Saturday, May 12, 2007

Second Saturday's Glaborous Recline

The painting "Glaborous Recline" done in 2005 based on my trip to Italy, now has a new happy home in Houston. It was sold today to a gentleman who visited the first of what will be many "Second Saturdays" - an open studios at Winter Street Studios.

This is a red dot that I created to draw attention to the three artists at the end of our hall. John Todd Partridge and Van McFarland are amazing artists that I share the end of the hallway with and are active participants in the 2nd Sats.

It was a busy day for creating - this is a digital piece I created from some photos I snapped while I improvised making "red dots" from colored dots and spray paint.

I finished two paintings --- now I just need to title them.
Any ideas for titles will be greatly appreciated.

This is a digital piece that I created from photos I took at the YES Prepatory's fundraiser for Ghana.
Plenty of art events coming up this summer.
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