Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time Flies

Can not believe that my time in Myrtle Beach has come to an end. In the early morning hours, I will head to the airport for my flight to Houston via Atlanta. If all goes well and uneventful I will be in Htown by noon. Today we saw "Seven Pounds", framed and hung numerous pieces of art. The cowboy boot by Jim Frederick, the artwork from my mom, my Dad's hole in one certificate, some of my digital prints, and some of the art collected in their cruises around the world. The week was filled with great home cooked meals of roasted pork loin and turkey... stuffing, potatoes, green beans, beets, and top it off with Christmas cookies and pecan pie and ice cream. Well signing off for now.

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Patricia said...

Billy, got your wonderful Christmas letter today. Sounds like life is good for you! Have a spectacular new year, and keep at those fantastic art pieces!