Wednesday, January 17, 2007

3rd Visitor

My friend Michelle visited today and got a tour of the Pink House. We had a great visit and dinner at Barnaby's. I had lasagna (yum) and met the owner Cuba, who took my card and said that she would contact me when she needed an artist to hang at her restaurant in an emergency, and she would have her art organiser contact me to view my art and set up a future time for an actual show. Very cool.

and it was cold and lightly rainy here - the media freaked everyone out - seemed like we were having a blizzard - I am thinking this is like saying the Hurricane is coming and all we get is a breeze and some spit! Oh well that is the Yankee in me coming out.

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knotta44 said...

what is that about blowing and spitting? Billy, Billy, Billy... this is a family friendly blog! Keep it clean man... ;)

And, BTW, this Yank agrees... but I think all the real storm is coming here tomorrow... eeek!