Monday, January 29, 2007

505, Blogging, Unboxing and talking with Jim

This is my five hundredth and fifth post... so much to do... blog more... unpack more... do more... or to quote my friend, Jim - "You can only do what you can do", his new mantra. I had over an hour conversation with him tonight on the phone, we talked about many things, I am sure he captured some of them on his own blog, as he was trying to multitask his brain to be able to blog, talk to me and play jewel quest all while simulataneously open a sugar packet and creating his next work of art with his own excrement. You would have to have heard our conversation to understand.

It was a very busy productive day for me, and now I am taking a moment to reflect and to be grateful for all that I have in life. This picture is of a local woman in my neighborhood, she is very pleasant, but she is poor and she say hi, good morning, and proceeds to go through everyone's trash looking for cans that she gets money for recycling. So it doesn't matter what your fate in life, if you are grateful for all that you have you can be happy.
I am happy for my friends. This is a few pictures of the friends I have in Dallas, when I was home and we got to celebrate Tim's 45th birthday. Annie the pool shark, Tim and his Tiffany Shade Hat, and the party boys.
Also got to visit Burt's new place, and this is a picture of his great bedroom. Hmmm. I could go there (actually I went there) but I won't.

And I am grateful for the friends, of friends I have in Dallas that introduced me to their friends in Houston, so now I am making new friends. I had a fun night a few weekends back with new friends I am making part of my Houston family.

So more blogging, more unboxing and more boys to come, and great conversations with friends where is doesn't matter if you are in the room or hundreds of miles away it's like your are there all the same. Laughter and Love, Billy

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