Thursday, January 08, 2009


Tonight I saw the movie "MILK" - all I can say is that it moved me deeply. Lots of memories flooded my brain. You see I was gay closeted teenager. What I remember was seeing images of gays protesting, reading that it was ok to be gay, that Anita Bryant thought I was a prevert (I knew I was not), and all this I guess gave me the courage to be myself, to be gay, to be out -- it took time, first my friends (many are still good friends today), then my family, then my co-workers. I remember my first Gay Pride in NYC. I will search for some photos from way back then and post them.

My name is William H. Miller and I am here to recruit you.

It is ok to be gay. It is ok to be straight. It is ok to be yourself.

Thank you Harvey Milk for opening the door.

Thank you for Daniel Nicoletta for your photos of the events.

Thank you to the wonderful couple I met after the movie, we met for a reason. I hope to see you again soon.

Thank you to my best friends who I talked to before and after the movie and who are reading this post now. Yes, if you are reading this you are my friend and in my life for a reason.

Thank you to my parents, my biological and chosen family, and my co-workers who love me just the way I am.


Anonymous said...

Love you...winking from here...

Karen said...

We do love you just the way you are!

Anonymous said...

I went to my first NYC Pride parade with you! Years later I can honestly say (and I know many will agree) you are one incredible human being with a big heart!

And, yes, it's an awesome film.