Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Family & Friends

Today we stopped in Barbados and we visited with Iris & Mac who have a place that they stay at each year. Also visiting was my Uncle Don & Aunt Tiny and friends of theirs from Binghamton, NY. We were brought to their place on the south side of the island by our cabbie - Nigel. After a great visit we ate some at the local cafe. Wonder if Aunt Tiny ever got through the airport with all the liquor she bought. Tonight the internet is still free so this will most likely be my last blog until I am back home on dry land. We are heading to St. Kitts where tomorrow I will be snorkling and then on Friday to St. Thomas for some Sailing & Snorkeling before two more days at sea before getting back. I have taken over 500 photos and still have more to take. Lots of interesting shots to organize on a site for everyone to see. Happy Birthday, Robert. Nice Picture on PaFred's blog. Jim glad to see you are finishing Burt's painting can not wait to see pictures. Bye for now.... Make a splash or duck!

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