Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Secret Love

Well if you watched Oprah, then you know about the "Secret". My studio is ready for me to move in once I get back from my cruise. It is so exciting.

I remember a year ago, not knowing where my life was going, but I knew what I wanted and I wrote it down. I found it today and it said " I envision my own studio, attached to a gallery, and a classroom area. I am making enough to pay all my bills with ease.... " The secret works.... here are some other pictures from inside the new studio space. My first studio tour will be the March 31st part of the IAC ( artists studio tour, with over 100 artists participating.
I won't be blogging now for the next two weeks, so here is my Valentine to all of you with a little bit of spring!

I am grateful to have the love that you all bring to my life.

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kellycoxsemple said...

How wonderful for you, Billy! Best of everything. :-)