Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Becoming a digitalist



How did I get into being a digitalist .... I was painting in my small den that I shared and I was traveling so painting was hard to do often. Then I got a digital camera and I had this idea to document the abstracts that I saw each day during my journeys. I started taking pictures. This lead me to blogging - with the purpose of showing some of those pictures and adding words to clarify my thinking. This year, I came across another type of blog - snaplog - that allows me to post the photos from my iphone directly to the net and with the GPS location of where the photo was taken.

I am taking time to get back to the basics of my creating spirit. Watching an inspiration DVD called "Downtown 81" which includes legendary graffiti artist Jean Michel Basquiet. So great to see so many street scenes from NYC.

"if you want to see the world just have to walk a couple of blocks, if you want to see someone, just think about hard about them and you'll run into them"

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Anonymous said...

Man I miss you!