Sunday, January 07, 2007

Long Weekend

Updated with photo of my new furniture that is in the bedroom. A new armiore and cedar chest. They look great with the old Philco radio/record player and antique table with blue mirror glass top.
In the picture the insets show some of the details that are inside the armoire.

Had a great visit with Warren. Got another step closer to being unpacked. Lots of work ahead. Missing friends.


Jerr said...

Hey, you. I recognized that sofa! Looks good. Glad you are out and about and putting more pink around Houston. I hear there was a lot left over from the house. Got your new address and check is on the way this Friday. Will come and see you soon. Love, Jerr

Anonymous said...

You are deeply missed! Don't be buying furniture..that is more to move when you transfer back to Dallas! love you!