Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Madame iX - Ladies in Waiting

This was initially created with my fingertip on my iphone using the app called brushes, it is my reproduction on Madame X by John Sargent. After I exported the image from my phone to my computer I worked on further manipulations of the pixels.

I like the simplicity that this image has, but still retains the elegance.

This image to me exudes romance, the red and the texture also give it a drawn and watercolor look.
The diffusion of light on the original image makes it closer to the original by Sargent with the really white skin, or at least as I remember.
Finally a version from my blue period.
The beauty of computers is that you can experiment and create alternative views quickly. I wonder what the masters what have done with the technology if it were available to them.
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