was one of those moments. To be able to capture such a smal creature in such great detail.

This is a picture of how I used the Painted Umbrella that I got from jim when I moved to Houston. It was used for a backdrop of the food table for the Art Chatter group I hosted at my home. (It was also good at hiding boxes of junk!)

This is my tree this year, small and practical, and blue glowing lights and blue balls!
Finally the evening at Art Conspiracy -- Auction Auction Auction --- so much fun!

A co-worker and his wife, and their friend joined Armando and his cousins and I for the evening and they really got into the art buying. Here I captured one such high bid! Who knew they were artists themselves. Lots of cool people! Lots of great art.

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