Sunday, February 25, 2007

Studio, Sunset, Faces & Friends

This is a piece that I created recently. It is all digital. In creating it, I was reminded of the process. The creative process.

Another creative process happened this weekend, with friends, Tim & Rob. Tim and Rob are accomplished workers. They are amazing when it comes to building things.

They spent the weekend visiting and taking my art studio to the next level. They helped design and build a storage area for my paintings and canvases and a work area complete with a lighttable.

A view of the studio with the large worktable, storage shelves from Jim in the background (Thanks Jim, they work great), a dropcloth that I used to paint in public on hanging on the wall.

Another vew showing off easels, the worktable and more storage.

And this shows the opposite side, with the window and large fan (this will be needed come summer time), the lighttable is under the work table.

This is Tim & Rob as they are preparing to leave with all their tools. They did such a great job of turning my studio from an empty room to a real studio - now I just need to make it messy with painting some art. Thank you guys! You're the best carpenters.

This is a picture of a sunset that happened the last day at sea during my vacation and I thought it was a great way to end this blog.

By the way, I learned I ate fried pickles two nights in a row.

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Anonymous said...

Fried Pickles are great!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The new studio rocks!!!