Monday, May 28, 2007


Memorial Day

As we think of those that have sacifriced their lives for this country and this war - thank them for doing what we trained them to do.

and as we thank them. Let's try and protect them.

They should have better pay, they should have better benefits, they should have the best equipment. And most off all we need to protect them with our vote.

Political Descent is not unpatriotic, it was what this country was founded on, and what we fought for the right to have.

And as I take a moment to thank those in uniform.

I leave you with a comment about 9/11 - (the reason to justify this war)
more people died that day from AIDS in the world, then died due to that attack. If we were as outraged by that as much and spent the TRILLIONs of dollars we have spent on this unnecessary war - imagine what an impact we would have on PEACE on the world.

Think PEACE.
Visualize the END of AIDS.
and be grateful for those who have fought to give "me" and you the right to say this.

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