Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Meeting the neighbors

Tonight after getting home from my corporate job, I decided to venture into the neighborhood. I decided to walk, brought my camera in case I saw some things that needed documenting, brought my sketchbook and black ink pen. Along the way, I saw some ripped billboard ads on a building front, and created this collage from it. In some ways it tells a story - you can create you own, I did.

Next I decide to get some dinner at this diner in the neighborhood. It is on Washington street, about a 4 short block walk from my front porch. I walked in and was greeted by a nice man, who told me he lived around the block and that the restaurant had only been open since June, but with the recent positive press in the Houston Cronicle, they have been very busy. I had me a Louisana Burger and some french fries. It was very good. I am excited about going there for breakfast one day soon, as I hear the chef used to work at the Pig Place which just closed down the street. I am sure that I will have more stories to tell about "The Little Hip Diner", and can not wait to bring my houston visitors there for a bite and some local atmosphere.
After dinner I continued my walk, and I stopped at the Art Gallery leCAG. It's open sign was on and I thought how cool. As I approached a rather short woman opened the door and invited me in. You see this is much more than a gallery, it was her home and her studio as well. I mentioned that I too was an artist and just moved into the neighborhood. I gave her my card advertising "The Pink House Gallery", she was very excited that another artist was moving into the neighborhood. Her name is Coco (or at least that is what she is calling her self now according to her card) and her husband Pablo - fabulous names if you ask me. They welcomed me into their home, gave me a tour of the studio, home and gallery. We talked about art, the neighborhood, upcoming art events to participate in, the view at the Bayou, and being an artist. I can not wait to be able to have them over my "gallery, studio, home" to share some wine and talk more about art. If you would like to check out her work - www.callmecoco.com .

After leaving Coco's place, I walked home, but before I got to my place I walked one block south to this corner and took the pictures of the Houston Skyline that is at my doorstep. It is very cool. The energy in this neighborhood, is friendly, welcoming, and exciting. I have the feeling I am meant to be here.

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Anonymous said...

did you unpack a box tonight?

Anonymous said...

I'm ready

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much that it makes me tear up sometimes (like now). I'm glad you are where you are meant to be.