Friday, August 07, 2009

Kicked in the pants by Julie Powell

Well as you can see I have not posted in quite a while... sucked into this whole facebook, twitter, social media, I forget my own voice and stopped blogging. But today I had a unique experience... have you ever gone and seen a movie with a friend who is in a different city? or a different country? Well today after work, I went and saw the movie Julie & Julia at 6pm CST in Houston TX, my friend, Carmen went and saw the movie in Toronto at 7pm EST in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - we texted before the show and then called each other after the show. It was a great show for us hungry for knowledge and wanting to share our voice and experience with others. In a way Julie Powell, inspired me to get back to my blog - I must be disappointing my readers (or at least my two followers)... so now it is back... what project should I attempt and have you my readers around for the ride. So this wake up call made me realize that art and writing do mark time. It is hard to believe that this is the 3 year anniversary of my brother's death. I miss him and know that his spirit was with me during my recent trip to England, Ireland, Scotland, and France. Now, concentrate on my art, my writing and sharing more blog posts. Carmen - enjoy your knitting!
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Carmen said...

Yay for going to the movies together, even from far away!! And, an even bigger yay that you're blogging again! The blogosphere was getting lonely without you.

I can't wait to show my knitting -- I've already done two whole rows...and only 457 more to go!

Karen said...

Yeah Julie - you fictitous motivator you

Yeah Carmen - your positive attitude about knitting is inspiring

Yeah Billy - All of my regular checks to see if you are back to blogging will finally be rewarded

Anonymous said...

Billy Boy, I always read your blog and missed it. I assumed you were taking a sabbatical! You inspired me to start my on blog. So, in December 08 I began writing to chronicle my 49th year on earth. And, now I have less than 30 days to the big one! I dreaded it at first, but then realized how lucky I am to have made such good friends, and had such adventures up to this point in life. I only wish some of our mutual friends could have lived to celebrate their own 50th. Keep blogging! TC